Sandeep notices someone’s presence around and thinks about alerting Prithvi before he arrives there.

Preeta secretly records Sandeep’s movements to prove that he is pretending to be injured. However, Sandeep quickly sneaks out of the factory to avoid being caught red-handed.

Prithvi gets worried when he fails to meet Sandeep to hand over the money to him.

Preeta, Srishti and Sameer run after Sandeep to catch him red-handed. Sandeep manages to escape from the factory and runs to the hospital to begin his pretence.

Meanwhile, Dadi and Mahesh visit Rishabh in jail. Rishabh calms them down when they burst into tears after seeing his condition in the police cell.

A furious Prithvi returns to the Luthra House and vents out his frustration on Sherlyn. She tries to be nice to Prithvi, who blames her for being of no help to him. He says a lot of hurtful things to her and even praises Kritika in front of her.

Sandeep comes running to the hospital and asks Sudeepa to help him begin his pretence.

Srishti, Sameer and Preeta arrive at the hospital to confront Sandeep and Sudeepa. They threaten Sandeep to testify in Rishabh’s favour, but he tries to outsmart them. Preeta shows him something (a video of his conversation on phone at the factory) that renders him speechless.

Preeta offers to help Sandeep if he tells her the name of the person who has gotten him to frame Rishabh. Sandeep says that it would be hard for her to punish that person, as it’s someone from her family. Preeta assures him that even the closest of the person in the family for getting Rishabh jailed.

At the Luthra House, Rakhi talks to Kareena and Dadi about feeling bad for scolding Preeta. Dadi asks Preeta to stop bringing medicines for her, but Preeta remains calm. Rakhi apologises to Preeta for scolding her and they together visit the police station. They plead with the Police Inspector to see Rishabh for a few minutes.

Sherlyn recalls Prithvi’s misbehaviour with her and asks him to leave from her room!

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