Preeta is walking when Sonakshi wonders why is she not checking her mobile? Preeta entering the room asks Mahesh if he has taken his medicine however he replies he has not because they fell down and before he could pick them up Pihu came, he then started playing with her so she left the room, meanwhile Ganesh threw them in the bin, Preeta questions why is he not careful but then suggests that she will bring them on her way back after picking up Pihu from the party.

Mahesh goes to attend the bathroom when Preeta sees the message, she thinks of first bringing the medicine.

Sonakshi standing in the hall thinks now her plan would be fulfilled! Roma is with the children and seeing them off as their Parents comes to pick them up.

Pihu sees Preeta’s car but Roma doesn’t let her go, Sonakshi calls her as Preeta asking Roma to let Pihu come as she will take her.

Pihu is running towards the car but before she can reach the car, some people take Pihu in a van, this really worries Sonakshi.

Mahesh sitting with everyone exclaims this is not right, as both Rishab and Karan are his son, they should have at least discussed the matter with him, but Dadi explains he is thinking too much however Kareena also defends her brother mentioning she also believe she is saying the truth.

Rakhi comes with the tea when Preeta stops him, he asks why can’t he have the tea? She exclaims he can have it but must take the medicine. Mahesh mentions she is a daughter for him so he no longer needs his son, Kareena in frustration asks him to never talk like this as Preeta is his daughter-in-law!

Mahesh however replies he had considered her as his daughter even before her marriage, Preeta once again asks him to have the medicine, he requests her to not scold him in front of everyone, but Preeta replies who else is here because they are all a family, he is sitting with his mother, sister and wife, she forces him to have the medicine while Dadi is smiling.

Sonakshi enters the house and seems really worried, Karan also comes, Mahesh says that he will talk with him after some time.

Karan asks where is Pihu? Preeta replies she has gone to Disha’s party. Karan exclaims that it has ended however Preeta says that she will show him Roma’s message which worries Sonakshi, she thinks she has made the biggest mistake of her life as Pihu got kidnapped!

A gangster is waiting for his friend to arrive, Vicky enters greeting them all, he then sits  in front of the computer explaining he will do something that will make sure that their voice is not revealed and also that no one would be able to find them! He wonders where is the girl when their women accomplice brings Pihu mentioning she is still unconscious, he asks Vicky to shoot her which worries everyone, he then reveals he meant take her photos.

Preeta assures she saw the text and will read it to them, Karan mentions she might have made a mistake however Preeta is sure she saw it.

Sonakshi thinks she has deleted the message and sent a new one which reads that Preeta should come on time, since she opened it, then Preeta cannot find it.

Preeta shows the message to Karan. He asks her to read it again, Roma had called Preeta home to pick Pihu. Preeta tells that she read some other message and didn’t get to see this. She adds that she will call Roma and ask her.

Karan wants her to clear the confusion. Sonakshi tells him that Roma would have left Pihu outside the house. She shows her concern towards Pihu and also makes Kareena and Dadi angry at Preeta. Preeta calls Roma to ask for Pihu. Sonakshi is tensed. She gets Preeta’s call on her phone. She manages to end the call.

Mahesh questions what is the problem as she should call her once again.

Karan tells that he will call Roma. He calls Roma on the right number. Roma asks Karan if Pihu came home? Preeta tells that she didn’t come to pick Pihu, so how can she come home? Sonakshi tells that she is Pihu’s mom!

Preeta asks Roma how did she let Pihu go out? Roma tells that Preeta had come to take Pihu. Preeta tells that she didn’t come to pick Pihu. She worries for Pihu. She shockingly gets a call from the Kidnapper. She tells that she was finding Pihu. She asks if Pihu has gone with them by mistake?

The Kidnapper asks her to give the phone to Karan. He just wants to talk to Karan. Karan takes the phone. He asks for Pihu. The Kidnapper tells that Pihu is safe and sound. Karan asks the address. The Kidnapper tells that he is sending Pihu’s picture, it’s a rule of his business. Karan asks who is he?

Preeta checks the envelope and finds the pictures of kidnapped Pihu. Karan yells at the man and asks him to return Pihu to them! Preeta shouts for Pihu. The family is shocked to see the pictures. Preeta shows the pictures to Karan. Karan rebukes the man for his crime! The Kidnapper tells that he will call again to tell the ransom amount. He threatens that he will get Pihu killed!

Preeta cries a lot for Pihu. Karan tells the family about Pihu’s kidnapping. He asks Preeta to relax. He promises that he will get Pihu back.

Kareena tells that Preeta is responsible for Pihu’s kidnapping! Dadi asks why didn’t she go on time?? Sonakshi also cries for Pihu. Rakhi tells that this would have not happened if Preeta went on time. Mahesh asks them to not blame Preeta.

Preeta asks Karan not to involve the Police and just get Pihu home. Karan tells that he will call his friend Vinod.

Sonakshi also blames Preeta. Karan shouts and asks Sonakshi to shut up! Kareena asks Karan to bring Pihu back some way.

Karan contacts Vinod and informs about Pihu’s kidnapping. He asks Vinod to come home. Vinod assures that he will bring Pihu home.

Sameer arrives home. He learns about Pihu’s kidnapping. Karan consoles Preeta and hugs her.

Sonakshi cries and runs to her room. Sherlyn goes to shoulder her. She tells that everything will get fine. Sonakshi shouts aloud that her daughter got kidnapped and anything can happen! Sherlyn slaps her. She tells that she knows Sonakshi is responsible for Pihu’s kidnapping! She adds that Preeta couldn’t go to pick Pihu on time because of Sonakshi. She doesn’t think Sonakshi is Pihu’s mum. She tells that the Luthras will throw out Sonakshi for the disgusting game! Sonakshi asks her not to tell anything to the Luthras.

Sherlyn compliments Sonakshi for her mean cunning mind! She tells that she hates Pihu, because she is attached to Rishabh. She tells that she doesn’t care for anyone, but she cares for Preeta’s enemies. She assures that she will support Sonakshi. She is glad that Preeta will lose her good mother tag. She tells that she also has a soft corner for Pihu. She wants Pihu to come back home.

Sonakshi calls Sherlyn equally cunning. She tells Sherlyn that her Dad is calling her, so she has to go and meet him.

Shrishti gets Sameer’s call. He calls her home urgently. She rushes to meet him.

Preeta asks Karan why didn’t Vinod come? Vinod and his team come to meet Karan and Preeta. Preeta tells Vinod about the kidnapping case. Vinod tells that he can easily solve this case. Vinod explains Karan the procedure for tracking the kidnapping. He asks Karan to get ready, the media can come anytime to question him.

Sonakshi meets the kidnappers. She finds Pihu there. She slaps the kidnapper. He finds her in disguise.

Vinod asks the family to pray to God, and tell him if they know about the kidnapping? Vinod gets Roma’s address. He asks his team to check the CCTV footages of the nearby shops. Rakhi faints in tension. The family rushes to her aid.

Sonakshi scolds the kidnapper Rajiv for calling her just to feed Pihu! He asks her not to slap him next time! She asks Simmi to feed chocolates to Pihu. She asks the kidnappers’ team if they are sure that they won’t be tracked? She decides to call them and ask for a ransom to show the kidnap as a real one.

Preeta takes care of Rakhi. The family cries for Pihu. Sherlyn also blames Preeta for putting Pihu in a big problem! She tells that nothing will help them if Preeta accepts her mistake and cries.

Mahesh asks her to calm down, but Sherlyn tells that she lost her unborn baby and felt attached with Pihu. She expresses that she is also much hurt that Pihu got kidnapped, which is all because of Preeta, who didn’t take good care of Pihu! She accuses Preeta and tells that they will handle each other once Pihu comes back home. She regrets that Preeta couldn’t become a good mother.

Dadi and Kareena agree with Sherlyn. Kareena tells that she told this a lot of times before, but nobody believed her!

Mahesh defends Preeta. He asks Sherlyn how can she accuse Preeta? Dadi tells that Sherlyn is right. Kareena tells that Preeta should have focussed on Pihu! Mahesh tells that Preeta is Pihu’s mum. Sherlyn makes them fight. She wants to find out where Sonakshi went to. She thinks Sonakshi will definitely take her Dad’s help and try to track down Pihu.

Preeta breaks down and thinks of little Pihu. Preeta really feels she has been careless. She runs when she hears the phone ringing.

Vinod asks Karan to be careful and drag the conversation for the call to get tracked. Preeta takes up Sonakshi’s call. Sonakshi demands a ransom. She tells that they kidnap kids whose mothers are careless! Preeta tells that no mother can be bad. She begs the kidnappers to leave Pihu. Sonakshi asks them to answer the call soon next time!

Preeta asks her to return their daughter. Sonakshi demands 20 millions. Vinod’s team tries to track the call. Sonakshi tells them to arrange the money and wait for her next call. Preeta asks Karan to give the money and get Pihu home.

Vinod stops Karan from losing all hope when they couldn’t track her call. Karan then goes out to arrange the money.

Sonakshi is super shocked to see Sherlyn at her hideout.

Vinod asks Karan not to give the money to the kidnappers. He tells that it’s not a real kidnapping. He mentions that it’s a case of personal kidnapping. He tells that the kidnapper has asked him for just 20 millions despite his whole plenty net worth known to everyone on net of which she couldhave asked for more if it was real kidnapping.

Vinod says the lady who called them is very clever, maybe Karan knows her already, she is his personal enemy, she will take the money and may kill Pihu. He adds that the lady is crazy and hacked their systems, so they couldn’t track her call. He asks Karan not to take risk. Karan tells that he will take the risk and go to save his daughter!

Preeta enters the passenger seat and tells that she will also go with Karan. Vinod wants Karan to understand, the kidnapper lady will harm Pihu. He finds a solution for the mess and thinks he’ll have to go for it now.

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