A Lady cries and shouts for help. Girl Meet covers herself in a duvet and goes to save the person risking her life and that person turned out to be Jaydeep who feels suffocated because of his Asthma problem. Girl Meet saves him.

Hoshiyar brings unconscious Duggu home. Everyone feels worried and asks what happened? Hoshiyar says a fire accident happened in the Drama Company and Girl Meet… Masoom says this Meet is the cause of our problems! Meet Ahlawat says let her come and know what happened before blaming her. Babita says her way of work is not good even though her intentions are good!

Hoshiyar tries to tell that Girl Meet saved Duggu but she doesn’t let him talk. Masoom asks her Dad to punish Girl Meet like he punished her and Girl Meet is responsible for Duggu and Tej’s state so throw her out of the house!

Meet Ahlawat asks Raj to listen to Girl Meet’s side of the story. Masoom refuses and goes to pack Girl Meet’s luggage without listening to anyone.

Girl Meet saves Jaydeep. Jaydeep thanks to her for saving him and tells her that Tej said murder happened in the Jungle behind Shabad. Girl Meet recalls her Dad got murdered in the same place.

Duggu regains consciousness and Masoom feels disappointed and comes to her kid and tells her Dad to punish Girl Meet! Duggu tells why punish her when she saved me and many others from the fire accident? Hoshiyar says that’s what I’ve been trying to tell her, but she didn’t listen.

Meet Ahlawat goes to meet Girl Meet. Masoom says Girl Meet is responsible for Tej’s condition so she deserves the punishment!

Girl Meet cries recalling her Dad’s death. Meet Ahlawat comes to her. Girl Meet tells him that she feels Tej saw her Dad’s murder. Meet Ahlawat says both can be different situations too.

Raj calls Meet Ahlawat and tells him that Tej regained his memories and asks them to return home soon. Both Meet feels happy. Girl Meet tells her husband that they can ask Tej whose murder he witnessed in the Jungle? They rushed home.

Tej recognizes everyone. Ram feels scared seeing him.

Both Meet walks in happiness. Girl Meet falls down and they notice flower plant and thinks who’s raising it in the Jungle, as it’s just like someone poured water and they hear crying sound and they ask the old man about that sound? The old man says one lady always comes here as she lost her love and she pours water on this rose plant and cries here.

The Doctor tells Raj that they have to take Tej to the hospital for more tests. Raj agrees. Ram tells he will go with Tej. Sunaina tells she will accompany Tej, but Ram stops her and tells her they will go. Raj agrees.

Both Meet returns home. Girl Meet asks Sunaina about Tej. Sunaina thanks Girl Meet and tells them that the Doctor has taken him for tests and tomorrow morning, Dad and Uncle will bring him.

The next day, Rajvardhan on call informs Babita that they are returning home from the hospital and he tells her Tej will regain consciousness after 4hours.

Some goons stop the Ambulance and they threaten Raj and Ram for money. Raj and Ram give them money and jewellery. The Goons drop Raj and Ram from the vehicle and they try to escape with Tej in the vehicle but both Meet stops them. Girl Meet spoils the vehicle then she asks if they are fine?

Raj tells we are fine but they are taking Tej with them even after we gave what they wanted. Ram asks how they found them? Raj tells live location is sent during the call.

Both Meet fights with the goons. Ram looks tense. Raj tells them they came at the right time to save them. Girl Meet questions them where they are taking Tej??

Hawa Singh arrives there and tells her they will find the truth and asks her to leave for home. Raj tells he is correct and they leave for home taking Tej along.

Girl Meet says those goons intentions are not robbery and I feel they are after Tej, as he knows something important and she asks him to increase Tej’s security. Meet Ahlawat agrees and he massages her neck and tells her they will know if Tej is talking about her Dad’s murder or someone else once he regains consciousness.

Girl Meet’s neck gets sprained and she sets it by herself and tells him she is fire, not flower. Meet Ahlawat smiles and asks her to take a rest for some time and he goes to see Tej.

Girl Meet recalls her Dad’s words that they have to raise their voice against injustice and she thinks to find a connection between Tej and her Dad. Meet Ahlawat comes to her and tells that Tej regained consciousness and they go to talk with him.

Some man comes to inject poison into Tej but he hides seeing Girl Meet. Both Meet notices Tej is sleeping. Then he regains consciousness. Both Meet assures him that everything will get settled soon.

Girl Meet asks Tej if he saw her Dad’s murder showing his photo? Tej tells them he is not remembering any murder and he asks Meet Ahlawat who’s she?

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