Girl Meet touches her lips and thinks Sister-in-law, Sunaina was correct and Aunt Ragini said a person will share their first kiss with only the one they love, so it means Mr Hasty loves me and she dances with the scarf while recalling her first kiss with Meet Ahlawat.

The next day, Girl Meet wakes up and dreams that she is dancing with her husband seeing him. Meet Ahlawat wakes up and asks her to get him tea. Girl Meet thinks to confess to him that she loves him preparing the good tea. Meet Ahlawat asks why she is going to the washroom? Girl Meet tells him she is going to change, she acts weird and goes out to prepare tea.

Meet Ahlawat gets a headache from his last night drink with Hoshiyar and Deep and shouts for tea! He recalls last night incident that he kissed Girl Meet and he recalls his promise that he won’t touch her without her permission and he thinks what if Meet gets angry at me and he imagines that Meet is scolding him for breaking her trust in him. Meet Ahlawat apologies to her and she gets disappeared.

Meet Ahlawat calls Hoshiyar and tells him he ordered tea from Girl Meet without remembering last night’s events and he sees Girl Meet coming and he closes the door. Girl Meet asks why it’s closed? Meet Ahlawat tells it’s jammed. Girl Meet tells she will help him and goes to get a screwdriver. That time, Meet Ahlawat rushes to his car and he calls Deepu and Hoshiyar.

Girl Meet sees the door is opened and she goes out and sees Meet Ahlawat is leaving in the car. Girl Meet thinks where is he leaving in his night wear and she thinks to ask Sunaina if Tej also behaved like Meet Ahlawat post their first kiss?

Masoom sees list of food she has to prepare for the day then she asks Sunaina to prepare the food telling her she has a meeting at Duggu’s school. Sunaina takes the list.

Girl Meet stops her and tells her today is Sunday. Masoom tells she forgot that it’s Sunday in work tension. Girl Meet gives the list back to Masoom. Masoom leaves.

Girl Meet tells Sunaina that she has to ask her something. Sunaina asks what she wants to know?

Ragini asks Girl Meet where Meet Ahlawat went?

Girl Meet prepares a gift for Meet Ahlawat and records her confession that last night is special to her as she finds that he feels for her like she feels for him and she tells she loves him and decides to confess her feelings to him.

Hoshiyar comes to the room and he gets scared seeing Girl Meet. Girl Meet asks him what he wants? Hoshiyar tells Meet Ahlawat needs his outfit for the Office, as he is going out for office work. Girl Meet asks won’t he come home? Hoshiyar agrees. Girl Meet calls him to know about it. Hoshiyar packs the bag.

Meet Ahlawat doesn’t pick her calls. Girl Meet takes the bag from him telling she will give that bag to Meet Alhawat and goes out finding out the address from him and notices her bike is not working.

Lalaji brings ration home. Anubha asks him to take the things they don’t use. Lalaji tells payment is already done and you got a rich Son-in-law so enjoy it. Anubha tells it’s our Meet who sends them. Lalaji tells your Son-in-law is the one who sends them and he leaves after mocking them.

Girl Meet leaves in an Auto buying the bouquet. Meet Ahlawat waits for Hoshiyar and he thinks whether he’s doing good or bad by leaving without informing Girl Meet? The Auto driver stops the Auto in between to talk with his friend so Girl Meet sees a bicycle and leaves on it.

Meet Ahlawat sees his cab has arrived. Girl Meet happily thinks no one can stop her from confessing her feelings. Meet Ahlawat hides seeing Girl Meet. Girl Meet sees him and asks if he’s searching for chillar? Both Meet tells they want to tell something. Girl Meet asks him to tell first. Meet Ahlawat says whatever happened last night is a mistake, so forgive me and let’s stay as friends forgetting it so he turns away.

Girl Meet feels broken and leaves from there dropping his bag and she in tears thinks she is a fool to think he loves her and cries seeing her gift.

Meet Ahlawat sees Girl Meet is missing and searches for her.

One person asks why she is crying? Girl Meet tells nothing and she leaves leaving her gift in the road and sits on the upside of the bus.

The bus gets started suddenly. She tries to alert the Driver, but he doesn’t listen while listening to songs on earphones and he drives rashly. Girl Meet is about to fall off, but Meet Ahlawat holds her on time and comes upside the bus with the help of a ladder. Girl Meet asks what’s he doing? He says you may fall on the road if I didn’t come here. They shout at the Driver to stop the bus, but he didn’t listen and they fall on each other.

Girl Meet asks him to leave her telling she can take care of herself! Meet Ahlawat holds her telling she may fall off. Girl Meet tells him she doesn’t need his care! Meet Ahlawat says you care for me and in the same way I care for you. Girl Meet says my feelings are true unlike you and you’re a liar! He gets hurt while holding her. Girl Meet ties cloth to him tearing up her saree. He asks what lie he told to her? Girl Meet says you live a lie life. Meet Ahlawat asks what lie he said to her?

Girl Meet tells Meet Ahlawat that you live a fake life and your smile and your words everything is a lie! Meet Ahlawat asks what lie he said to her? Girl Meet couldn’t tell him. The Bus stops at one point. Girl Meet leaves without answering his question.

Girl Meet thinks he doesn’t love me, but in fashion show, he said I’m your best wife. Meet Ahlawat thinks how can she be so much mad at me and my doubt is correct that she is angry at me for that kiss and how can she finish their long relationship? Girl Meet says why does he not love me and people say kiss brings a couple closer but our kiss makes us distant. She leaves wiping her tears.

Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat return home. He gives her phone to her. Babita asks where he went? Hoshiyar says he is planning to run. Babita asks what then? But he manages, telling he was planning to run from work.

Anubha calls Meet Ahlawat and asks him to come without telling Girl Meet. He agrees.

Girl Meet goes to study. Hoshiyar says Sister-in-law is so angry. Ragini asks why she is angry? Hoshiyar escapes telling Masoom is calling him. Ragini and Babita discuss something happened between both Meet.

Babita tells Raj that both Meet had an argument. Raj says they are becoming wife and husband and it’s not the fight and it’s a banter of love. Babita looks on.

Meet Ahlawat gets to Anubha’s house. She asks him to eat samosa. He sees some worker is taking things then he asks him where is he taking them? He tells he’s going to place them in his car. Meet Alhawat asks why? Then Anubha sends the worker out for some time and tells Meet Ahlawat that she can’t take his help. Meet Ahlawat denies eating food at their place if she doesn’t take his help. Anubha gets hurt in her feet. Meet Ahlawat holds her feet.

Girl Meet gets to know Meet Ahlawat didn’t go to the Office so she feels he’s ignoring her and she thinks she doesn’t care about him and she tries to study, but she couldn’t concentrate recalling everything. The family members notice her state.

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