Prithvi tells that he really loves her. Kritika tells that she informed his plan to her family just to get him caught.

Preeta tells that she knew everything, when he took Kritika to the room. She adds how she dealt with his friend and uses chloroform smoke to make him pass out, but he is very cunning.

Prithvi tells that they all know his truth now, so he will do the unthinkable now!Mahesh asks him what will he do?? Prithvi misbehaves with Mahesh. Prithvi angrily hurts Sameer with the knife, when the latter defends Mahesh. Prithvi threatens to kill them.

Bani curses Prithvi that he will never stay happy! He warns them to let him leave. He takes Preeta at the knifepoint. He threatens of killing Preeta.

Sameer attacks Prithvi from the back. Preeta gets away. The entire family show their rage, and get hockey sticks to bash up Prithvi.

The Police comes and arrests Prithvi. Kritika thanks Preeta for saving Rishabh, and also exposing Prithvi’s truth. Rakhi tells that Preeta saved Kritika as well. She also thanks Preeta. Next comes Sandeep to thank Preeta. He apologizes that he did so much wrong with Rishabh.

Rakhi asks Sandeep to give a statement in Rishabh’s favour and save him. He assures her that he will help Rishabh. He promises that Rishabh will come back home.

After Rishabh’s release, Preeta visits Sanjana’s house and suggests Sherlyn to think about moving back with Rishabh.

In the kitchen, Rakhi tells Preeta that she is very happy for Rishabh. Srishti tells Rakhi and Preeta about Abhimanyu Pandey and Niyati Mishra. Sherlyn prepares to return home and the Luthras prepare to celebrate Diwali together.

Preeta leaves from Sherlyn’s house and meets Karan. He takes Preeta home and they have a sweet banter on the way.

The next day, Karan prepares to leave for his cricket practice. Rakhi stops him from going for practice and he says that Rishabh has asked him to do so. Rishabh arrives there and reminds him what he had actually said. Kareena asks Preeta about the preparations for Diwali and the latter promises to look after all the pending things.

Suddenly, Sherlyn arrives at the Luthra House and everyone is happy to see her. Preeta assumes that Sherlyn has changed and she will begin to take care of Rishabh. Kareena and Preeta wish her Happy Diwali and she quickly walks inside the house. She answers a phone call and then calls a lawyer to bail Prithvi out. She enters her room while talking to the lawyer and realises that Rishabh has overheard her conversation.

Rishabh gets upset as he suspects that she was arranging a lawyer for Prithvi! Sherlyn breathes a sigh of relief after she manages to come up with an excuse. Rishabh still suspects her but refrains from talking about it without strong evidence.

Sonakshi arrives at the Luthra House and upsets Srishti, Preeta and Pihu by deliberately walking over the rangoli. She later sees a dress brought by Karan for Preeta for Diwali and sneaks into their room to steal it.

In the living room, Kareena learns that Rishabh is going for Diwali shopping. She suggests Sameer to go shopping and Rishabh asks Srishti to join Sameer.

Sameer and Srishti argue over going together for Diwali shopping. Rishabh asks Srishti to go for shopping with Sameer and she agrees to do so.

Kareena dislikes Srishti’s behaviour, but Rishabh convinces her to forget all this and forgive Srishti. Rakhi and Kareena laugh at the fact how Rishabh always manages to convince her.

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