Preeta convinces Dadi to take her medicines on time for the sake of Rishabh. Karan, who is staying next to them, feels better when Preeta promises to bail Rishabh out soon.

Prithvi arrives there and secretly keeps an eye on them. He feels very confident that Karan and Preeta will never be able to help Rishabh.

Sarla visits Rishabh in jail to make him feel better. She assures Rishabh that she has faith in him and motivates him to fight this case with a strong belief.

Before Sarla leaves, Rishabh requests her to tell Rakhi and Mahesh that he is fine. Rishabh regrets getting drunk and running over Sandeep. He feels bad after recalling Sherlyn and Prithvi’s actions.

At the Luthra House, Prithvi and Sherlyn secretly meet to have some drinks to celebrate their victory. Sherlyn asks Prithvi if Sandeep is one of his henchmen? Prithvi denies it and reveals how his threat to Sandeep did not help. Sherlyn gets shocked to learn that Prithvi has promised to give INR 6millions in exchange for falsely testifying against Rishabh.

Srishti and Preeta visit Rishabh in jail along with Sameer. Preeta apologises to Rishabh for being unable to convince Sandeep to withdraw his complaint against Rishabh. She tells Rishabh that she suspects Sandeep of pretending to be hurt to take revenge on him.

Sudeepa, Sandeep’s lover, visits the hospital to see him. He gets out of the bed and reveals a shocking secret to her.

Sameer keeps asking Rishabh for the reason behind getting drunk, but he makes excuses.

After Sameer goes out, Srishti asks Rishabh why he is not revealing the truth to everyone?

Sandeep’s mother arrives at the hospital and begins to scold Sudeepa when she sees Sandeep walking. She scolds Sudeepa for forcing Sandeep to walk despite being injured!

The Police Constable enters the room and questions Sandeep about it. Sandeep, fears being exposed and lies to him that Sudeepa and his mother are fighting over looking after him. Sandeep asks  Sudeepa to go home, as his mother wants to look after him.

Rakhi tries hard to convince Mahesh to have his medicines. Sarla arrives there and suggests Mahesh not to worry for Rishabh. She suggests Rakhi to go and see Rishabh when she feels better.

Srishti begins to worry when she sees Sarla home. Sarla tells Srishti how she learned about Rishabh’s arrest. She requests Srishti to never hide about such issues in the future.

Meanwhile, Sherlyn pretends to be worried about Rishabh in front of Rakhi. Rakhi talks to Sherlyn about visiting Rishabh in jail together.

Suddenly, Karan and Preeta return home and inform them both about Rishabh’s state. Preeta asks Sherlyn to stop pretending to be worried and leaves from there. Karan and Preeta visit a bedridden Mahesh, who gets disheartened to see them without Rishabh. Mahesh asks Preeta about her promise and she assures to bring Rishabh soon.

Preeta prays to God and comes up with an idea. She talks to Sameer and Preeta about Sandeep’s statement. They then along with Kritika come up with a plan to outsmart Sandeep.

Preeta, Srishti and Sameer visit the house of Dr Shashank, Sandeep’s Doctor. Preeta tells them that Dr Shashank is her friend and she will ask him about Sandeep’s injuries. However, they are shocked to learn that a team of Police Constables are guarding him. Srishti comes up with the idea of pretending to be hurt to meet Dr Shashank. Sameer and Srishti wait behind and keep an eye on her. Srishti tries to enter the house and keeps cooking up stories to avoid being stopped by the constables.

At the Police Station, Rakhi steps out for a call and Sherlyn waits there for Rishabh. He feels disturbed and recalls Sherlyn’s actions after seeing her there. She sheds tears in front of Rishabh and pretends to be worried about him. He feels better to see Rakhi standing behind Sherlyn. Rakhi cuddles him and Rishabh tries to console her. Sherlyn tells Rishabh about Dadi’s condition. He gets worried to learn from Sherlyn that Rakhi has been starving after his arrest. Sherlyn cuddles Rishabh in front of Rakhi to make her feel that she is worried about Rishabh.

Sameer and Preeta wait for Srishti to enter Dr Shashank’s house. Srishti fails to convince the constables about her stories but manages to charm them with her beauty.

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