On the way to the bazaar, Sameer apologises to Srishti and requests her to let go of their arguments. He stops his car at the traffic signal and sees Sherlyn there, but Srishti does not believe him.

Unaware of the fact that she is being noticed by Sameer, Sherlyn asks someone for an address. Srishti and Sameer carry on with their shopping and then begin arguing again.

Meanwhile, Rishabh looks for his laptop charger and recalls Sherlyn’s conversation with a lawyer. He suspects that Sherlyn has gone out for Prithvi’s bail.

Sameer and Srishti call Rishabh to ask for something and learn from Rishabh that Sherlyn is not at home. Sameer tells Rishabh that he had seen Sherlyn outside.

At the Luthra House, Karan and Preeta share a sweet moment together along with Pihu. Karan sends Pihu out of the room to tell Preeta that he is fearing to lose her. Preeta prays to God that Karan is never forced to live without her.

Sonakshi learns that Karan and Preeta are in a room alone and enters the room to disturb them.

At the police station, Prithvi feels better to see Sherlyn there. He thanks her for visiting him and vows to destroy Preeta!

Rishabh begins to suspect that Sherlyn has gone to the police station to meet Prithvi. He immediately leaves for the police station to find out if his suspicion is right.

Sherlyn tells Prithvi that she had to let him suffer to make him realise that Preeta does not care about him.

Rishabh arrives there and learns from the police inspector that a woman has come to see Prithvi. Rishabh refuses to wait for his turn to barge in and catch Sherlyn red-handed. A police constable tries to stop Rishabh, which begins an argument.

Sherlyn is cautioned because of the argument and hides behind Prithvi’s police cell. Rishabh confronts Prithvi, who confesses that Sherlyn had come to see him. He tells Rishabh that Sherlyn loves him and cares about him! The Constable suggests Rishabh not to believe Prithvi as prisoners usually lie to their enemies to hurt them. Prithvi pretends that he was lying all the while to hurt him. However, Rishabh finds his behaviour suspicious and decides to confront Sherlyn!

Srishti and Sameer arrive at the Luthra House and everyone feels happy to see Pihu’s new dress. Kareena, however, gets upset to see that Pihu’s dress is not up to the mark. Everyone goes to their respective rooms to get decked up for the Diwali celebration.

Unaware of Sonakshi’s ploy, Preeta sees a dress that was replaced by Sonakshi. Sonakshi wears the dress Karan had bought for Preeta and enjoys tricking the latter.

Karan mistakes Sonakshi for Preeta and cuddles her, and she cuddles him back. Sonakshi turns around and Karan is shocked to learn the truth.

Sonakashi teases him by saying that he was intentionally doing it. He apologises for doing so and explains that he got confused because of the dress. Sonakshi tells him that someone has gifted her this dress. Karan feels perplexed after hearing this and leaves from there. Sonakshi feels happy about the fact that Karan had cuddled her. She recalls the time of her wedding preparations when Karan had told Preeta that he does not like a particular colour. She feels victorious to recall how she had replaced the dress brought by him for Preeta with a dress of the colour that he hates.

Soon, Karan sees Preeta wearing the dress and feels that Preeta has disrespected his gift and his feelings for her.

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