Meet Ahlawat makes Girl Meet have the panipuri made with mineral water. Girl Meet asks why did he ask Kavya to back off from the fashion show? Meet Ahlawat thinks he is doing it for their relationship and says what is this question?? if you don’t trust me, then just say you don’t like me doing a show with Manushi!

Girl Meet says she didn’t mean it that way. Meet Ahlawat says I came here in good mood but you spoiled my mood and he leaves in auto. Girl Meet thinks why did he react in this way?

Sunaina comes to Raj’s room and asks if he called her? Raj asks her to sit and then he asks if she sent notice to him through Kushal?

Masoom thinks she didn’t know I changed the content of the notice and it’s my revenge for your slap!

Sunaina tells him she sent that notice. Raj gets shocked and says we can discuss it here, then why’re you involving a Lawyer in it? Sunaina says some people in the house don’t understand with words which is why I’m fighting for my right.

Manushi thinks she may get 200millions if she get Meet Ahlawat and she thinks to concentrate on Meet Ahlawat to win the Wife number one challenge.

Meet Ahlawat returns house in an Auto.🛺 Girl Meet follows him. Manushi stops Girl Meet and tells she can’t make Meet Alhawat happy. Girl Meet says I’m not your sister, I’m Meet Ahlawat’s wife and will fight for him and my husband is mine as you don’t deserve him and this family and I, will expose your reality in front of everyone, so be careful! Manushi gets shocked.

Raj says you should have spoken with me first before taking this step, don’t you trust me? Sunaina says until when will I take your support? I have to fight for mine and Tej’s rights.

Masoom asks her to leave saying she has to talk with her Dad about business! Raj asks Sunaina to leave. Masoom asks Raj to answer in legal procedure! Raj says I will, but don’t tell anyone about it. Masoom tells she won’t reveal it to anyone.

Manushi recalls Girl Meet’s warning. Meet Ahlawat on call tell his friends that he will come to the party with his wife. Manushi helps him with his coat and tells him she can help if he needs her help. Meet Ahlawat stops her.

Babita asks Raj to see her designs. Raj signals they are fine. Sunaina asks Raj to take his medicines. Raj tells her I already have my medicines and from here onwards, I will take them on my own, as I kept reminder on my phone. Sunaina leaves.

Babita asks if everything is fine? Raj asks her to get Sunaina’s jewelry the bank. Babita asks why, but Raj asks her to think of it as a father’s duty.

Girl Meet spoils Meet Ahlawat’s hair. Meet Ahlawat gets angry with her and he tells her that he is going to a party! Girl Meet asks where is he going? Meet Ahlawat warns her to not act as some suspicious wife and asks her to invest her time in innovative things instead! He leaves and he apologies to Girl Meet in his heart and thinks he’s doing it to make Manushi confident, so she feels I’m still attracted to her.

Girl Meet thinks I don’t know what’s happened to Mr Hasty since morning and she notices Meet Alhawat forgot his phone at home.

On the way, Manushi thinks it’s like seeing a dream that Meet Ahlawat introduces me as his wife in front of his friends. Meet Ahlawat tells she is looking beautiful. Manushi thanks him and thinks her magic is working on him. Manushi asks why he brought his Dad’s car? Meet Ahlawat says you deserve better and he thinks Girl Meet has right on his car.

Meet Ahlawat says until now, I felt suffocated and is it wrong to lie in this matter? Manushi says you’re not doing wrong so relax. Meet Ahlawat thinks he has to make Manushi feel overconfident. Manushi applies lipstick then he applies a brake which misplaced her lipstick. Meet Ahlawat apologizes to her telling her it happened because of the speed breaker.

Manushi sees a call from Mr Hasty. Meet Ahlawat attends to the call. Girl Meet tells him he took her phone in place of his own phone and your phone has been ringing continuously. Meet Ahlawat drops Manushi on the way and returns home to take his phone.

Girl  Meet gives his phone to him and senses ladies deodorant smell in the car and she asks him to smile if he wants his phone. Meet Ahlawat asks her to give his phone telling he is getting late! Girl Meet sees lip balm in the car and thinks some girl is with Mr Hasty.

Manushi notices her lip gloss is missing and she calls Babita and asks her to stop Girl Meet from seeing her lipstick in the car.

Girl Meet tells Meet Ahlawat that she will leave his life if he feels happy with the lipgloss girl and to choose a girl who can think for your family’s happiness too. Babita hears her words.

Meet Ahlawat thinks you’re the one for me and I want Mom to realize it, then this drama will be end.

Babita comes there and tells it’s her gloss and she asks Girl Meet to keep it on her dressing table. Girl Meet leaves.

Meet Ahlawat tells that Girl Meet thinks of me and our family’s happiness and do you still think she can betray us? Babita says Girl Meet is good, but Manushi is best at heart and suitable for you plus she is your love and I’m happy that you’re giving Manushi a chance so she asks Meet Ahlawat to leave since Manushi is waiting for him. Meet Ahlawat thinks he doesn’t want to hurt Girl Meet, but it’s needed to expose Manushi!

The Doctor tells Dadi that Anubha will recover soon. Dadi asks about his fee? The Doctor tells that Meet Ahlawat has paid the fee. Dadi feels happy and sees Girl Meet and thinks hope Girl Meet doesn’t listen to me. Girl Meet asks why the Doctor came? Dadi tells her your Mom’s health is not good. Girl Meet prepares juice and asks her Mom to have it.

Anubha tells she is fine after seeing her and she asks how is everything between her and her husband? Girl Meet tells her how she doubted her husband in the morning and I told him that I can leave from his life for his happiness, but that time, I felt like my heart stopped and I don’t know why I got angry at him? Anubha smiles and tells you fell in love with your husband. Girl Meet gets shocked. Anubha says you accepted him completely that’s why you’re feeling jealous and scared to lose him. Girl Meet looks on.

Girl Meet comes out and thinks we are friends which is right, but Mom is saying it’s love and it’s true that his emotions affect me, and he’s everything to me and Mom is right that I’ve fallen in love with Mr Hasty, as he becomes my life and she smiles and runs. she imagines Meet Ahlawat in everyone and she dances happily with her colony kids.

Ram and Lakhan send other kids then they ask Girl Meet why she looks so happy? Girl Meet tell them she fell in love with Mr Hasty.

Girl Meet returns home and she pinches Meet Ahlawat cheeks thinking it’s her imagination, but it’s Meet and he asks her what happened? She sees her Mom who asks her to confess that she’s in love with him. Girl Meet asks him to set his alarm. Meet Ahlawat says I’m already having a headache, so don’t increase it with your twisting words and he leaves. Girl Meet gives him tea. Meet Ahlawat tells her he’s not in the mood. Girl Meet request him to have it then he drinks it and enjoys the taste, then she massages his head and apologies to him. Meet Ahlawat asks for what?

Girl Meet says I thought some girl was with you seeing the lipgloss, but it belongs to Babita aunty and sorry for doubting you. Meet Ahlawat asks what if he traveled with some other girl? Meet says I trust you and know you won’t do anything to hurt me and nobody can come in between me and my trust. Girl Meet thinks to expose Manushi! Meet Ahlawat thinks to make his Mom realise that Manushi is not good for him, so Girl Meet can get her deserving place in their house.

Manushi is feeling happy and dancing thinking Meet Ahlawat took me to his friend’s party and introduced me as his wife and very soon, Girl Meet will be out from the Ahlawat house and I will become Manushi Ahlawat!

Dadi notices Manushi’s excitement and informs Meet Ahlawat that Manushi has fallen for his plan and she warns him to be careful. Meet Ahlawat thinks to implement something big in the next day as his next step of the plan!

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