The Inspector tells that Vicky is dead. Karan asks the Inspector why did he come uncalled? He tells that he could have reached Pihu? He asks who has asked the Police to help? The Inspector tells that Vinod called him. Karan rages at the Police. He rushes home to confront Vinod.

The Inspector informs Vinod that Karan didn’t get Pihu. He apologizes that everything went wrong. He narrates the entire incident. Shrishti overhears Vinod’s conversation. She asks Vinod why did he go against Karan’s orders? Vinod tells that he can’t follow the Kidnappers’ instructions.

The media reaches the Luthra mansion and reveals the news of Pihu’s kidnapping. They ask Vinod to update them about the case. Vinod tells that they are searching for Pihu.

Preeta wants to know who is dressed in the burqa. She can’t see Sonakshi’s face. Sonakshi reaches the hideout. Preeta follows her there and goes inside to find Pihu.

Karan reaches home in rage. He avoids the media. He vents out his anger on Vinod. He slaps Vinod and calls his move a big mistake! He tells that he was trying to get Pihu back, Vinod didn’t need to involve the Police!

Mahesh calms down Karan. Karan yells at Vinod and blames him for putting Pihu in danger! The Luthras cry for Pihu, and they aren’t aware of Preeta’s secret task to rescue Pihu.

Karan accuses Vinod for sending the Police. Vinod asks him to calm down. He asks Karan to recall if Vicky knew the address or not? Karan tells that Vicky didn’t tell any address, he pointed the gun at him and would have killed him, so the Police shot Vicky. He tells that Vicky is dead.

Sonakshi gives the shocking news of Vicky’s death to Rajiv. Rajiv cries knowing his brother died because of Karan Luthra. He swears revenge! He tells Sonakshi that she isn’t his boss now, because she didn’t even get any money for them. He wants to demand double money and not give Pihu to Karan. He tells that Karan will have to pay a big price now!

Preeta happens to see them from afar.

Sonakshi asks the goon to give Pihu back. She didn’t think that her plan will get ruined this way. She wished that she didn’t get linked to the kidnappers.

Karan tells that Vicky didn’t know the address, he just wanted the money, something else was going on there. He gets Rajiv’s call. Rajiv threatens him. He asks why did Karan involve the Police?? Karan asks about the address of his daughter?Rajiv asks him to give 40 millions for his daughter. He tells that he will get the money and then return Pihu, the kidnapping rules will be of him!

Karan agrees to his rules. Rajiv tells that he can’t meet his brother now, maybe Karan won’t be able to see Pihu again. He threatens about Pihu. Rajiv tells that he will meet him at the same place after an hour!

Preeta thinks to meet Pihu and rescue her.

Rajiv asks Karan to just come with money and take his daughter!

Vinod asks Karan not to take a big risk. He tells that the Kidnapper is getting all the information from their house, which means someone from the family is passing the information outside. He clearly mentions that the kidnappers will not necessarily spare Pihu, they can take revenge and harm Pihu to take Vicky’s revenge. He tells that Pihu is safe until the kidnappers get the money. He asks Karan to understand.

Mahesh asks Karan to follow Vinod’s advice. Karan recalls Rajiv’s words. Karan goes to the media. He tells about Pihu’s kidnapping. He tells that he couldn’t save his daughter, but he promised to bring her home. He asks the media to help him.

Rajiv watches him on the news. He tells that he will not spare Karan! He gets revengeful against Karan. He tells that Karan will lose Pihu forever if he doesn’t give the money! Sonakshi gets worried seeing his fear.

Karan requests the media to stop troubling his family and give them some privacy. He tells that he will be the first one to give them the good news when Pihu comes back.

Sonakshi lectures Rajiv. She tells that he can’t hurt her daughter. She asks him to stop crying for Vicky. She tells that she can give him money. She asks him to return Pihu to Karan, then his anger will end, she will rescue Pihu and get the tag of a great mother. Rajiv doesn’t want to let her go. She tells that they all will get caught if they stay so adamant, they will fall into danger, they will fall in danger.

Preeta doesn’t hear the conversation when Sonakshi admits her crime. Sonakshi asks him to prepare to meet Karan.

Vinod asks Karan why did he answer the media? Karan tells that he had to calm down the media by answering him, he will get some time and also confuse the kidnappers by his move.

Shrishti suspects Sherlyn to be involved in the conspiracy. She asks Sherlyn to get a glass of water for them. She thinks Sherlyn is the informer of the kidnappers.

Preeta calls Karan. She asks him why did he give official statement to the media about involving the Police? Karan tells that he will come to the room and explain it to her. She tells that she wants Pihu back. He assures that he will get Pihu back. She hides from the goons, who brings Pihu to the hideout. She asks him to give the money to the goons and get Pihu back. Karan tells that he is doing everything fine. She tells that Pihu is in danger. She doesn’t want to forgive him if anything happens to Pihu! She disconnects the call.

Preeta calls Shrishti. Shrishti goes to her room and doesn’t find her. She asks where did she go? Preeta tells that she is at the goons’ place and needs her help. Shrishti agrees to help her. Preeta tells that the kidnappers have hidden Pihu. Shrishti asks how did she reach there? Preeta tells that she got hidden in Karan’s car first and then in the kidnappers’ car. She asks Shrishti to follow her location and come quickly.

Sameer overhears everything. He tells that he will also come with her.

Sonakshi asks Pihu not to cry. Rajiv tells that he doesn’t think Pihu is Sonakshi’s daughter, because the latter is so insensitive! Sonakshi tells that she will give him money. He worries that his team will double cross him. She asks him not to panic. She tells her new plan. She tells him that they will take Pihu home, then Karan will give him the money happily. Rajiv agrees to her plan.

Preeta gets caught by the kidnappers and gets attacked, but she happens to see the burqa lady (Sonakshi) there.

Srishti and Sameer drive to a secluded area to rescue Pihu. After they get off the car, Srishti takes out a dagger and gives another dagger to Sameer for their defence. However, they enter Sonakshi and Sherlyn’s base wherein they fall prey to Sherlyn’s ploy.

Meanwhile, one of the goons pities Pihu and unties her. He helps her escape and suggests her a plan. Before leaving, she decides to help Preeta, who has come to the base.

Sonakshi, under a burqa, hits Preeta on her head with a bottle. To help Sonakshi, Rajiv hits Preeta on her head with a gun. Soon, Preeta regains consciousness when she hears Pihu’s cries. Sonakshi holds Pihu in her arms, but Pihu lifts her veil, which shocks Preeta.

In a moment, Sonakshi reveals her true colours to Preeta, as the evil mastermind of the entire kidnapping plan!

Sherlyn borrows a veil to avoid being seen by Preeta. Suddenly, Preeta attacks Sonakshi and manages to escape in a car with Pihu.

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