Next day, Raj asks them to have breakfast. Masoom tells that Babita didn’t come. Ragini tells she will call her, then Raj tells them they have to adapt to new changes. Masoom says change is good, but this kind of change is not good and don’t know whose evil eyes fell on our house.

Girl Meet tells her husband that she won’t leave the person who combined with the Lawyer and I will teach them a lesson with this stick! Masoom imagines Girl Meet is trying to beat her and she shouts to stop! Raj asks what happened to her then she manages telling some lie. Meet Ahlawat says she can’t take law into her own hands.

Raj asks what’s the Lawyer’s mistake in it, as he did what he was told to do, so don’t meet him. Girl Meet tells that the Lawyer made a mistake and what we saw is not the truth.

Masoom asks why she is trying to ruin their reputation?? Girl Meet says she won’t leave the person who tries to divide this family and she leaves. Masoom gets tensed.

Masoom goes to her room saying she will charge her phone then she calls the Plumber number which she saved for a lawyer and she asks him to go underground for 3-4 days, as my Sister-in-law Meet is searching for you like a mad woman, just so to confirm if I’m the one who asked you to add the division of property in Sunaina’s notice!

Raj and everyone hear everything and he asks her to come to the hall telling her he needs to talk with her. Ram says Masoom did wrong! Hoshiyar brings Masoom. Masoom tells she will explain. Raj says he is hurt and feels ashamed because of her.

Girl Meet says I don’t want you to get hurt, but it’s needed to prove the truth to stop you from taking the wrong decision. Raj thanks her and asks how did she find that Masoom is behind this act?

Girl Meet tells how she and Meet Ahlawat thought Masoom must be behind it, so we took her phone by acting like a Ghost, but we didn’t get Kushal’s name in her phone so we typed the number and find that she saved the Lawyer’s number as a Plumber which was why I deleted that number and changed Papa ji number as Plumber and I did this to make Dad realise the real face of Masoom!

Hoshiyar praises Girl Meet. Isha says she solved it like a Cop would. Babita asks if he changed his decision? Masoom apologies to her Parents. Girl Meet asks them to not forgive her which shocks Masoom.

Girl Meet asks Raj and Babita to not forgive Masoom, and that she is the daughter of this house doesn’t mean she can do anything and everyone has to get the same respect and she did a mistake in Sunaina’s matter, so Sunaina will have the right to punish her and she can’t escape by just telling sorry and she tells Masoom that they too have right on the house just as she has and how can you think to divide this family??

Raj says you’re correct and he asks Sunaina to decide the punishment of Masoom amd he tells he is ready to throw Masoom out if she wants. Hoshiyar asks Masoom what punishment she thinks she will get?

Masoom goes to the kitchen and tells the servent the food she wants. The Servant says there is no cook. Masoom asks where he went? Raj tells he went to his village as Sunaina gave you punishment to cook the food and take care of the house. He sends other workers off too.

Masoom asks Babita to do something saying she can’t cook for everyone. Babita says you didn’t think about me before trying to separate Tej from me! Raj tells her she won’t get any share of the property until she gets changed!

Meet Ahlawat thanks Girl Meet and he pats her on the shoulder. Girl Meet feels the current shock. He leaves, then she thinks why the so much current in her whenever he touched her.

Girl Meet goes and touches Sunaina and others but she didn’t get any shock. Isha asks what happened? Girl Meet tells them how she is getting a current shock whenever Meet Ahlawat touches her. They smile. Girl Meet asks them for a way to escape from it? Isha tells her it’s the shock of love and they tease her.

Meet Ahlawat searches for Girl Meet. Girl Meet hides behind a pillar and imagines that they are dancing for Dil dhadakaye song. Ram and Lakhan make her come out of her imagination and tells that she’s really in love.

Raj asks Masoom if food is prepared? Masoom struggles in the kitchen to prepare food and she drags a towel and the flour falls on her. The Family members comes to the kitchen and they smile seeing Masoom’s state.

Later, a Servant tells that the washing machine is not working so Masoom goes with him to call a mechanic.

Ram asks Girl Meet if she feels current if they touch her? Girl Meet asks them to eat silently! Ram and Lakhan tease her. Girl Meet asks them to behave like kids and asks them to study well, then she asks them to give money to her Mom. They ask why she looks worried? Girl Meet says she is worried thinking about how to handle her studies and job.

Meet Ahlawat hears everything and sends groceries to the Hoodah house.

At the bar, Hoshiyar tells Meet Ahlawat that Girl Meet taught a lesson to Masoom which he failed to do. Meet Ahlawat says she knows how to set people right.

Ragini and others ask Girl Meet if she has told what she feels to Meet Ahlawat? Girl Meet says she couldn’t do it. Sunaina tells about her love story then tells their first kiss story is interesting. Girl Meet closes Isha’s ears saying bad thing. Ragini sends Isha away from there and she tells Girl Meet that it’s not wrong.

Meet Ahlawat drinks with Deep and Hoshiyar. Some girl asked Meet Alhawat to give her missed call as her phone is missing. Meet Alhawat tells that he is married and asks her to take Deep’s help instead, but she leaves.

Sunaina tells Girl Meet that the first kiss is special for life and it won’t get forgotten. Girl Meet refused to believe that. Sunaina tells she will believe it after experiencing it. Sunaina says don’t believe me, but see the sky and you will remember me after sharing the first kiss.

Isha teases Girl Meet then she gives tips to her. Ragini warns her to leave. Isha leaves then Sunaina explains to Girl Meet about the first kiss very beautifully.

Later Girl Meet thinks of Sunaina and Isha’s words in the garden and thinks about how can violin plays if anyone shares their first kiss and she rubbishes their words and enjoys throwing the water and twirls happily throwing flower petals. Meet Ahlawat gets mesmerized seeing her and he moves towards her and removes feather from her lips and he kisses her on the cheek.

Girl Meet turns to another side in shock. Meet Ahlawat turns her towards him and they share their first kiss. Girl Meet smiles seeing him and runs from that place.

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