The next morning, Girl Meet wakes up and she notices Meet Ahlawat and recalls all their moments and tells to sleeping Meet Ahlawat that Mom is correct that I have fallen in love with you and I never expected that Meet will fall for Meet.

Meet Alhawat notices she is receiving call to her delivery number.

Kunal talks to her. Girl Meet feels happy about finding him. Meet Ahlawat asks whom she is talking to? Meet tells him it’s regarding her past delivery. The call gets disconnected. Girl Meet calls him and tells him to come and take his money. Kunal tells her he will come the next day. Girl Meet asks him to get a bag to collect the money. She then thinks Manushi game will be ended once she gets Kunal, then I will be united with Meet Ahlawat!

Ram calls everyone. Ragini tells this time, Raj will surprise Babita Ji. Ram tells I get to know Raj is gifting her 150millions building and acts like we don’t know. They agree. Manushi gets shocked. Girl Meet thinks she never gifted anything to Meet Ahlawat.

Raj comes there and tells everyone that he bought a bungalow. Everyone says they will have to see it. Manushi thinks to stop Meet Ahlawat, but he stops saying he has work. Girl Meet tells she will stop to help him, but he asks her to go. Girl Meet thinks to gift him before he goes and she gifts him her Dad’s Chain and asks him to wear it. Meet Ahlawat says it’s more important to you than life right? Girl Meet asks him to wear it. Meet Ahlawat asks her to make him wear it. She makes him wear it and tightens the lock with her lips and she thinks she gave him a valentine’s gift.

Meet Ahlawat asks her what happened since morning? Girl Meet tells nothing. He gives her phone and she goes outside and she thinks she didn’t tell him that it’s valentine’s gift to him. Meet Ahlawat feels happy seeing the chain.

Manushi asks the Decorators why they are decorating their home? They tell that Meet Ahlawat ordered them. Manushi thinks why is he doing these decorations?

Meet Ahlawat saves her from the Ladder and tells her he’s doing the decorations for her as he realized that she is for him which was why I sent tour family members out and he sends her to get ready and thinks he will celebrate valentine’s day with his wife , then he calls Isha and tells her to send Girl Meet home without telling her that he called her.

Isha asks Girl Meet to get the gift she purchased for her Parents from home. Girl Meet tells Ram that she has to return home for Meet Ahlawat and leaves.

Meet Ahlawat waits for Girl Meet and he calls Isha and learnt that Girl Meet has left. Manushi comes there and tells him she is feeling good. Meet Ahlawat thinks he did all this for his wife. Manushi holds his face.

Girl Meet returns home and calls Grandmother. Manushi gets shocked. Girl Meet rings the calling bell. Manushi asks why she came? Meet Ahlawat says don’t know why she returned home and he asks Manushi to hide saying he doesn’t want any drama to happen at home, so I will act her like her husband and he hides Manushi under the table.

The door opens and rose petals fall on Girl Meet and she gets surprised seeing the decorations. Meet Ahlawat asks her to come inside. Girl Meet asks how to walk on rose petals? He brings her inside holding her hand. Manushi gets angry seeing them. Meet Ahlawat signals to get cake.

Girl Meet thinks if Mr Hasty also started loving her? Ballons shower on them. He gives ballon to her. Girl Meet asks what’s the purpose of decorations? Meet Ahlawat tells it’s needed to make you feel special, as you’re my wife and you’re special. Girl Meet asks how he knows that she will come? Meet Ahlawat tells their hearts are connected and he tells he won’t reveal his secrets and he presents her a gown.

Girl Meet comes wearing the gown. Meet Ahlawat holds her hand and they dance in dim light, then they cut the cake and feed to each other. Manushi feels impatient.

Girl Meet thinks to tell him that she loves him and she tries to say it, but Meet Ahlawat intentionally pushes a candle which burns the carpet and Manushi comes out from her hiding spot seeing fire and she hugs Meet Ahlawat. Girl Meet asks what’s she doing here?

Manushi says Meet Ahlawat did these decorations for me, as he still loves me. Girl Meet gets shocked when Meet Ahlawat holds Manushi. Girl Meet feels broken and leaves from that place in tears.

Meet Ahlawat comes out and he sits beside Girl Meet in the car and he makes her wear the seat belt and requests her to slow down the speed. Gorl Meet tells she doesn’t want to talk with him. Meet Ahlawat says everything is out so I’m telling you that I went to dinner with Manushi and I asked Kavya to back off so I can ramp walk with Manushi. Girl Meet stops the car and asks if he loves Manushi?

Meet Ahlawat tells he loves Manushi. Girl Meet goes out from the car and thinks he has always loved Manushi, then why did you fall for him Meet? Meet Ahlawat comes out. Girl Meet asks why didn’t he tell her that he was celebrating valentines day with Manushi? Meet Ahlawat says I’m not strong like you and that’s why she affects me. Girl Meet tells Manushi is not correct for you and I will expose her!

Meet Ahlawat says I hurt your heart but don’t. Girl Meet tells she will leave his life. Meet Ahlawat says you can’t leave, as it will affect Dad and you promised Dad that you will fulfill this marriage no matter what the circumstances. Girl Meet tells him she will talk with Raj and goes from his life. Meet Ahlawat tells he won’t agree so I’m requesting you to make him agree for me? Girl Meet refuses, but Meet Ahlawat insists her to do it for him. Girl Meet stays silent.

Meet Ahlawat tells that he’ll run away with Manushi if she won’t agree. Girl Meet asks if he wants to give pain to his Parents and when did you become this much selfish? They already bore so much in Tej matter, so I will talk with them and she thinks to expose Manushi’s real face too! Meet Ahlawat stops her holding her hand, but she leaves in tears.

Meet Ahlawat feels broken for hurting Girl Meet and he thinks it’s needed, as I won’t let anyone snatch your rights and tomorrow, your goodness and Manushi’s real face will get exposed and tomorrow, everything will get fine once I get your house papers!

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