Unaware of this, Preeta praises Sonakshi’s dress and the latter thanks her for gifting it to her. Karan gets angry after he overhears Sonakshi’s conversation with Preeta.

As planned by Sonakshi, Karan feels that Preeta intentionally gave Sonakshi the dress that he had gotten for her. Sonakshi’s joy comes to an end when Preeta stops her from performing ‘aarti’ with Karan during the prayer.

Pihu is eager to fire-crackers but Karan and Risabh stop her as she is too young for it. An upset Kritika tries to cheer up Pihu and Preeta notices this. Kritika apologises to Karan and Rishabh for being adamant about marrying Prithvi. Karan replies that they were left with no option as she had threatened suicide.

Later, Preeta talks to Karan about his anger and he tries to hint her about the dress he had got for her.

Srishti and Sameer are amazed to hear Pihu pray to God for a younger sister.

A revengeful Sonakshi gives crackers to Pihu for a devious plan against Preeta! She follows Pihu and tells the Luthras that she will be with Pihu while she bursts firecrackers.

Meanwhile, Srishti remains distant with Sameer, which upsets Sameer. After persuasion, Srishti confesses that she was doing this only for his attention. Sameer tries to leave from there and she cuddles him from behind to calm him down.

Sonakshi asks Preeta to finish other tasks on the occasion of Diwali and pretends to look after Pihu. Preeta finds Karan tensed and cuddles him to make end his displeasure. Sonakshi gets angry to see this and she secretly bursts firecrackers. Pihu, surrounded by the firecrackers, falls unconscious.

Sonakshi comes rushing and pretends to be worried about her. Even the doctor mistakes her pretense for care. After the doctor leaves, Kareena and Dadi scold Preeta for being careless and question her parenting skills. Pihu tries to tell everyone how Sonakshi made her do everything. However, she distracts everyone and does not let Pihu expose her.

Preeta remains worried about Pihu and blames herself for the accident. Karan tries hard to console Preeta and tells her that she needs to avoid holding herself responsible for this.

An upset Preeta goes to Pihu’s room and falls unconscious while leaving from the room. Karan tries to support Preeta and sees a burn mark on her wrist. He takes Preeta into his arms and calls the family for help.

Soon, Sonakshi arrives there after hearing Karan’s scream. Karan agrees to take Sonakshi’s help to rush Preeta to the hospital. Sonakshi drives the car and Karan looks after an unconscious Preeta.

Prithvi keeps requesting a Police constable for a phone to make a call. He feels lonely due to being unable to talk to anyone on the occasion of Diwali. Suddenly, he sees someone offering sweets to him, which makes him feels pleasant. He turns around and notices that it is Sherlyn with a box of sweets. Sherlyn, with teary eyes, offers him sweets to make him feel better. She tells him how Preeta had a bad day because of Sonakshi. Prithvi feels overjoyed to hear that Preeta was unable to enjoy Diwali.

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