Girl Meet refuses telling him she can’t. Meet Ahlawat tells he will take her to the stage by lifting her if she won’t agree. Girl Meet looks on.

The fashion show gets started. The host announces next is Babita fashion house and everyone feels excited with the collection. The host says Bride and groom are about to arrive.

Meet Ahlawat walks on the ramp and he asks Girl Meet to come out from the palaquin, but as soon as the current goes off, he notices she is missing and says where is his bride?

Girl Meet sets the light. Everyone says the electrician will set it. Girl Meet tells that electricity doesn’t know if the repairing person is an electrician or Bride and she sets the light. Everyone claps.

Girl Meet tells Meet Ahlawat that she can’t walk like models. Meet Ahlawat asks her to walk like ustaad Meet and he holds her hand and they starts the ramp walk.

Makki jha stops the show seeing her on Snickers and asks what kind of bride is she?? She is not suitable to the groom and she wore Snickers! Meet Ahlawat tells he can answer his questions and we have to see the inner beauty not the outer beauty and he asks them about their role models and makes them understand that physical features are not important.

Makki jha asks Girl Meet if she felt anything lacking in her when she saw herself in the mirror? Girl Meet says she feels lucky to get good in-laws seeing herself in the mirror and she questions him if he feels something lacking in his Parents? He says no, they are the best so she says it’s about the view of seeing things and God made us, so how can we point out the faults in people and if beauty is everything, then why did God create heart and mind, everyone has their faults and we have to see it by going inside us. Everyone claps for her.

Makki Jha is about to leave but Girl Meet says your brand is popular, as it’s unique then why are you running behind old things? Makki jha smiles. They walk on the ramp happily. Babita wins the show and receives the prize money.

Everyone receives messages on their phones. Meet Ahlawat is being spoken against by the ladies and they throws sandals at him. Meet asks what happened? A Lady says he is romancing with another girl too and they ask her to look at their phone. Girl Meet sees accusations against Meet Ahlawat from Manushi.

The Ladies are about to make him wear sandal around his neck but Girl Meet stops them and asks them to call the media by bringing Manushi and we will prove it right here who is the innocent one and the culprit.

Girl Meet asks the Ladies to bring the person who wants justice and call the media here as the culprit will get punished in front of everyone! Everyone sees Meet Ahlawat and Manushi’s video on the projector;

Meet Alhawat asks Manushi why didn’t she stop him? Manushi says it’s my compulsion as I’m working at Babita boutique for the salary to run my family, and is it wrong to be born beautiful?

Dadi tells Anubha that shw doesn’t know where she learned to lie! Babita tells them she is lying.

Manushi says Babita is the one who wanted me to have an extramarital affair with her son and she just cares for her son’s happiness.

The Ladies question Babita, doesn’t she have any shame??? Girl Meet stops them and tells them she will expose her real face and she asks them to play the Kunal video. Everyone gets shocked seeing the confession of Kunal.

Raj asks if she got married to Kunal? Girl Meet asks if they know him? Isha tells her he’s the son of Raj’s sister. Manushi tells it’s a fake video and Kunal is just my friend!

Meet ask Isha to call Kunal and the Priest from the Makeup room so that everyone knows the truth. Manushi says she is not scared and asks her to call them, then she acts like fainting and goes to the makeup room where Manushi meets Kunal and requests him to not tell the truth to anyone so that I’ll file a case against Meet Ahlawat and take the money so that we can share it.

Everyone saw her act in the makeup room live on the projector.

A Lady brings Manushi to the stage. It’s revealed that Girl Meet arranged some guy to act like Kunal. Manushi tries to escape, but Girl Meet stops her and questions why she stooped so low? You’re proud of your beauty, but see yourself, look where you stand and I’m ashamed to call you my sister, as you have used me as well for wrong motives and because of you, needy girls are not getting help!

Abhiyan team ladies apologises to Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat and they take Manushi to teach her a lesson by filing the fraud case against her. Manushi requests Girl Meet to forgive her, but those ladies take Manushi with them.

Meet Ahlawat sees Girl Meet and tells her that he misunderstood her in the past, as Kunal lied to him. Girl Meet says Kunal is the one who tried to snatch my money from me which was why I taught him a lesson. Meet Ahlawat asks what about Ravi? Girl Meet says he joined hands with Manushi di. Meet Ahlawat says so you’re not a goon then. Girl Meet tells she will teach a lesson to people who needs it!

Meet Ahlawat sees she could pin her saree, then he tries to pin it, but he realises what he’s doing and gives her the pin. Girl Meet goes out and thinks I’m goon to you and she plays the scary music using the toy. Meet Ahlawat caught her and tells he finds it and asks why she is doing it? Girl Meet tells him she is trying to scare him, as he scared her telling her that he will break their marriage and I won’t leave you if you repeat it ever again! Meet Ahlawat apologies to her. Girl Meet forgives him.

Babita calls Sunaina and she asks Raj how could you do that to me? You should have asked me first before taking away my Tej from me. Girl Meet asks why he’s doing it when he believes in unity? Raj tells that some people are against his views.

Sunaina says you misunderstood me and how will I live there alone? Raj says you ahould have thought of it first before sending me a legal notice. Masoom says you hurt Dad. Raj says you mentioned it in the notice that you want a share of the property. Ragini says there might be some misunderstanding.

Raj asks if he asked her or not about the notice? Sunaina agrees and tells that she didn’t write this matter. Raj says no need for another notice, as I separated your share and you can live with Tej in the new house taking the money in 3 days. Sunaina tries to stop him, but he doesn’t stop. Babita says congratulations as you’re separating my son from me and I will never forgive you! Everyone leaves. Masoom says you did wrong by hurting me! She leaves.

Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat thinks they can’t let their family get broken in this way. Girl Meet thinks to find out the truth.

Girl Meet asks Sunaina if she sent the notice saying they are still a legally wedded couple? Sunaina says yes and doesn’t know how this misunderstanding happened.

Babita tells Meet Ahlawat that there is no misunderstanding and I will leave with Tej if he leaves this house!

Girl Meet takes advocate Kushal Bajaj’s number from Sunaina.

Meet Ahlawat tells his Mom that they can find some way. Raj comes there and says the decision is already made and I won’t stop anyone from leaving the house!

Later, Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat sets the bed and thinks who will get the benefit from this property partition and they realise it can only be Masoom and Girl Meet feels currents when his hand touches her, so she maintains some distance from him. Meet Ahlawat tells he will talk with Masoom, but Girl Meet tells that they can find it through her phone. Meet Ahlawat says it’s not easy to get her phone. Giel Meet asks him to cut the power.

Hoshiyar imagines that Masoom leaves for Kitty’s party giving him some change. Masoom comes to the room and happily tells her husband that her dad has finally decided to give her a share of property along with her brothers and she falls on him. Masoom notices the power is off and she asks Hoshiyar to check it, but he tells he can’t, as his head is twisting, then she goes to check.

Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat scares Masoom with their ghost act and she runs leaving the phone and goes to call everyone saying Ghost! Meet and Meet Ahlawat takes her phone.

Ragini tries to comfort Masoom and asks what happened? Masoom tells something is wrong in this house and she realises her phone is not with her.

Girl Meet tells Meet Ahlawat that there is no Kushal Bajaj’s number on her phone.

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