Meet Ahlawat says she is my wife Meet and your friend. Tej asks when he got married and asks what happened to him, as he doesn’t remember anything.

Meet Ahlawat asks him to not take any stress and make him sleep. The Doctor tells them Tej forgot his bad chapter and if we make him recall it, then he may lose his mental balance so take good care of him. Meet agrees. The Doctor leaves.

Girl Meet tells her husband she won’t risk Tej’s life for her doubt and she sees a shadow near Tej’s room and thinks who’s in Tej’s room? That person escapes through the window before she caught him. Meet Ahlawat tells there is no one and he tells Girl Meet that Tej didn’t remember anything to clear their doubts. Girl Meet tells him she will find out the truth in another way!

Meet Ahlawat asks Girl Meet where to start? Girl Meet says we have to start from the police station as we have to find out from the goons who arranged them and who has problem with Tej?

Hawa Singh comes to the Ahlawat mansion and tells Rajvardhan that those goons are normal ones who tried to kidnap Tej for ransom and he gives them a written statement of the goons, then he sees Girl Meet and asks her to come.

Girl Meet comes downstairs. Hawa Singh says you’re a replica of your Dad and he died while doing his duty and your Dad will be happy seeing you, as you’re becoming a daughter to your in-laws and he blesses her to stay happy and he’s about to leave, but Ram asks if the Goons said anything? Hawa Singh says everything is under control so don’t worry and he leaves.

Raj sees Ram is hurt and asks how it happened? Ram tells he got hurt while doing garden work and he asks what the Inspector said? Raj tells it’s roadside goons works. Ram says it’s good to forget this matter and we have to thank daughter-in-law Meet, as she’s the reason that our Tej is fine so it’s good if we give her party.

Meet Ahlawat tells it’s good if they organise a party once Tej gets better. Girl Meet agrees.

Later, Meet Ahlawat tells it’s clear that the goons tried to kidnap Tej for Ransom and there is no connection between your Dad and Tej as both happened on different dates. Girl Meet asks why he added red ink on Dad’s photo? He says he might have done it in his unstable state. Gorl Meet says Tej witnessed the murder but there is no news about that murder in the newspapers.

Hawa Singh thinks Girl Meet won’t find the truth!

Meet Ahlawat asks Girl Meet to forget about it and concentrate on her studies instead.

Ram and Lakhan come to the Ahlawat mansion. Meet Ahlawat asks Tej to teach Ram and Lakhan. Tej agrees. Meet warns to teach them a lesson if they cause any problem to Tej. Girl Meet tells Meet Ahlawat that he’s smart by making Tej a tutor to Ram and Lakhan.

Later, Girl Meet couldn’t concentrate on her studies thinking about Tej and her Dad’s murder connection. Meet Ahlawat calls her on the phone, but she cuts it. Meet Ahlawat sends her a message through ballons and she opens the wardrobe where she receives the bouquet and she follows the instructions and gets more gifts i.e teddy bear and chocolate. Girl Meet says you haven’t known me that much which musr be why you gave me a childish gift.

Meet Ahlawat lifts her telling her he knows her and he gifts her a screwdriver. Girl Meet runs behind him telling him she will tighten his screw! Meet Ahlawat apologises to her and tells her he did so out of excitement. Girl Meet smiles.

Babita and Ragini gets shocked seeing Tej’s reports. Girl Meet comes there and asks if everything is fine? Babita in tears tells Tej can’t become father because of his injuries. Sunaina comes there getting ready and tells them that she and Tej are planning to have a date in the garden. Masoom mocks her. Babita stops her. Sunaina asks what’s happening? Ragini gives her Tej reports. Sunaina feels shattered seeing the reports. Babita tries to comfort her.

Girl Meet asks Sunaina to adopt kids if they want to become parents. Masoom gets angry and says it can’t be our Ahlawat, as we have our own legacy in our blood! Girl Meet says blood has red and white blood cells which one can get through food, and values comes in kids because of their brought up. Babita agrees with Girl Meet and she asks Sunaina to talk with Tej and tells her that they are with her. Sunaina tells she will talk with Tej about adoption.

Amma with list in her hand says to Anubha call the delivery boy and ask him to deliver the packages. Anubha is busy counting the packages. Amma says come fast and take these packages too, if I’m not in the house, then how will the work will done? Anubha says something about Amma. Amma gets up and says you think you will disrespect me and I won’t know? You want to be a businesswoman so concentrate on your business, use your energy there!

Girl Meet walks into the house and says here is your delivery girl and hugs Mom and troubles Dadi. Dadi says don’t trouble me, as your Mom is already troubling me, thank God you are here now, so help your Mom and let me rest.

Girl Meet and Anubha are packing the delivery items. Girl Meet looks at her father’s photo and says to Anubha can I ask you something? Can you tell me what father said to you when he was murdered? Anubha says that day he didn’t meet me, he went directly to his duty. Girl Meet says then when did you see father last time? Anubha says whenever he has night shift, he just comes to meet me for some time and she remembers that she gave him tea. Ashok thanks Anubha and ask her to take care of the house and every family member and leaves.

Anubha in tears says forget this, you should leave or you will get late. Gitl Meet says to herself I’m overthinking things, as there is no connection between father and Tej. Anubha near Ashok photo says to herself you ask me to take care of everyone, but you didn’t see me at all when leaving. Girl Meet walks to Anubha and says that night, Dad took tea utensil from you.

Anubha says no, there were many things that wasn’t discussed, that night, your father’s jeep was outside, I went to give him tea, but your father was not there, it was constable Hawa Singh and I asked him about Ashok. He told me that they are in a rush so you give me this container, we have work to do, he takes it from her hand and leaves.

Anubha gets out of the house and sees Ashok sitting in the car and they leave. Anubha says that night, your father didn’t turn to see and talk to me and she started crying from the recollection. Gorl Meet hugs her. Anubha says that day, he must be having pressure and I heard on wireless that someone was missing. Girl Meet says calm down. Anubha says don’t think of the past, as it will hurt more, she leaves.

Girl Meet says Tej was also missing that same day, I don’t know how, but these two cases are connected, so there is something missing and she leaves for her delivery.

Girl Meet in the market goes to her father’s memorial and remembers talking to Anubha if her father will come to school for gift ceremony, as it’s already too late, so she wouldn’t know if he will come or not. Anubha says he is busy with his night duty but can come home for a visit, but I’m not sure about your ceremony because he will be tired from his work.

Ashok behind them tries to talk to her. Girl Meet says I don’t want to talk to you, I’m angry at you, I know you don’t love me! Ashok says yes, I love my job but I love you more than that and I always keep one thing in consideration, to obey the job of my family which is my promise, my heart work is only for you guys and if one day I’m unable to talk to you, then think this heart stopped working.

Girl Meet at the memorial says that night, father went from outside the house but he didn’t meet, speak about Hawa Singh taking tea, so there is something Hawa Singh knows and he’s trying to hide, I’ll find out about what he is hiding! She calls someone and says I need history of Hawa Singh from 2008 till now, each and every information! She disconnects the call.

Masoom is in her room. Hoshiyar massages her legs. Duggu comes inside and says to Masum, I’m hungry please give something to eat. Masum says first, he comes to ask me what to eat, but today, he asked to cook for him and ask Hoshiyar to cook something for Duggu. Duggu says no, Mom come with me, he always gives me chips, but I need to eat pasta. Masum says wait for 5 minutes, I’ll cook you something in 30 minutes, till that time, I’ll take nap.

Duggu says okay, I’ll ask Aunt Meet or Sunaina to give me something to eat because they both love me a lot and he runs away. Masum cribs about that and gets an idea and says wow! Why didn’t I get this idea earlier? And tells that if Sunaina and Tej should adopt Duggu, so the money will go to Duggu and in the end, everything will come to me! Hoshiyar says we have only one kid and before taking this decision, you should ask me, as I’m his father, but you will ruin everything because of your greed!

Girl Meet get’s a message that Hawa Singh is insecure about his baldness, Tej Ahlawat went missing because of the fight with his wife case ASI Hawa Singh, so he closed the case but why did he say to the media it’s a case of domestic fight? He is hiding something! She setup a pin board in her room and tries to connect all the dots of Tej and her father’s case. She writes the notes and put it on the pin board. She says there is some connection between both the cases with Hawa Singh, she hears someone coming so she turns the pin board.

Meet Ahlawat get inside and looks at her ask what happened, is everything alright? She close the door and says nothing is alright and shows her pin board to him, she tells him what Anubha said about that night. Girl Meet says to him I have a plan, as Hawa Singh closed Tej’s case as fight between husband and wife and I have faith that it will bring the truth out. He says if you think this is true,then tell me what have you planned.

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