Later, Meet Ahlawat tells that your Dad was great which was why all his juniors remember him. Girl Meet says his thoughts are good and he never shows any discrimination between boys and girls. Meet Ahlawat says it would have been tough to make her his girlfriend if her Dad was still alive. Girl Meet says he may inquire about your background and she asks him to take her on a date to make her become his girlfriend. Meet Ahlawat tells he won’t fulfill it. Girl Meet chases him and beats him up.

Raj, Ragini, and Babita comes there, and tells that it seems like your patch-up happened. Meet Ahlawat tells them that Girl Meet is his girlfriend. They get shocked. Meet Ahlawat tells they decided to start their relationship afresh. Raj asks Babita if they to can start again? Babita blushes.

Sunaina comes there. Babita asks Sunaina where is the amulet she gave for Tej’s wellness? Sunaina says she lost it. Babita asks how can she do that? The current goes off. Everyone searches for the Amulet with Torchlight.

Tej behaves hyper when the torch touches his eyes and he runs from them in fear. Girl Meet recalls a past incident that he is scared of Torch and she makes everyone turn off their torch. Tej falls down losing his consciousness. They take him to his room.

Babita blames Sunaina for Tej’s condition! Girl Meet tells they have to know what happened to Tej leaving these superstitions.

Tej gets flashes of how he witnessed the murder of Ashok Hoodah.

Girl Meet tells they have to know why he’s getting a panic attack and we have to know the reason behind his fear so we need to know his past. Raj asks how can they know? Girl Meet tells they have to know what happened making him get an attack. Babita tells she won’t allow them to make him face the torch. Ram too agrees.

Girl Meet asks Raj to make others agree. Raj says you have to understand not us. Girl Meet says we have to know the reason behind his pain to cure him. Raj says it’s dangerous to Tej, so I can’t support you. Meet Ahlawat asks Girl Meet to end the matter. Raj asks Sunaina to inform her when Tej gains consciousness. Sunaina agrees. Girl Meet thinks she has to do it to cure him.

Meet Ahlawat cries recalling his brother’s condition. Girl Meet tells that Tej deserves to live a normal life and his attacks are making him suffer, so we need to know what happened to him to cure his state. Meet Ahlawat tells he will search for a way to take care of his brother, as he can’t see his brother in pain.

The next day, Girl Meet wakes Meet Ahlawat who’s sleeping with Tej up. Meet Alhawat wakes up and he ties his hand with his hand to keep his brother safe. Tej wakes up and sees his hand is tied. Meet Ahlawat tells his hand is also tied. Girl Meet says let’s go and play outside. Tej agrees. Girl Meet thinks now, he will realise how much it’s important to cure Tej’s state.

In the Street, a ball hits Tej. Meet Ahlawat scolds the kid then his Mother sees the cuffs and asks them to keep his brother at home if his state is not fine! Meet Ahlawat fights with her. Girl Meet stops him and tells you’re suffocating Tej with overcare and love and Tej wants to have his freedom not the life between 4 walls and he has to enjoy his life so think from his side. Meet Ahlawat recalls his brother loves to explore the world. Girl Meet says don’t misunderstand me but you need to understand that Tej deserves to live a normal life.

Meet Ahlawat asks Girl Meet to help him cure his brother. Girl Meet tells I won’t let you regret your decision and she removes their cuffs and asks can they form a team? Tej and Meet Alhawat agree.

Both Meet talks with a Doctor on a video call and gets to know shock treatment is one of the options but it may not work too.

Anubha and Dadi invite Rajvardhan and his family to their shop inauguration. Raj asks her to take their help. Anubha says everything is done and just have to frame my husband’s photo and she keeps it on the table. Babita tells she is happy that Anubha is becoming independent. Anubha tells it’s because of both Meet.

Tej paints with Sunaina. Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat decides to take risks to cure Tej. Babita goes to call Girl Meet. Girl Meet on video call informs the Doctor that they are ready with the shock treatment. The Doctor asks them to sign the consent form which he mailed them. Girl Meet tells she will take the responsibility. Meet Ahlawat asks the Doctor to not inform theirfamily members about it. Girl Meet asks how can they do it without our family blessings? Meet Ahlawat says we are going to tell them the truth after some time so support me. Girl Meet agrees.

Babita comes there and sees prints are coming. Meet Ahlawat tells it’s a suprise. Babita praises them for making Anubha self dependent and she calls them to meet Anubha and Dadi.

Sunaina asks Tej to meet Anubha and Dadi. Tej happily goes to meet them but he stops seeing Ashok Hoodah’s photo which makes him recall Ashok’s murder and he gets hyper and shouts to run away! Anubha tells he’s Girl Meet’s father. Tej rubs red paint on it.

Girl Meet comes there and says it’s her Dad’s photo and asks him to tell clearly what he wants to convey. Tej struggles to convey and he tells run away!

Tej recalls flashes of Ashok Hoodah’s murder and he asks Meet to run away and he runs to his room. Sunaina goes behind him. Girl Meet sees the photo.

Babita apologises to Anubha for the photo. Anubha tells it’s fine.

Hawa Singh sees Anubha and Amma Ji are inviting the colony people for their store inauguration. People discuss they have to take care of their house at this age and hope it never happens to anyone. Hawa Singh warns them to not do it so he meets Amma Ji and Anubha and recalls his moments with Ashok. Amma Ji invites him to the inauguration.

Meet Ahlawat asks why she brought him far from home? Girl Meet tells that the Doctor said they need to recreate the moment when Tej was lost. Meet Ahlawat tells how his brother got missing when he went to take photos in the Jungle. Girl Meet tells him that month is bad as I lost my Dad too.

Hawa Singh thinks Girl Meet shouldn’t know the truth and he decided to fool Girl Meet like he fooled the world!

Girl Meet goes out of the car and she sees one kid then she gives him money and sends him off. Girl Meet tells they have to recreate the same day, after which we will have to take him for the shock treatment to know why he is scared of light and hope no one finds out about it. Meet Ahlawat tells he remembered everything of that day and no one gets to know of our plan, as tomorrow is the inauguration and we can use it to take Tej to the hospital.

The next day, Girl Meet tries to leave but Anubha stops her. Meet Ahlawat asks her to call him when she gets started. Girl Meet agrees and she lies to her Mom that the Caterer forgot to send curry and she goes telling her Mom that she will bring the curry.

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