Srishti calls Preeta and apprises her of Sandeep’s accident. She tells Preeta that she and Sameer are rushing Sandeep to a hospital.

After returning home, Rakhi lashes out at Prithvi. Preeta cleverly handles the matter and then tells Srishti and Sameer that she is thinking about a plan against Prithvi.

Preeta notices Sherlyn talking to Rishabh’s picture in a room. Rakhi and Kareena later arrive there to tell her about Sanjana’s heart attack. They ask Sherlyn to visit Sanjana at the earliest.

Kareena visits Rishabh in jail and apprises him of Sanjana’s condition. She feels nice to see Rishabh being concerned about Sherlyn.

Meanwhile, Prithvi sneaks out of his room and secretly enters Sherlyn’s room. He calls her after not finding her around and learns about Sanjana’s heart attack. Sherlyn feels disgusted of Prithvi when he just talks about Rishabh’s court case hearing. She hangs up on Prithvi and continues to travel to visit Sanjana. Prithvi steps out of Sherlyn’s room and runs into Preeta, who questions him about it.

Preeta talks about Prithvi’s actions and challenges him that Rishabh will come home to celebrate Diwali with his family! After Preeta leaves, Prithvi begins to wonder if Sandeep is alive even after he ran over him? He immediately calls Sudeepa to find out if Sandeep is alive? Sudeepa, while going to the hospital to see Sandeep, tries hard to lie to Prithvi about Sandeep. However, Prithvi overhears the rickshaw driver saying that they have arrived at the City Hospital.

Kareena sees Srishti and Sameer talking to each other in the kitchen and questions them about it.

Srishti then asks Preeta if she has gotten Sanjana to lie to Sherlyn about her condition? Preeta talks to Srishti about a change in Sherlyn’s behaviour. She tells Srishti how she had seen Sherlyn talking to Rishabh’s picture? Srishti initially does not believe her but she later accepts Preeta’s observations about Sherlyn. Preeta tells Srishti that she has decided to send Sherlyn away to give Rishabh a chance to get close to her.

Karan calls Preeta while returning from Pune and apologises to her for not being with her. However, they fail to talk much due to the network issues.

Shilpa, a hospital staff, asks another staff to take good care of an unconscious Sandeep, as his life is under threat. Sudeepa calls Preeta and tells her that Prithvi has learned about Sandeep’s location. Preeta immediately goes to Kritika’s room and learns that Prithvi is not at home. She calls Shilpa to be careful and sends her a picture of Prithvi. Preeta calls Sudeepa to inform her about this and decides to visit the hospital.

Suddenly, Shilpa sees Prithvi, who learns that she is trying to protect Sandeep. Prithvi attacks Shilpa when he sees her with his picture on her phone.

After a while, Preeta arrives at the hospital and sees Shilpa unconscious. Shilpa tells Preeta that she had gotten Sandeep moved to another room.

Prithvi keeps looking for Sandeep and runs into Sudeepa. He renders Sudeepa unconscious and then gets a deadly poison from a room. He decides to kill Sandeep by administering the poison to him, but Preeta enters the room.

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