Karan and Sonakshi meet a Doctor, who says that she will run a few tests to know about Preeta’s condition.

Rishabh wakes up from sleep due to Sherlyn’s ringing phone and sees that Mehta’s lawyer is calling her. He feels perplexed to learn that Sherlyn is lying about the call.

After returning home, Sonakshi adds something to a glass of milk and gives it to Preeta. Unaware of Sonakshi’s ploy, Karan insists Preeta on drinking the milk.

Sonakshi begins to feel scared after recalling that Preeta’s test report could reveal the truth that Preeta can get pregnant. She talks to herself thinking of a way to stop Preeta from finding out the truth.

Sherlyn arrives there and questions her about her strange behaviour? They get into an argument while discussing what both of them want. Sherlyn thinks about the help that she needs to bail Prithvi out, but she refrains from talking about it. Sonakshi walks away from there and bumps into Karan, and his behaviour angers her.

The next morning, Rishabh discusses buying something online with Kareena and Rakhi. They all notice that Kritika is upset and say nice things to her to make her feel better. Kritika tells Sherlyn that she likes her more than her family members because she does not try to make her feel normal. Kareena and Rishabh suggest Kritika not to worry about the past and ask her to move on.

Rishabh decides to go for a vacation with Kritika to improve her mood. Sherlyn feels good about it, as she would get more time for Prithvi.

Kritika tells everyone that she did not like the way Preeta was scolded. After a while, Rakhi goes to Preeta’s room and apologises to her for scolding her due to Pihu’s injury.

Karan enters the room and makes a revelation to Rishabh about inviting his subordinates informally for a party. Rakhi and Rishabh scold Karan for not informing them well in advance to make preparations for the party.

Later, Preeta makes all the arrangements and looks after the guests. Sherlyn keeps an eye on Sonakshi, who is worried about being exposed.

A courier delivery person arrives home, Sonakshi receives Preeta’s courier on her behalf. The courier delivery person notices Sonakshi’s signature and points that the courier has to be received by Preeta.

Suddenly, Rishabh arrives there and takes the courier from Sonakshi. He keeps looking for Preeta to hand over the courier to her, but fails to stop her due to the guests at the party.

Sonakshi announces a dance programme to distract everyone including Rishabh. Mahesh dances with Rakhi and Rishabh dances with Sherlyn. As soon as Sherlyn leaves Rishabh, Sonakshi takes the opportunity to dance with Rishabh.

Sherlyn stands aside and keeps a close eye on Sonakshi’s movements. She notices Rishabh holding Sonakshi, who has intends to steal the courier from Rishabh. The moment Sonakshi gets the courier, she leaves the dance floor. Suddenly, Sonakshi bumps into Preeta and the courier falls on the floor. Preeta picks it up, but Sonakshi manages to stop her from opening it.

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