Sherlyn exclaims the child belonged to Prithvi, she never feels happy while being with him because he always cares about his family and never wants to live a life oh his own, he is not man enough to have her as his wife as he is not that man enough!

Rishab is about to slap her but stops mentioning that she should not think he stopped because he got afraid but he is man enough, as one who is a man tends to take care of those children who do not belong to him but she is not worthy to be his wife, he leaves exclaiming he has had it and leaves.

Preeta is in the room when she receives a call from Karan, he says he is just coming back, Preeta asks why is he talking in such a low voice so karan says that he is talking low because she is doing the same, Preeta explains she is with Pihu so she has to talk in a low voice, Preeta requests him to come as soon as possible because everyone is really worried including Rakhi and even Pihu, she also feels that something really wrong has happened with Rishab jee because he was really worried and he should come to talk with Rishab jee, Karan agrees he will come as soon as possible.

Rishab is standing thinking about how Sherlyn confessed that she doesn’t love him and had an affair with Prithvi, even the child belonged to Prithvi, Rishab thinks it feels the righteous has ended from this world because he had to take care of everything but he doesn’t even feel like living here anymore, he starts screaming in pain.

Sherlyn rushes to Prithvi mentioning she has done something which is really wrong, he assures he will mend everything, but Sherlyn reveals how she has told the entire truth to Rishab, Prithvi at first says she is just joking, Sherlyn reveals she is telling the truth to which Prithvi explains this means she has ruined everything, he planted her in the Luthra house to ruin the family but if she has revealed the truth, then their plan has ended!

Sherlyn mentions even she is a human and her tongue slipped, Prithvi explains that he lost the last hope to ruin the Luthra’s because of her! The Constable coming asks them to talk in a low voice, Sherlyn holding his collar says that she also lost everything because of him as now, the Luthra’s would throw her out of the house after humiliating her, especially that Preeta!

Sherlyn sits down crying when Prithvi exclaims nothing like this would ever happen, she questions how it will not happen when Prithvi explains she should herself leave the Luthra house before they can throw her out, she is stunned when he shouts at her advising that she should leave otherwise she will also ruin him!

Sherlyn reaches the Luthra house, thinking about how Prithvi has asked her to leave the Luthra house by herself before Rishab himself throws her out.

Rishab is walking with his luggage, Preeta running after him tries to question what has happened, even Rakhi and Kareena tries to stop him but he doesn’t listen to anything that even what Dadi tries to say, he walks straight out of the house without even listening to anyone.

Sherlyn standing at the door wonders why did he leave the house? Preeta questions Sherlyn saying she would know why he left the house with the luggage, she explains she asked her to see why he was tensed so she asks her,m what happened? Sherlyn thinks this means that he has not told anyone anything.

Sherlyn also replies he did not say anything to her. Preeta explains he only told her their was a problem in the London office and he has to leave, he seemed tensed but did not reveal anything, he left without even waiting for Karan, Sherlyn leaves exclaiming that she doesn’t know anything.

Kareena and Rakhi both exclaim this cannot be the case as something really serious has happened in his life, Dadi also mentions he might be facing a really big storm.

Sonakshi reveals what if there has really been a serious issue at his London office, so he had to leave?

Sherlyn reaches her room where she sees the wardrobe doesn’t have any of his clothes, she smiles thinking he has really left but what happened because he should have thrown her out of the house but he himself left, she thinks he might have taken her words seriously because her tongue is really a poison, as her words hurt the heart of a person, poor Rishab whose heart was broken that he left the house and did not even see her for a moment, Sherlyn thinks now, she would not have to act like a good daughter-in-law, she exclaims her life is sorted!

Preeta stands behind the door which shocks Sherlyn, Preeta explains she doesn’t seem sad like a wife whose husband has left the house? Sherlyn questions if Preeta has also become a psychiatrist as she is wrong, she is really sad with what has happened, Preeta asks her to make all the excuses because she is sure something happened between them both otherwise, what would be the reason Rishab jee left the house in such a mood without even waiting for Karan, she will wait for him to arrive after which she will ask him to talk with Rishab jee and if they find out she has done anything wrong, then she will make sure she is removed from their lives!

Sherlyn explains she knows it is hard for Preeta to trust her after what happened with them in the past but she has surely changed and now feels like she has really started to love Rishab but was not able to get it, she has not done anything wrong, Preeta leaves when Sherlyn in anger exclaims why does Preeta keep coming after her because she feels irritated so someone should come to throw her out of the Luthra Mansion!

Dadi sitting with Rakhi asks her to not worry, as everything will be sorted, she must believe in Bhagwan (idol), Rakhi replies she also trusts her son as he doesn’t do anything without telling them so how did he leave the house, this time he just left after taking his bag after making an excuse that he has some office work but she feels there is something wrong that he left this house like this, she doesn’t know what might have happened, she is really worried for her son.

Kareena asks Sonakshi what happened, she exclaims Rakhi really loves Rishab which can be seen in her eyes but she cannot reveal her love, Dadi replies they know she really loves Pihu but cannot reveal she is her real mother and should know she can shower all her love as they will not stop her.

Rakhi ask why is she still crying, Sonakshi apologizes saying Rakhi might not like what she might say but Kareena will realize it, Dadi asks her to say it clearly, Sonakshi explains Pihu is really young and needs the love of a mother, she cannot reveal her truth but feels Preeta is not able to give her undivided attention to Pihu even after being her mother, she feels Preeta is so preoccupied with the household chores that she is not able to shower her love, they have seen what happened the night of Diwali and also today, when she woke up after the thunder, she feels Preeta really needs to take care of Pihu as she needs her the most and they should try to understand her worry as Preeta is not showing her attention.

Kareena sees Preeta coming so stops her saying that she should focus on taking care of Pihu if she has some spare time, Preeta asks if something has happened? Dadi questions if she would do anything after something happened? Kareena warns Preeta to not worry about anyone else as they will take care of everything but if she cannot manage then should inform Sonakshi because she is the real mother of Pihu!

Rakhi asks what is she saying but Kareena stops her saying she will not say anything! Dadi advises Kareena to go and take care of Kritika as she is her first duty while Rakhi should also go and be with Mahesh as he might get tensed after coming to know about Rishab.

Dadi standing explains she knows Preeta is a really nice girl who gives everyone her attention but she doesnot care about herself, from now on, she will take care of herself as that time would be of Pihu, Preeta asks Sonakshi if anything happened however, she leaves saying she doesn’t know anything.

Preeta sees Karan coming so she hugs him, he asks what has happened when she replies she is worried about Rishab, he asks her to not be tensed since he is a matured guy and went to London because of some important meeting, Karan explains he talked with him and Preeta must not worry.

Sonakshi thinks she for the first time has made a right decision because everyone believed her, soon she will be in the place of Preeta!

Sherlyn goes to meet Prithvi, he apologizes saying he yelled at her without any reason because he knows she has done a lot for him as she got married to his enemy just for his sake, he asks her to hit him as he is feeling sorry, Sherlyn exclaims she wants to say something but Prithvi mentions he knows about her mother who always scolds her and her boyfriend who has taken her for granted, Prithvi asks if even her mother has thrown her out of the house.

Sherlyn explains she is still the daughter-in-law at the Luthra house because Rishab Luthra himself left the Luthra Mansion, Prithvi asks how did she manage to do it, Sherlyn explains it was because of her tongue as she said awful things to him even exclaiming he is not man enough, and the best part is that no one knows about their secret.

Prithvi asks if she knows when Mahira ruined her life and she had asked him to take revenge and even had her thrown out of the house but now, she must avenge him from the person whom had gotten him locked up in this jail, meaning Preeta! Sherlyn gets mad.

Prithvi makes Sherlyn swear that she will take his revenge, she will make sure Preeta is thrown out of the house and not just that, but also from the hearts of each and every family member! Sherlyn exclaims she would have done this even if he had not said anything, she would make sure Preeta is thrown out of everyone’s life, she exclaims her love for him and he also does the same, Prithvi looks on in anger.

Rakhi comes, Kareena and Dadi both ask if Mahesh is fine and did she tell the truth? Rakhi replies that she told him the truth by explaining that Rishab has left for his business, Dadi asks if she has revealed the truth? Rakhi replies the truth be told, she did not have the courage to lie to him so when he left to attend the bathroom, she revealed everything standing on the other side of the door, she feels it is right that he got to know the truth.

Preeta comes with the tea, they all sit down when Rakhi explains that her advice worked and she told Mahesh, Preeta replies it’s because she knew if he found out by himself, then he would get really tensed and either way, Rishab jee texted Karan, and they were just over thinking as nothing happened.

Pihu comes asking Preeta if they can leave? Rakhi hugging her exclaims that she is looking really pretty so where is she going? Dadi calling her applies the tika, when she also asks her to apply it to Pihu however Kareena mentions that she will do it for her, they ask where is she going when Preeta explains that she is going to her friend’s birthday party.

Preeta explains she is also going with her and will come back after dropping her off, and when the party ends, Disha’s mother will call her so she will go to pick her.

Kareena advises Preeta to go with the Driver, Rakhi exclaims that this little girl has completely changed the environment of the house.

Sonakshi standing in the balcony thinks she would have to do something big today because she has the same relationship even after being scolded. She cannot also trust Sherlyn with anything!

Preeta reaches the venue with Pihu so asks her to come out, she hands her the gift, Pihu asks if she can keep it however Preeta replies it is for her friend.

Disha’s mother comes out explaining she was waiting for her, Preeta requests her to take good care of Pihu since this is the first time she is going to any party and she must not let her go outside until she arrives, she assures Preeta that Pihu would be fine, they leave to go inside when Preeta calls Pihu to hug her, Disha’s mother assures her nothing wrong will happen as Pihu will be fine, they both then go inside after Pihu waves good bye to Preeta.

Dadi is massaging her knee as she is really suffering with pain, Preeta asks if it is aching? Dadi assures that it will be fine however Preeta questions why is she not doing her therapy as this is why it is hurting then she advises her to not take any medicine, but also wait for her while she will bring the hot water bag which will help her.

Preeta leaves when Sonakshi sees Preeta’s mobile and then picking it up, she leaves mentioning that now this will help her achieve her plan because when Pihu would not be brought back early, she will call the house crying, Sonakshi takes Preeta’s mobile to her room answering the call of Roma who asks her to come and pick Pihu within half an hour as the party has ended.

Sonakshi exclaims the technology is for the good use, but people like her use it for their own benefit! She blocks Roma’s contact from Preeta’s mobile while saving her own (Sonakshi) contact as Roma and then texts her that the party has ended, but the children are enjoying so she can come after one hour.

Sherlyn seeing her asks what is she doing with Preeta’s mobile, however before Sonakshi could reply her, Kareena calls Sherlyn, Sonakshi seeing her immediately leaves.

Karina asks Sherlyn where did she go as they were searching for her? Sherlyn replies she went to talk with a friend of Rishab jee, as she doesn’t know why he left, Kareena exclaims

she really cares for Rishab while he left without saying anything, she requests Sherlyn to stay with her for sometime as she is feeling really tensed.

Sonakshi places the mobile in the room when she turns to leave however, she is stopped by Dadi who questions what is she doing here? Sonakshi says she was going to the kitchen so can she bring the juice for her however Dadi replies she is fine, she then leaves,

Preeta brings the hot water bag asking Dadi to massage her knee, Dadi however says that she can do it herself, Preeta replies she will come and check within fifteen minutes, Preeta thinks she can therefore go to give the medicine to Mahesh papa, Dadi agrees.

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