Sonakshi rushes to her room to hide the courier in her cupboard and Sherlyn comes following her.

Sonakshi tries to act tough in front of Sherlyn to avoid the confrontation. However, Sherlyn shows her two videos on her phone wherein she is caught plotting against Preeta. At Sherlyn’s behest, Sonakshi agrees to reveal the truth and her true intentions.

Sonakshi confesses that she loves Karan a lot and reveals that the courier can expose her. She shocks Sherlyn by revealing that Preeta is not barren. Sonakshi proudly narrates how she had used her doctor friend to convince everyone that Preeta is barren.

Sonakshi admits that she had fooled the Luthras, she had written Preeta’s future, she madly loves Karan and wants to get him back. Sonakshi tells that she has always loved Karan, she made a mistake that she couldn’t confess her love to him, she planned the marriage drama just to get Karan, she went to invite her Doctor friend and got to know about Preeta’s reports blunder. She then asked her friend to handover the reports to her. She had kept the truth a secret, thinking Karan will leave Preeta if he learns that she can’t conceive.

Sonakshi admits her entire plan in front of Sherlyn.

Sonakshi tells Sherlyn that she had a Doctor friend in Lonavla also, even that Doctor lied to Preeta that she can never conceive, but Kareena surprisingly supported Preeta, she suggested Preeta to adopt a child. She tells that Preeta got Pihu as her daughter. She adds that she has come to the Luthra mansion with a motive, which is  to drug Preeta so that she never conceives! She tells that she was adding the drugs in the milk to stop Preeta from conceiving. She admits that she loves Karan a lot, but Karan loves Preeta. She tells Sherlyn how Karan was panicking when Preeta fainted. She didn’t wish Preeta to know about her actual condition, that she can conceive. Sherlyn asks Sonakshi if Preeta is pregnant? Sonakshi tells that Preeta can never conceive because of the drugs given to her, but the reports state that she is fit and fine to conceive.

Sherlyn is shocked to know how long Sonakshi dragged her lie by her cunning plots, but Sonakshi asks Sherlyn not to go against her, after knowing the entire truth of her conspiracies!

Meanwhile, Preeta asks Rishabh if he had received his courier and then thinks Sonakshi might have her reports. She heads towards Sonakshi’s room.

Sonakshi asks Sherlyn to mind her own business from now! Sherlyn agrees to keep quiet.

Preeta falls down by stepping on the oily floor. Sonakshi goes to help her. Preeta asks her for the reports. Sonakshi tells that Sherlyn had got her reports on the dance floor and gave it to her. Preeta checks the false reports. Sonakshi tells that she was tensed and checked the reports already. She shows her fake concern towards Preeta. Preeta is upset on checking the reports. Sherlyn finds Sonakshi really cunning!

Karan and Rishabh ask Rakhi about the courier? Rakhi tells that she doesn’t know anything. Karan finds the courier with Preeta. He goes to check the reports.

Sonakshi drugs the milk once again. Sherlyn watches her. Sonakshi isn’t affected by Sherlyn. Sherlyn tells that she will always keep an eye on her, she also has a recording of her crimes. She threatens Sonakshi. Sonakshi tells that she can do anything with Preeta. She asks Sherlyn why does she want to stop her, when Preeta is their common enemy? Sherlyn asks her why is she so overconfident? She tells that she may tell the truth to the Luthras. Sonakshi knows that Sherlyn can’t tell anything to them. She threatens Sherlyn about revealing the latter’s truth. She shows the video to show her videography talent. Sherlyn is shocked to see Prithvi and her video.

Sonakshi reminds Sherlyn that the video was shot on the Diwali night, when Sherlyn was feeding the sweets to Prithvi with love. She threatens that she will prove Sherlyn as the villain by showing the videos to the Luthras if Sherlyn dares go against her! Sherlyn gets threatened. Sherlyn agrees to keep silent and not harm Sonakshi’s plans. Sonakshi calls it superb! She goes to Preeta.

Karan asks Preeta if she got the reports? Preeta is much sad. She shows him the reports. He finds the reports okay. She tells that she thought she will get some good news when she heard about the pregnancy test in the tests package. She was hopeful that she can conceive, as she feels normal always. She cries that she lost her hope again.

Karan tells that they have already become parents because of Pihu’s coming in their lives. He doesn’t want anything else. He asks her why is she wishing for a child now. Preeta tells that she was thinking to give a sibling to Pihu. He tells that he can give her enough time to plan that. He cheers up Preeta with his love. He asks her not to worry for little things.

Sonakshi asks Preeta to have the health drink, as she knows that Karan will ask Preeta to drink that for her good health.

Karan makes Preeta finish the milk. Sherlyn thinks Sonakshi is taking Karan’s help against Preeta, she is really clever. Karan wants Sonakshi to leave from their house when she has fully recovered, but Preeta asks him not to say that.

Sherlyn thinks Sonakshi can go to any extent to get her love, even if she has to ruin Preeta’s life. Sherlyn praises Sonakshi as the best lover of Karan! She tells her about Mahira. She calls Sonakshi more smarter than her.

Karan and Preeta share a moment of togetherness. They see the diwali crackers sparkling in the sky and smile. She likes the beautiful sight. He finds Preeta more beautiful than any sight. He tells that her smile is his favourite thing. She calls it a cute gesture. He asks her to stay back with him.

Preeta tells that she wanted to sleep with Pihu in her room, but then Karan comes there too. He tells that he was restless when she wasn’t there in their room. He tells that she makes his day beautiful. He asks her to promise that they will never talk depressing things, they will never talk of pregnancy hopes, they will not give any importance to other matters and stay happy in their life. Preeta promises him. He hugs her with love.

Next day, Karan tells Preeta that he has to go for a meeting after the practice. He adds that Rishabh has more work than him. He also wants some credit share. Rishabh tells that he is proud of Karan’s cricket profession. Karan tells that cricket is his passion.

Sherlyn takes care of Rishabh. She stops him from eating the mushroom sandwich, because he is allergic to mushrooms. She apologizes to Rishabh that she didn’t pay attention before. He thanks her. Karan asks Preeta what happened to Sherlyn that she changed? Preeta tells that Sherlyn is taking care of her husband.

Rishabh doesn’t like the food. Sherlyn tells that she will cook well next time. He tells that he will try to adjust.

Preeta finds Rishabh happy. He tells Preeta that Sherlyn told him that there is nothing between Prithvi and her. Preeta wishes that his trust stays intact. She tells that she is sorry to misunderstand Sherlyn, she can see Sherlyn’s love and concern for him. She is happy to see them together. Rishabh tells that he is also happy now, it’s a good change in his life. They share smiles of happiness, unaware that Sheryn is still cheating them.

Rishabh tells Preeta that Sherlyn is caring a lot about him these days. He thinks of an incident when Sherlyn asked him to switch his place on the bedside to avoid the sunlight and also his headaches. Rishabh feels happy that Sherlyn is turning caring towards him. He recalls that Sherlyn was getting affected by the sunlight, but still she slept facing the window side. He felt her gesture was really sweet.

Preeta tells him that he is hiding his personal moments from others. He tells that Preeta is his family, it’s just that he is liking Sherlyn’s concern. Sherlyn proves to them that she has changed.

Preeta asks Rishabh if love is blooming between them? She tells Rishabh that he was blushing on seeing Sherlyn. He laughs on hearing her. She asks him to share his intense feelings, maybe things will get better if he confesses his love. She tells that if he loves Sherlyn’s love and efforts, then he should appreciate it and encourage it by complimenting her. She wants him to keep his precious moments in his special relation.

Rishabh takes her love advice. She tells that she will tell everyone in the family that he loves Sherlyn, but he is shy to confess. Rishabh asks her not to embarrass him, he will confess his love to Sherlyn. She wishes him all the best. She is glad that love has finally entered his life. She believes that Sherlyn kept her promise, she has really changed. Rishabh thinks life is so beautiful that he fell in love with Sherlyn.

Sherlyn tells the lawyer that she knows everything about Prithvi’s past and the crimes. She asks him to save Prithvi somehow. The Lawyer tells that they have to tell Prithvi’s past to the Judge and gain his sympathy.

Rishabh happily comes to the room to profess his love to Sherlyn. Sherlyn sees Rishabh at the door, and changes her statement. She tells that her family is important to her than Prithvi, he should not come out of the jail! She abruptly disconnects the call.

Rishabh tells Sherlyn that she asked the lawyer to free Prithvi from the jail, but on seeing his shadow, she has changed her statement. He asks her to stop fooling him by her fake tears. He calls it enough! She sheds tears to tell him that she wanted Prithvi in the jail. She tells that he should trust her, because she is his wife. Rishabh tells that a word can change the entire meaning. He tells that he is sorry that he is in stress and heard it wrong. She thinks he is really a big fool to get tricked easily!

Meanwhile, Rishab easily accepts in front of her, just to find out what she’s planning to do. He trusts himself. He knows what he heard was right. He wants to catch her red-handed, so that she has no way to find an excuse. He decides to bring her truth out, and expose her like Prithvi was exposed!

Karan comes back to his room. Preeta asks why did he come so soon? He tells Preeta that he doesn’t want to leave her alone at home. She tells that she knows him well, he forgot his car keys and came to take it. He informs his coach that he will be there on time. Preeta asks him to stay back if he doesn’t want to go. He tells that he will go against his will. She asks him to spend time with her at home. He agrees to spend time and romance her. He tells that he will call the coach and refuse to him.

Preeta stops him. She tells that she was joking to test his love. Karan tells that he will always pass in the love test. She asks him to take the car keys and just go. She sends him for his practice.

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