Preeta and Sameer take Pihu to the bazaar, but run into Sandeep and Sudeepa there. Sandeep tries to escape from there, but Preeta sees him walking away. She follows them for a while, but fails to catch them.

Preeta then visits the Arora House with Sameer and Pihu. Sarla and Srishti prepare to welcome Pihu and get surprised to learn from Preeta about Karan’s visit to Pune. Sarla suggests Preeta visit the hospital to check on Sandeep to clear her doubts.

In no time, Srishti and Preeta arrive at the hospital but the receptionist forbids them to meet Sandeep. However, Srishti distracts the receptionist and Preeta sneaks into Sandeep’s room to discover that he is not there. Preeta apprises Srishti of this, but suddenly Sandeep and Sudeepa arrive in front of her. Sandeep and Sudeepa cook a few stories to avoid being exposed. Preeta confronts Sandeep and accuses him and Sudeepa of lying about his injuries!

Preeta and Srishti are disappointed after being unable to find evidence against Sandeep. Srishti asks Preeta whether she is sure that she had seen Sandeep at the bazaar? Preeta explains why she is sure that Sandeep is pretending to be injured but feels helpless about not having any evidence to prove it.

At the Luthra House, Dadi tells Kareena how people are gossiping about Rishabh and speaking ill about the Luthras. Suddenly, Preeta arrives home with Srishti. Kareena, who was trying to console Dadi, begins to question Preeta about her actions.

Kareena scolds Preeta for leaving Pihu with Sameer. Preeta tells her and Dadi about seeing Sandeep and Sudeepa at the bazaar. However, Kareena does not believe her and accuses her of making excuses! Dadi accuses Preeta of having a gala time outside with Srishti, who begins to defend Preeta.

Consequently, Kareena and Dadi criticise Sarla’s upbringing, which upsets Preeta. Kareena scolds Preeta when she tells Dadi that it is unfair to always criticise Sarla’s upbringing.

Meanwhile, Sandeep calls Prithvi for INR 6millions and Prithvi decides to steal money from Rishabh’s business.

Srishti stays back with Preeta to make her feel better.

Prithvi forces Rishabh’s cashier to transfer INR 8millions to his account. However, he refuses to do so without Rishabh or the other Luthras’ permission. He later processes the payment because of Prithvi’s threats.

Sherlyn calls Prithvi to ask about it and praises him for arranging the money. Prithvi tells her that Sandeep is frequently calling him for a payment of INR 8millions. Soon, Prithvi is amazed to see the money being transferred to his account.

Sandeep rushes to meet Prithvi to collect the money and his mother keeps calling him to have a cup of tea.

Suddenly, Preeta runs into Sandeep and she is shocked to see him walk once again. Srishti and Sameer learn about it from Preeta and decide to help her. Preeta follows Sandeep to a factory that is shut and then calls Srishti to inform her about it.

Meanwhile, Prithvi gets into a scuffle due to a car accident. Sandeep recalls Sudeepa’s warning about Prithvi and presumes that the latter is just making excuses to avoid paying.

Sherlyn calls Prithvi to get updates, but he lashes out at her.

Preeta eavesdrops on Sandeep and apprises Srishti of this.

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