Both Meet comes downstairs. Hawa Singh tells Girl Meet that she is like a daughter to him and asks her to take his gift. Girl Meet gets angry.

Meet Ahlawat makes Girl Meet accept the gift. Girl Meet sees that cloth and remembers her Dad’s blood. She puts that cloth on his neck which shocks everyone.

Girl Meet imagines that she is beating Hawa Singh for killing her Dad. Her imagination breaks when Hawa Singh leaves by giving his blessing to her.

Girl Meet goes to the room and throws the scarf then she cleans her hands with water and wipes her hands harshly. Meet Ahlawat stops her. She says I’m angry at myself for taking the blessings from the murderer of my father and don’t know how Dad felt seeing me. Meet Ahlawat says your Dad will be proud of you and you didn’t do any wrong to reduce his respect and he asks her to come with him. She refused but he insists on her. She hugs him. He asks her to stay strong telling her it’s a big war and she can’t become weak until she wins it.

Hoshiyar sees Duggu is holding his feet and asks him what happened? Duggu tells him that he will become a good boy. Hoshiyar says you’re already a good boy so no need to become an extra good boy. Duggu asks why they are punishing him by changing his Parents? Hoshiyar tells him Tej and Sunaina will take good care of him. Duggu hugs him in tears and tells him that he doesn’t want to change his Parents. Hoshiyar says your Mom can’t see anything when it’s a matter of money and I can’t tell anything in front of her.

Meet Ahlawat brings Meet to shabadh where he tells her that you always fought against injustice and your Dad gave this quality to you and never forget that you’re his shadow and be brings her near Ashok smarak wall and he asks her to take the promise that you will become like your Dad and they can kill your dad but they can’t kill his aspirations and dreams and don’t tolerate any crime like your Dad and if anyone does mistake then make them get punished!

Girl Meet recalls her Dad words that tolerating mistakes is also wrong.

Meet Ahlawat gives her scarf and asks her to punish people who murdered her Dad. Girl Meet says you’re correct. Girl Meet says this is not a scarf but a grave clothes. She ties that cloth to her head and she promises her Dad to get to the people who murdered her father and I will make them get jailed and I will not tolerate the crime nor let the crime happen and I will raise my voice against the wrong and she promises to make the people who murdered her Dad get punished! Meet Ahlawat feels happy.

Raj asks where are the love birds? Ragini says they might have gone on a long drive date. Raj takes Babita with him on a long drive. Ram and Ragini goes with Isha.

Masoom asks Sunaina to make Duggu sleep in their room. Hoshiyar tries to stop her telling her he will send him after 2 days. Sunaina understands him and asks him to send Duggu from tomorrow onwards. Masoom gets angry at him.

Girl Meet thanks Meet Alhawat his support. Meet Alhawat says I didn’t do anything and only reminded you that you’re an ustaad and a strong girl.

Girl Meet prepares him tea at the stall and says our relationship started just now but because of my promise, my path is going to be tough, hope it doesn’t affect our relationship and I want you to get all the happiness, but I don’t know whether I can give you or not. Meet Ahlawat tells her that she’s his happiness and he promises himself to give all the happiness to Girl Meet. They drink tea.

Next day, Girl Meet promises her Dad that she will find the Culprits! Meet Ahlawat makes her eat breakfast and asks from where she will start her inquiry? Girl Meet tells him she will check the last file of the case her Dad handled to reach the Culprits.

Duggu feels excited seeing an electric car and he drives the car happily. Masoom asks if he likes the gift? Duggu tells he loves it.

Girl Meet comes there and asks if he is enjoying it? Duggu tells her Mom gifted him. Girl Meet goes aside to answer a call.

Masoom asks Duggu to thank his new Mom Sunaina, as she has brought it for him. Sunaina brings more gifts to him.

Girl Meet asks Meet Ahlawat to get the gifts. Ram overhears her and thinks about which documents she is referring to?

Duggu kicks the car. Masoom asks why he behaved in this way? Duggu leaves to his room. Girl Meet asks what happened to him? Masoom says he is just angry and I will make him agree, so leave to Shabad. Girl Meet leaves. Masoom thinks to convince Duggu.

Amma Ji and Anubha happily talk with the Dealers about the products. Girl Meet notices their happiness and thinks to not spoil their mood until she finds out the real Culprit. Girl Meet goes inside and happily meets her Dadi and Mom. She asks if the parcels are ready? Anubha tells her everything is ready.

Girl Meet checks her Dad’s files and notices the Documents are missing. Anubha asks what’s she searching for? Girl Meet asks where are her Dad’s documents? Anubha tells her Hawa Singh took all the documents with him after your Dad’s death. Girl Meet looks on.

Ram asks Meet Ahlawat to tell him the features of his new phone. Meet Ahlawat tells him about the face lock app on the phone. Ram asks if he and Girl Meet are fine? Meet Ahlawat thinks he can’t share with anyone about Girl Meet’s matter and tells him that Girl Meet is stressed about her studies and Mom’s business and he leaves giving his phone. Ram says I know you’re lying as I’m your Uncle.

Girl Meet returns to her Parent’s home finishing her deliveries. Ram and Lakhan come there. Girl Meet asks if they didn’t attend the class? They tell her they attended it and return quickly as Tej dropped them.

Tej comes there. Girl Meet asks if he drove the car? Tej agrees. Girl Meet calls Meet Ahlawat and tells him that Tej drove the car to drop Ram and Lakhan. Girl Meet asks Tej to clean his hands to eat. Tej tells her he will wash with a Hand pump. Girl Meet tells Meet Ahlawat that his idea is benefiting Tej, Ram and Lakhan.

Tej sees Ashok Hoodah’s photo and asks Meet who’s he? Girl Meet tells him he is her Dad. Anubha asks him to have snacks. Tej eats with Ram and Lakhan. Anubha asks Meet to tell Tej to not drive a car this much quickly as he is just recovering and your dad can never drive whenever he’s tensed.

Girl Meet asks who was driving the car the last time she saw her Dad? Anubha says Mohan was in the Driver’s seat. Girl Meet says he loves your food and where is he now? Anubha says he is transferred to a new place.

Girl Meet meets Meet Alhawat and tells him that Hawa Singh destroyed all the documents, but we have to meet Uncle Mohan to find out what happened to Dad. Meet Ahlawat asks how they’ll know where he was transferred to? Girl Meet says she has to get the details from the Police record room by stealing it. Meet Ahlawat gets shocked and asks how she could think of taking this risk?

Girl Meet tells him it’s needed and I’ve decided to steal that file to reach Mohan! Meet Ahlawat says he won’t support her in this plan, as he can’t risk her life. Girl Meet reminds him of his promise of supporting her.

Meet Ahlawat asks Girl Meet to steal the toffy from the shop to make him agree to her plan, only if she’s successful at it. Girl Meet agrees. Meet Ahlawat says here, keep this 5rs and go there. Girl Meet starts walking and says tp herself that I’m feeling scared.

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