Everyone is in the hall. Raj says to Girl Meet, it’s a perfect plan, everyone would love the party because from last few days, everything was so hectic. Girl Meet says but we won’t call any high society personality. Meet Ahlawat says to Raj, Girl Meet believes that we will call the people that helped to save Tej like the Police, Doctor, etc.

Anubha says this is great, it’s the best way to thank everyone. Ram says you are right, this is the best, you always think different. Girl Meet says so we were thinking to give invite to everyone personally. Ram says it’s an era of digital connection so why are you going to invite them in person? Girl Meet says because we want to make sure everyone comes to the party and make it successful.

Hawa Singh is out getting his head shaved. Both Meet comes to him with invitation. Hawa Singh gets up and ask who is this? He looks at them and ask them to sit and says tell me, how why are you here? Girl Meet says I came here to help you, to give you permanent solution for your baldness, my husband was bald earlier, and now, look at him, how great his hair is now. Hawa Singh looks at his hair and says it’s good.

Girl Meet says forget this, I came here to invite you for a party, because of you, Tej is safe at home and it’s all because of you he is safe at home. Hawa Singh says no, I did not do anything but how will I come to the party, as it will be difficult for me because of my job.

Girl Meet says you have to come, on one side, you call me your daughter and now, you are saying no to me? She says after father’s death, it’s you who is the family for us, I’m telling you, you have to come to the party or else I’ll not talk to you! Hawa Singh says okay I’ll come. Meet Ahlawat gives him the invitation and they both leave.

Girl Meet shows anger. Meet Ahlawat says try to calm down. Girl Meet says I have a feeling that he is hiding something, see, he will tell the truth at the party!

Girl Meet lights the oil lamp and prays that today is a big day, you know my reason for this, please help me find the truth on how Tej and Papa are connected. Meet Ahlawat walks to Girl Meet and says come with me, I have something for you.

Meet Ahlawat sees Ram and Lakhan studying with Tej. Ram and Lakhan start arguing. Girl Meet says its so much fun. Meet Ahlawat says it’s fun to study with him, look at these two studying with him, Girl Meet says you made me happy, Meet Ahlawat says now its your turn. Girl Meet says shut up and are all the arrangements managed? Meet Ahlawat says yes.

Masum sees Sunaina with a poor kid, and Masum serving him and falls off the bed in dream.

Hoshiyar and Duggu wake up and get scared. Masum asks them to sleep and says if Sunaina brings a child in, then my son will have nothing, I have to do something!

At the party, Girl Meet waiting says when will this Hawa Singh come? Meet Ahlawat says let me call him. Hawa Singh says my car broke down. Girl Meet says he has to come and takes the call and says such a little problem, I am sending a car to pick you up, Hawa Singh says no, I have lot of other works too. Girl Meet says okay but Deep is here, I told you, he used some Japanese techniques to grow hair on my husband’s head and he carries extra with him and he is leaving for 3 months so anyways, will see you some other day. Hawa Singh says I am coming, as you have invited me with so much love.

Girl Meet calls Deep and asks does he know what to do? Deep says yes.

Raj puts flower on Babita’s hair. Babita blushes. Duggu rushes in scared.

Hoshiyar walks in dressed as a Doctor, Duggu points at him, Isha asks what is this? Hoshiyar says my mother always wanted to see me as a Doctor so I thought today I will fullfill her wish. Ragini says okay, where is Masum? Duggu says she isn’t feeling well, Masum walks in coughing and says I am actually not feeling well. Babita says we have lot of Doctor friend’s so lets get checked. Masum says actually, I am pregnant. All are very happy. Hoshiyar confused says can I talk to my wife and says when did this happen? Masum pinches him. Hoshiyar says yes yes.

Everyone congratulates Masum. Duggu says now, I will be a big brother. Masum says we didn’t plan this, but looks like God gave me this opportunity to fix things and Sunaina, I have done so many wrong things with you, and so I want to give Duggu to Sunaina, if she wants to adopt him, will you be my Duggu’s Parents? Sunaina says you are so big hearted we are so happy. Hoshiyar is sad. Tej says I can’t thank you enough Masum. Sunaina hugs Duggu.

Meet Ahlawat says to Gorl Meet, it’s late already, and he’s still not here yet. Hawa Singh walks in, Girl Meet says come, meet my family. Ram and Hawa Singh share a look. Ram greets Hawa Singh, Hawa Singh sees Tej.

Tej walks to Hawa Singh and greets him and says you helped me a lot, thank you so much and hugs him. Hawa Singh says just stay like this, it’s good for everyone. Girl Meet asks meaning? Hawa Singh says he is fine and that’s happiness.

Raj says happy to have you please have fun. Hawa Singh says sure.

Hawa Singh asks both Meet where is your friend? Meet Ahlawat says come with me.
Meet Ahlawat introduces Deep to Hawa Singh and leaves. Deep says don’t worry, even I was bald, tried so many things but zero result, then I went to Japan and got an oil, I can manage it for you.

Both Meet Ahlawat starts talking loudly purposely and says we should flush all the old memories of Tej when he was missing, and in his bag, I found a chip too. Meet Ahlawat says Tej took some photographs when he went missing, so may be the chip is on the camera. Meet says okay, so we can see what he snapped, let’s check it after the party, Hawa Singh hears that and panics.

Girl Meet says I have kept his things in the store, we will see it later. Hawa Singh says to Deep, we will discuss later and thinks he has to find the chip!

Girl Meet thanks everyone who helped with Tej’s recovery and she asks where is Tej? Tej comes there and takes Mike from her then he thanks everyone to be with him in the tough times. They celebrate singing the song.

Hawa Singh rushes upstairs seeing everyone is busy at the party.

Girl Meet signals at Meet Ahlawat that Hawa Singh is going upstairs, then they follow him. Hawa Singh goes to Meet’s room. Girl Meet thinks she left the board in the room and she meets him and asks what’s he doing here? Hawa Singh tells he came to use the washroom. Meet Ahlawat turns the board. Girl Meet tells him the way of the washroom.

Hawa Singh sees the board and asks what’s it? Girl Meet tells him it’s a way of her study. Hawa Singh asks her to concentrate on household works and leaves to the Storeroom.

Hawa Singh finds the bag Girl Meet mentioned. He burns the chip. Girl Meet tells Meet Ahlawat that he is definitely hiding the truth which is related to Dad and Tej! She wants to confront him, but Meet Ahlawat stops her.

Hawa Singh on the call tells someone that he destroyed all the proofs and Tej doesn’t remember anything even after seeing me and four years before we killed Ashok Hoodah, and no one will find out that Ashok Hoodah was murdered! Girl Meet gets shocked and she’s about to falls down but Meet Ahlawat supports her. Hawa Singh assures the person on call that he won’t make anyone reach him! Meet Ahlawat takes Girl Meet from there before Hawa Singh caught them.

Girl Meet cries badly recalling her moments with her Dad. Meet Ahlawat feels bad for her.

Hawa Singh tells Raj that he has to leave and asks them for Girl Meet. Raj calls Meet Alhawat on phone.

Girl Meet tells Meet Ahlawat that I thought Dad became a martyr in the line of duty, but he was murdered. Meet Ahlawat attends to the call. Raj calls them to downstairs informing them that Hawa Singh wants to meet Girl Meet before leaving.

Meet Ahlawat tries to comfort her but she’s still struck in shock. He pours water on her. She hugs him. Meet Ahlawat asks her to hide her pain until you punish the culprit and you’re the daughter of Ashok Hoodah, so you have to win this battle with your strength. Girl Meet says injustice happened with Dad but I wasn’t aware of it. Meet Ahlawat says you were not aware of it, but now, you have traced it after 4 years following your heart and it’s the time to expose the real culprit and I’m with you to find the culprit and he makes her wear her Dad’s locket and asks her to remember that she has to punish the culprit and stand in front of Hawa Singh like you don’t know anything, then only then can we reach to the real culprit.

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