Preeta tells Rakhi that its Sandeep’s voice. She worries that nobody is with Sandeep. They run back to Sandeep, who reaches the hall and hides there.

Prithvi looks for him. He hides seeing Preeta coming. Preeta finds Sandeep lying unconscious. Prithvi doesn’t want to waste time and just kill him. He feels good doesn’t exist in the world now. He wants his evil to win.

Shrishti tells Rakhi that Sandeep must have come for a walk and fell down. Rakhi asks Sameer to get a blanket for Sandeep. She tells Preeta that they will leave Sandeep to rest in the open air. Sameer tells that he will stay with Sandeep. Preeta makes this idea to leave Sandeep alone as a bait to catch Prithvi.

Prithvi waits for Sameer to go. Sameer acts to go away to get some water for himself. Prithvi comes out from the hiding to hunt for his prey. He goes to kill Sandeep. He doesn’t realize that Sandeep is shifted once again. He gets caught red-handed while attempting to kill Sandeep.

Preeta declares that Prithvi is really trapped! She shouts aloud that Prithvi is trapped from all sides now!

Prithvi is shell shocked to see the Luthras watching him. He comes up with a drama that they are misunderstanding him. Shrishti asks does he think they are mad to believe him? He tells that he was sleeping in his room, he doesn’t know how the knife came into his hand, he was sleepwalking.

Rakhi, Kareena and Bani come to face him. Kareena tells that he doesn’t look like he’s sleepwalking.

Kritika comes there and watches the entire revelation which shocks her.

Preeta asks Prithvi not to do any acting now, its totally worthless! Shrishti and Rakhi tell him that they know his entire truth, it was their drama to catch him red-handed! He asks them to give him a chance to explain. He tells that he was going to kill Sandeep just for Rishabh’s sake. He acts innocent. He tells that Rishabh is in the jail because of Sandeep, so he thought to kill the witness to call off the case and bring Rishabh home. He tells that he was angry at Sandeep, seeing the family suffering because of him. He adds that he tried to stab Sandeep in anger, because he is frustrated.

Preeta asks him is this his character to kill someone? She asks Shrishti to tell him their entire plan so that Prithvi doesn’t waste his own time. She tells that they had kept an eye on him. She asks him to stop lying and making up stories. Prithvi defends himself. He calls himself a son of the Luthra family. He tells that he can kill anyone for the sake of the family’s happiness!

Preeta calls Sandeep there to testify against Prithvi. Sandeep is in all his senses. Sandeep comes to the fore. Prithvi is shocked to see a blanket in Sandeep’s place. He feels he has been fooled big time. Preeta tells that they had seen him when he was hiding behind the curtain.

Preeta recalls the moment when she saw Prithvi hiding behind the curtain. She tells Rakhi that Prithvi is around, hiding behind the curtain, he is waiting for them to go and sleep. She asks Shrishti to go and close the main door. She tells that she will go and call Kritika, who should also see Prithvi’s truth. She asks them to shift Sandeep. They shift Sandeep by tricking Prithvi.

Preeta explains their plan to Prithvi. She tells that it was important for Kritika to see his true face. She adds that she went to call Kritika, but didn’t find her in the room. She met Bani and Kareena, and took their help to save Kritika and Rishabh’s lives. Kareena didn’t believe Preeta at first. Bani gave a chance to Preeta to explain.

In the flashback, Preeta tells them that she needs their help in saving Kritika and Rishabh from the evil Prithvi. Bani tells that she is ready to help her. Kareena also agrees. Preeta asks them to promise her first, and then listen to whatever she has to say. They promise her.

Preeta tells Prithvi that she told his truth to Bani and Kareena as well. She had cleared their misunderstandings, and brought the truth out. She tells the family that Rishabh is in the jail because of Prithvi. She adds that Sandeep has told the family how Prithvi had bribed him to lie and frame Rishabh in the case.

Prithvi calls it nonsense! He asks them to believe him, Preeta is just brainwashing them. He tells that whatever he did was just for Rishabh. Rakhi asks him to shut up and stop lying! She slaps him. She tells that Rishabh is behind the bars just because of him! She counts their favours done towards him. She rebukes him for his evil plans. She asks the reason for his revenge? Prithvi comes to his true avatar and pushes Rakhi away in anger.

Preeta defends Rakhi, and scolds Prithvi for ill-treating Rakhi. Prithvi asks Kareena to trust him, he has done everything for Rishabh, Preeta is just blaming him for a motive. He tells that Preeta was mad for him, she couldn’t marry him, so she is taking revenge.

Sameer threatens to kill him if he dares speak wrong about Preeta! Prithvi threatens to kill all of them if they dare hurt him! He still denies the blames.

Preeta asks Prithvi to admit his crime. She tells that Prithvi had done Sandeep’s accident to stop him from reaching the court. Shrishti tells that Sandeep would have died today if Preeta didn’t make this plan.

Mahesh asks them to not waste time and call the Police to get Prithvi arrested. Prithvi asks them to believe him. Kareena tells that Preeta asked their help to catch him red-handed, they have a recording to show to the Police. Bani tells that the video shows that he is the Murderer.

Kritika asks Prithvi is this true, did Rishabh get jailed because of him? He thinks she is the weak link of the family, he has to fool her and then his position in the house will get secured. He wants a chance to speak to Kritika and fool her. He takes Kritika at a knife point. He asks them not to call the Police. He takes Kritika with him. He threatens them that he will kill Kritika if they act smart! Prithvi locks Kritika and himself in a room.

The family bangs the door. Kritika tells him that he is doing wrong. The family asks him not to harm Kritika.

He tells that Kritika is the shield for him right now. He asks the family to step back! Kritika tells him that she felt he loves her. He fools her stating that he really loves her.

Mahesh tells that he didn’t call the Police, just to keep Kritika secured.

Kareena wants to call the Police. Preeta tells that they will first secure Kritika. She takes Kareena’s phone to stop her. She tells that Prithvi is dangerous, he can harm Kritika in anger. Rakhi and Bani ask Kareena to listen to Preeta. Kareena cries for her daughter. They all stand helpless outside the room.

Prithvi justifies himself to Kritika. He tells her that he got her at the knifepoint just to talk to her, because her family isn’t allowing him. He tells that he is helpless to take this step. He asks Kritika to beat him, but believe him. She feels she is mad to love him, when he hates her entire family. She regrets that he is the enemy of her brothers! Prithvi controls his temper when Kritika shouts at him and accuses him for having revenge motives against her family. She finds him disgusting to stay in Luthra house and plot against them. She tells that her brothers told her that he is a disgusting man, but she was mad to marry a devil like him. She blames him further and angers him.

Prithvi shows his truth to her. He tells her that he is very powerful, he will disappear and nobody can harm him. He tells her that he will hire some goons and ask them to kill Rishabh, then Mahesh will die on his own, he is already week, this Karan will sink in depression. He tells her that he can do anything to ruin her family, but he won’t do this because he loves her. She understands that he is playing mind games with her. She thinks to play along and fool him to get him caught. He tells that he can disappear right away, but he is still with her. He adds that he will prove the blames away.

Kritika doesn’t want to accept any of his explanations. He denies all the blames from the family. He tells that Preeta hates him, and she is doing this intentionally to frame him.

Prithvi knows that she is the trump card, who can make him leave or enter the Luthra house whenever she wants. He treats her nicely and once again confesses that he truly loves her, irrespective of his hatred towards the family. He asks her to believe him just once and help him escape from the house.

Prithvi emotionally blackmails her, asking if she can see her beloved husband suffering? Kritika comes into his words once again. Prithvi uses Kritika as a shield to leave from the Luthra house. He wants to escape before the Police comes and arrests him. He also knows that Sandeep will prove Rishabh innocent, and then name him in the court. He failed to kill Sandeep, but wants to save himself.

Prithvi takes Kritika at knifepoint to scare the family. He asks Kritika to bear this fake drama, because he has no option to control his family! Kritika is confused, so Kritika lies to him that she trusts his love, she loves him and feels lucky that he came into her life. He thinks she got convinced by his lies. She hugs him. He tells that they will run away somewhere far from her family. He asks her to give him some time. He asks her to promise, that she won’t go out. He asks her to swear on Kareena. She promises him that she won’t go out until he comes back. She doesn’t want him to play with their emotions. She hears his escape plans. He calls someone with a car. She leaves a note for Preeta. She informs Prithvi’s plans to Preeta and family.

Prithvi doubts Kritika when he sees her near the door. He asks her to be loyal to him if he is loyal to her. He threatens her and asks her not to anger him. She wishes that the family gets the chit she has thrown outside.

Kritika tells him that he is her hero hubby, she trusts him. He tells that he wants this trust on him. He adds that he will take her along, his friend is coming to pick them up. He asks her to arrange some ropes to get down the window. She tells that they have no ropes. He asks her for bedsheets to make a rope. Kritika gets scared to jump down. She asks Prithvi to go first. He asks her if she has changed her mind? He tells that she will go down first. He asks her to jump down.

Prithvi and Kritika get down the window. She refuses to leave with him. Prithvi leaves her alone, and tells that he has to save himself from her family first. He gets into the cab and asks the driver to start. He gets a shocker when he finds Preeta in the driving seat, with her face covered up partially with her scarf. She ties the dupatta around her nose because she has a big plan on her mind. She locks the car and stays inside with Preeta, then releases the smoke in the car to make him pass out. She wants to get Prithvi under control, knowing he won’t get caught as long as his evil mind is running. She plans to make him unconscious, so that they can easily catch him.

Prithvi gets worried when he finds her using a remote to activate the smoke transmitters in the car. He tries hard to open the door and get out, but fails. He shouts at Preeta to stop it, else he will not spare her life! Preeta stays unaffected by his threatening. Prithvi attempts to attack Preeta in the car. Preeta is determined to end his game!

Kritika tries to look inside. Prithvi falls down in the car. Preeta gets down the car, and tries to shut him inside. Preeta and Kritika try to lock the car, but he fights them to fall outside. Preeta’s amazing plan fails.

Pritvi asks Kritika how could she cheat him??? He regrets to leave her alive. He goes to stab Kritika, but Preeta comes in front to save her.

The entire family reaches there and tries to stop Prithvi. Prithvi asks Kritika to please save him, because he loves her a lot. She tells that he attacked her family, he can never be a part of her life! She feels he is a fire which burnt her family’s happiness. She regrets that she didn’t believe her mom and family. She tells that he is a poison, she hates him.

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