The Luthras return home disappointed, but Sameer tells Preeta that Karan has gone to Pune to find evidence against Sandeep.

At home, Rakhi mourns over Rishabh’s state in the Police station and Preeta tries to console her.

Sherlyn feels nice when Rakhi lashes out at Preeta for being unable to bail Rishabh out. Preeta tries hard to convince Rakhi that the next hearing could bring some change in the case proceeding.

Sherlyn opens the door of her room and gets shocked to see Prithvi. She lashes out at Prithvi, who tries hard to pacify her. She vents out her frustration about being scolded by Srishti and Preeta.

Prithvi hears about Preeta misbehaving with Kareena, but he comes up with a new plan. She feels better to hear about Prithvi’s plan against Rishabh, Karan and the other Luthras!

Sudeepa visits Sandeep at the hospital and asks him to stop pretending to be injured. After hearing Sudeepa’s words, Sandeep calls Prithvi and asks for INR 6millions in exchange for false testimony against Rishabh.

Prithvi, in a room with Kritika, pretends that he is on a business call.

Sudeepa tells Sandeep that he should not trust Prithvi that he will give him the money. She suggests Sandeep talk to Preeta and ask for money from her. However, Sandeep laughs at her, as he trusts Prithvi more than Preeta.

At the Luthra House, Preeta and Sameer spend some quality time with Pihu.

Rakhi spends her time alone looking at Rishabh’s pictures. Sherlyn looks at Rakhi and tries to pretend to be worried about Rishabh. However, she soon gets bored of Rakhi’s tears.

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