Shristi enters the house and locks the doors from inside, which shocks Dr Shashank. He tells her that the Constables have told him about her injuries and tries to check her injuries. She introduces herself as Dr Preeta’s younger sister and asks him about Sandeep’s injuries. He scolds Srishti for lying about her injuries and tells her that Sandeep is actually injured. She gets upset to learn about this and informs Preeta and Sameer about it.

Preeta and Srishti leave from Dr Shashank’s house after failing to get anything against Sandeep.

Prithvi, disguised as Dr Shashank’s security guard, comes out and forces him to follow his orders. He threatens Dr Shashank that he will abduct his child if he tries to expose him!

Srishti and Preeta visit the Arora House to tell Sarla about the progress of their plan against Sandeep. Preeta notices Karan to be tensed and promises him that she will get Rishabh bailed out soon. Preeta finds it hard to accept that Sandeep’s condition is critical.

Rakhi prays to God before Rishabh’s court case proceedings. Rakhi sees Rishabh outside the court and burst into tears, but he tries to calm her down.

During the court case proceeding, Sandeep’s lawyer accuses Rishabh of running over Sandeep with the intention to kill him!

As asked by Prithvi, Dr Shashank falsely testifies against Rishabh. Sandeep and his mother arrive at the court to testify against Rishabh.

Rishabh’s lawyer fails to prove that he did not try to kill Sandeep to avoid paying him INR 1million. Much to everyone’s shock, the verdict of the case goes against Rishabh.

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