At the Luthra House, Prithvi gets sure that everyone is definitely up to something very big. He visits the hospital to kill Sandeep, who is fast asleep. However, Sandeep wakes up and gets suspicious of Prithvi’s intentions. Prithvi lies to him that he has come to check on him. Sandeep assures him that he will falsely testify against Rishabh in the court of law. He asks Prithvi to arrange the money promised to him and give it to Sudeepa when Rishabh’s court hearing begins. Prithvi stops doubting Sandeep and returns home peacefully.

The next day, Prithvi asks Kritika if she knows about the evidence that will help everyone bail Rishabh out? Kritika tells him that she knows nothing about it, but she cares only about the fact that Rishabh will be released soon.

Outside the court, Sameer cuddles Rishabh and Rakhi tells him about Sandeep’s promise to them. Rishabh is surprised to learn that Sandeep will now testify in his favour. Before the court hearing begins, Rishabh gazes pleasantly at Sherlyn and she exchanges look with him. This shocks Prithvi, who worries even more after hearing that there is a shocking twist in the case.

Sandeep’s lawyer tries to refute the claims of Rishabh’s lawyer as soon as the court hearing begins. Rishabh’s lawyer makes fun of him and says that he has strong evidence to prove Rishabh innocent.

Sandeep’s lawyer recalls that Prithvi had paid him a huge amount to get Rishabh jailed. He begins to fear that Sandeep will turn against them to testify in Rishabh’s favour. Prithvi goes through the same fear and steps out of the court to look for Sandeep. He waits outside the court to stop Sandeep from testifying in Rishabh’s favour.

Srishti notices that Prithvi is getting nervous. Surprisingly, Kritika steps out of the court to check on Prithvi, who makes an excuse and sends her back.

Sherlyn comes there to talk to him, but even she goes back when he misbehaves with her.

Prithvi keeps calling Sandeep, but he avoids answering Prithvi’s call. He sees this and chases Sandeep, who runs away to save his life. Sandeep tries to call Preeta to inform her about this, but he loses his phone during the chase.

Sandeep takes a person’s bike to run away and Prithvi slaps that person for giving Sandeep a chance to escape!

Rishabh’s lawyer asks Preeta to bring Sandeep to the court when he is accused of forcing Sandeep to testify in Rishabh’s favour. Preeta, Srishti and Sameer begin to look for Sandeep.

Sudeepa tells Preeta that he was tensed as his mother was frequently calling him. At Preeta’s behest, Srishti and Sameer leave for Sandeep’s house to look for him there.

Suddenly, Sandeep’s bike breaks down, and Prithvi keeps chasing him in a car.

Rishabh’s lawyer keeps arguing with Sandeep’s lawyer to buy more time for Rishabh.

However, Preeta fails to bring Sandeep to the court and the Judge orders Rishabh’s lawyer to bring him there soon. Preeta asks for permission to tell everyone something. She enters the witness box and questions Sandeep’s lawyer why he has been lying about Sandeep’s condition? She proves her point by showing everyone a video wherein Sandeep is walking on his own legs. Preeta claims that he is completely fine and the Judge orders to get the video verified!

Sandeep fails to escape from Prithvi when his bike breaks down. Suddenly, Prithvi manages to get close to Sandeep and runs over him to stop him from testifying in Rishabh’s favour. He comes out of the car and reminds Sandeep of his warning. Prithvi decides to kill Sandeep and gets back inside his car to run over him again. However, he fails to do so when a few pedestrians gather around him.

In no time, Srishti and Sameer arrive there and rush him to a hospital with everyone’s help.

The verdict gets delayed as the Judge orders Sandeep’s lawyer and Rishabh’s lawyer to bring Sandeep to the court for the next hearing.

While returning home, Preeta receives a call from Karan and tells him about the occurrences in the Court. Karan, keeps an eye on a subordinate of Sandeep’s lawyer, and tells Preeta that he will come home soon.

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