Meet Ahlawat bandages Anubha’s feet. Anubha tells him she has to give warm water to Amma ji. Meet Ahlawat tells her he will do it. Anubha tells he makes her to recall their Meet with his service. Meet Alhawat asks her to consider him as her Meet.

The Family members come to Girl Meet’s room with food. Ragini asks her to have food. Girl Meet tells she doesn’t have appetite. Isha asks her to watch a movie with her. Girl Meet refuses. Raj tells he will give her an injection to set her mood right. Meet refuses telling she has to read. Babita asks if they had food? Girl Meet says no. Ragini tells no need to lie as we know everything. Girl Meet thinks why he told them and she says it’s not the issue to fight.

Babita asks in which matter they fought with each other? Meet thinks glad he didn’t tell. Babita asks her to resolve it with love, not with fight.

Anubha says the world doesn’t understand your intentions and they mock us if we take your help so never repeat it and take back these things. Meet Ahlawat thinks to search another way to make Anubha agree.

Meet Ahlawat removes a book from Girl Meet’s face then she wakes up. Both ignore each other. Girl Meet thinks he has to start talking to me. He too thinks the same. She wants to beat him when he is going. He sees her then she tells him she is hitting a mosquito. He comes out changing his outfit. Girl Meet asks where he went in the morning if he went to the office? He says yes. Meet thinks liar. Girl Meet asks him to have food as sleep won’t come when we are hungry. Meet Ahlawat tells he can sleep like her.

Later, Meet Ahlawat hears mixy sound and comes to the kitchen and notices Girl Meet is preparing panipuri. Girl Meet tells she will eat all panipuris. Meet Ahlawat tells she can’t. Girl Meet challenges him to compete with her. He agrees.

Raj and Babita witnesses both Meet eating panipuri. Babita says you’re correct Raj, as their fight is of love and they love and care for each other. Raj tells that very soon, they will realise their love. Both Meet eats all the panipuris.

Girl Meet thinks she ate lots of Panipuri to make Meet Ahlawat have them and she thinks to know what Meet Ahlawat feels for her, as she doesn’t want to be a burden to anyone.

Ram and Lakhan comes to her and they show their progress card. She scolds him for getting a low score, then she apologies to them for venting her other frustration on them and she tells she will search for a good tutor for them. Ram asks why she was angry then? Girl Meet tells that she doesn’t know where Meet Ahlawat went in the morning without informing me. Ram tells they saw him in their area. Girl Meet thinks hope he doesn’t go to tell Mom about our issue?

Meet Ahlawat and Deepu traps Lalaji in their plan. Anubha sees them and thinks why he called her to this place? Lalaji tells he is poor and living with the money from his wife’s family. Meet Ahlawat tells he is living with his wife’s money but he has the right to say that Son-in-law can’t become a Son, is it true? Everyone says no. Meet Ahlawat asks won’t Son-in-law take care of his in-laws becoming a Son? Everyone says he has to take care of it.

Lalaji apologises realising his mistake. Girl Meet comes there. Meet Ahlawat tells Anubha that Girl Meet is taking care of my family, won’t I have the right to share the responsibility of my wife? I care for Girl Meet’s happiness, so accept me as your Son to take up all of these responsibilities and I’m promising that I won’t leave you alone.

Anubha says I know and I have always considered you as my Son, but. Girl Meet comes there and hugs Anubha then she takes Meet Ahlawat with her telling her she needs to ask him something.

Girl Meet takes Meet Ahlawat near the lake and says you said I’m your wife and a Couple needs to share responsibilities and why you keep lying? She asks him to answer her. Meet Ahlawat says I won’t tell and runs from there. Girl Meet chases Meet Ahlawat and asks him to tell the truth.

Meet Ahlawat says you’re my wife and the kids can’t change anything between them. Girl Meet says everything is changed as a kiss is a mistake for you and it means you didn’t consider me as your wife. Meet Ahlawat says you misunderstood my words, so listen to me, you’re my wife and I like you so much and I mentioned it’s a mistake, as I kissed you without your consent so I thought you must be angry with me.

Girl Meet says you’re Mr Hasty who didn’t understand anything and she hugs him. Both feels happy. Meet Ahlawat asks why can’t she make him understand? Girl Meet says you ran away. Meet Ahlawat says it’s Hoshiyar’s advice and tells her how bad he felt when she didn’t talk to him and he tells he has to make Anubha agree. Girl Meet says she won’t agree in this way.

Meet Ahlawat tells they can avoid the confusion sharing another kiss. Girl Meet looks stunned. Meet Ahlawat comes to her and cleans the ice cream from her lips. They spend their time near the Lake. He asks her to become his girlfriend. She tells she is not like other girls and you have to spend more. Meet Ahlawat tells he can, as his heart is big. Girl Meet agrees to become his girlfriend. Meet Ahlawat lifts her in his arms.

The Police caught them in a sack thinking of them as lovers who are doing wrong work. Both Meet tells the Inspector that he is misunderstanding them. The Inspector hurts the Constable and asks him to call the girls’ families. Girl Meet ties handkerchief to his wound and questions how can he do it with innocent people and why are you calling the girls’ families when you caught both of them and it’s not wrong act like you’ve mentioned.

The Inspector, Hawa Singh by name asks Meet Ahlawat from where did he bring her?? Meet Ahlawat says talk with respect as she is my wife and I’m showing you respect because of your uniform or else..! Hawa Singh tries to hit him, but Girl Meet holds his stick and says don’t try to do this by mistake and she takes out her phone and says I can complain against you for troubling innocent people! My name is Meet Hoodah and I won’t do wrong and won’t bear wrongdoings and my Dad was also an Inspector.

Hawa Singh asks if she is related to Ashok Hoodah? Girl Meet tells he is her Dad. Hawa Singh acts like being emotional and he asks her to leave. Girl Meet says she won’t leave until they release everyon,  as they are studying and questions why they arrest them? Hawa Singh says you’re a copy of your Dad on daring nature and he releases everyone. Meet Ahlawat takes Girl Meet with him.

Hawa Singh says her Dad died because of ethics, now it’s his daughter’s time!

Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat comes to Anubha’s house and they ask her to start the Art and crafts business and shows her the things they brought. Anubha tells she will become a business woman. Girl Meet recalls how she asked her husband to make her Mom independent. Girl Meet asks Anubha to see the things.

Sunaina video calls Girl Meet as Tej wants to talk with her. Girl Meet makes him talk with her Mom and Grandmother. Tej sees Ashok’s photo and get’s scared and he asks them to run! Sunaina tells he hasn’t had his medicine yet and she injects the medicine to him which calms him down Meet and Meet Ahlawat looks confused with Tej’s behaviour.

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