Sherlyn visits Rishabh in jail with some homemade food for him.

Before Preeta could tell Rishabh about finding the evidence against Sandeep, the Police Constable asks her to leave. Rakhi asks Preeta to wait for Sherlyn and she leaves for home.

Sherlyn meets Rishabh in person and comes up with a few lies to convince him that she is not having an affair with Prithvi.

Meanwhile, Kareena notices Prithvi worried and asks Kritika about it. Prithvi takes some documents to Mahesh’s room to get his signature on it.

After hearing Sherlyn, Rishabh turns around and decides to speak his mind to her.

Rishabh quietly listens to Sherlyn and then walks towards the tiffin brought by her. He feels overwhelmed after eating the food in it and Sherlyn says that she has prepared it for him.

A Police Constable asks Preeta to leave and take Sherlyn home. Preeta feels better to see Rishabh eating the food served by Sherlyn. Soon, Preeta steps out of the police station and sees Sameer crying. He tells Preeta that Rakhi is very depressed because of Rishabh’s state.

Preeta calms Sameer down and walks ahead to talk to Rakhi about it. She tells Rakhi that Rishabh will be out of the jail very soon. To assure her about his, Preeta reveals to Rakhi that Prithvi is the person behind Rishabh’s arrest. She explains how Prithvi has paid Sandeep to pretend to be injured and falsely testify against Rishabh.

Rakhi loses her cool and immediately goes to the Luthra house with Preeta and Sameer. She slaps Prithvi before revealing his truth to the family. He runs away to save himself while Kareena and Kritika are heartbroken to see this.

Preeta suddenly comes out of her dream and realises that Rakhi’s reaction could alert Prithvi. She stops Rakhi from going home to confront Prithvi. Rakhi praises Preeta for her efforts but hides everything from Sherlyn.

Sameer, Rakhi, Sherlyn and Preeta arrive home together. The change in their behaviour worries Prithvi, who pretends to be caring towards Rakhi. Preeta stops Rakhi from reacting to Prithvi’s pretence. Prithvi tries to extract the truth from Preeta, but she lies to him that she is struggling to get evidence to prove Rishabh innocent. Prithvi tries hard to extract the truth from Preeta, but she pretends to be unaware of anything. She tells Prithvi to help her find evidence to prove Rishabh innocent and walks towards her room.

Preeta meets Rakhi and praises her for being able to control her anger in front of Prithvi. Sameer praises Preeta and Rakhi for being able to maintain their calm.

Meanwhile, Prithvi worries about the change in everyone’s behaviour. He asks Sherlyn if she knows anything about Preeta’s plan against him? She walks away saying that she knows nothing about it!

Preeta calls Karan, who is keeping an eye on Sandeep’s lawyer.

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