Girl Meet goes to a girl, she takes her cap and starts troubling him and says watch these clothes, I’ll give it to you and she walks to ten vendor shop and says I’m shooting a video of people who are hardworking and records the video, she steals the toffee and keeps the 5rs there. She says I’m done with the video now let me leave.

A Man stops her and says make one video of my song too. Girl Meet says I understand you have free time and leaves, she walks to Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat teases her and says I don’t know you can rap too. Girl Meet says good now make plan.

Both Meet are at the Police station. Meet Ahlawat says to her now, how will we go inside? Girl Meet says we will not go inside and grabs her laptop. She says from here, we will get to know what they are talking about and there are chances that we will know the path to go. She switch on the laptop and sees the footage of the Police station.

Meet Ahlawat ask him when did you do this? Girl Meet says when you went out to bring water, it was that time I installed the camera in the tea vendor to go inside with the camera. Meet Ahlawat praises her.

The boy inside is talking to everyone and giving tea. Hawa Singh walks to the boy and takes the clothe in which the spy camera was installed. Meet Ahlawat says now, what will happen? Just pray he doesn’t see the camera.

Hawa Singh wipes his hand. Girl Meet prays to God and says thank God he didn’t see the camera and same way, help us to find that file with all the information.

Hawa Singh turns on the music and starts dancing. A man walks to him and greets Hawa Singh. The Man says our boss is very happy for your work and says my boss has sent some penalty for you. Hawa Singh says I’m a police officer, I don’t take bribe, you can donate this right now in the donation box. The Man sees the box and says I understand that the donation for the needy and ask him for what people this donation is?

Hawa Singh says there are many hungry people. The Man drops that package in the donation box and leaves.

Both Meet are watching everything, and how Hawa Singh took the donation. Girl Meet says to him that my father used to sit on that chair and help people and nothing like Hawa Singh who isn’t worthy enough!

Two Constables talking to eachother says from the time Hawa Singh has come to this Police station, the rate of corruption has increased, I used to feel patriotic aftet seeing Mr. Ashok Sir.

A Constable runs to Hawa Singh and says today’s weapons will be delivered. Both Meet are both in shock.

Girl Meet calls Ram and Lakhan and says I’m sending you a location, reach there fast!

Masoom brings food for Duggu and says what is this behaviour?? Hoshiyar calls Masoom and says what behaviour is this? Is there some other way to hurt Duggu? Masoom says do you think there is some other way? I hate Sunaina but I’m still giving my son, can’t you see that? And whatever it is that I’m doing now is for my future, Dad has built the empire and only Ahlawat can spend all this wealth!

Hoshiyar says Duggu doesn’t understand that, as he thinks we don’t love him. Masoom walks to Duggu and wipe his tears and give him milk to drink and ask do you think we don’t love you? We love you so much. Duggu says really, so you will be my mom and dad? Masoom says yes, you have to call Sunaina and Tej your Mom and Dad, while we will be your real Mom and Dad.

Duggu gets angry says no, I’ll not call them Mom and Dad, and you will send me there only to sleep! Masoom says you like to go on expensive trips and you will get expensive gift too and everything you wish, you are my good boy. Duggu says no, I’m not a good boy, I want my Mom and Dad.

Masoom shouts at him and says you will do as I say or else I’ll lock you up in the bathroom with cockroach! She leaves. Duggu starts crying and hugs Hoshiyar.

Both Meet comes out from the car and sees the packages being brought out of the Police van. Girl Meet calls Ram and Lakhan and ask them to come fast. Ram and Lakhan walks to Girl Meet and says we are here. Girl Meet says you know what you need to do, so start your work and take care of yourself.

Ram and Lakhan goes to the middle of an open space and starts fighting to distract everyone. Meet Ahlawat says you can hide inside that weapon caret and nobody will check it, which is the only way to get in.

Ram and Lakhan are fighting. Girl Meet runs towards the weapon caret. Hawa Singh hear voices and says to the Constable what is going on outside, ask them to stop!

Girl Meet hides inside the weapon caret number 4.

Ram and Lakhan sees her hiding and walks away. The Constable ask everyone to go from here.

Meet Ahlawat remembers they fighting to go inside. Girl Meet says I’ll go. Meet Ahlawat says you have claustrophobia, so you cannot hide inside that small place. Girl Meet says you taught me in Rajasthan how to control that, so don’t worry, I’m not scared now. Meet Ahlawat says I won’t let you take any risk. Girl Meet says you are out to help me. He says it’s too risky you cannot go inside. Girl Meet says till the time I won’t find the real killer of my dad, I won’t sit quiet, so let me go, wait here, and since you are worried about me, keep this earpiece, one will be with me and the other one will be with you, this is my fight and you have seen how Hawa Singh has created environment inside the Police station, so let me go, it’s my fight, let me go inside for my father. He says it’s dangerous take care of yourself and signal me if there’s any problem.

Meet Ahlawat remembers Girl Meet’s blutooth is left out and thinks how will I communicate with her, I hope she is okay? I don’t know why I let her go in there alone, as I know Hawa Singh is dangerous, yet, I still let her go inside.

The Constable brings the boxes inside the station with the labourers. He asks Hawa Singh where to put the boxes? Hawa Singh scolds the Constable for disturbing him and says put them where we put them all the time and make sure all the weapons are accounted for!

Meet Ahlawat couldn’t contact Girl Meet in the weapon box so he tries to see what’s going on in the Police station.

Hawa Singh decides to see the weapons himself and he asks the Constable to open the weapon box no 4, as it’s the biggest box of all the weapon boxes!

Girl Meet fears that she will be found when the box is opened and prays to the goddess. Meet Ahlawat also gets worried when the box is opened but Girl Meet hides herself under the black blanket in the weapon box. Hawa Singh tests the weapons by poking the blanket. Girl Meet gets injured and slight blood is attached to the knife part of the rifle. Hawa Singh doesn’t notice it and puts the rifle in the weapon box.

The Constable tells Hawa Singh that they can’t keep weapon boxes in the open. Hawa Singh scolds him and says to lock up the boxes with a lock! The Constable locks the weapon boxes and gives the keys to Hawa Singh. Hawa Singh says to put the weapon boxes in the storeroom. The cConstables decide to put the weapon boxes in the storage room later and go out to have tea.

Meet Ahlawat decides he should do something. Girl Meet couldn’t get to breathe properly in the weapon box and remembers Meet Ahlawat’s tip in watching the time and control her breathing. Girl Meet tries it and also takes a knife from her pocket and pokes a hole in the weapon box for air.

Meet Ahlawat disguises himself as a dance girl with two girls and tries to enter the Police station. The Constable stops them. Hawa Singh sees them and allows them in. Meet Ahlawat and the girls start to entertain Hawa Singh by dancing to the songs.

Hawa Singh and the constables enjoy and dance with the girls. While Hawa Singh keeps on dancing, Meet Ahlawat steals the keys from him and turns on the dry ice machine. While it is foggy because of it, Meet Ahlawat saves Girl Meet from the weapon box and goes to the files room.

Hawa Singh notices that a girl is missing and decides to find her!

Meet Ahlawat warns Girl Meet that Hawa Singh is coming. Girl Meet asks him to stop him. Meet Ahlawat takes Hawa Singh and dances with him. Hawa Singh tries to remove his veil but he stops him. By mistake, the rack falls on the floor while she is collecting the file. Hawa Singh falls on the ground while dancing.

Meet Ahlawat notices Girl Meet is unable to walk in pain, then he carries her out. Meet Ahlawat in tears bandages her hand and asks what if something had happened to her? Girl Meet tells him nothing can happen to her when he is with her and this pain is nothing in front of my Dad and I can even die for him. Meet Ahlawat stops her and hugs her in tears.

Meet Ahlawat asks if she gets any information regarding Mohan? Girl Meet tells him he’s been transferred to Assam and we have to find his details.

Ram thinks about Girl Meet, he thanks Ragini for loving everyone equally. Ragini says they are all our kids and asks why he is so stressed up? Ram says Girl Meet is still worried even after Tej’s recovery. Ragini tells him she will talk with Meet. Ram tells that’s why she is special. Ragini smiles and goes to get him tea.

Girl Meet contacts Mohanlal through video call. He cuts the call in tension saying he doesn’t remember her. Girl Meet calls him again but he disconnects the call. Meet Ahlawat says he may be hiding something or he just doesn’t want to tell you about it which is why not answering the call.

Girl Meet call Mohan Lal and gets busy no. Girl Meet thinks why is Uncle Mohan Lal saying he doesn’t know me and there is no way he could have forgotten about me. She recalls the video call conversation with Mohan Lal and thinks Mohan Lal is in sevamandir, Brahma Sarovar, Kurukshetra, Assam. Meet Ahlawat asks how she knows? Girl Meet tells she identifies easily because I used to go there with Dad for my grandfather’s pindaprsthan.

Girl Meet says there is no way he remembers that place and not me. Meet Alhawat says it’s near them, so they both go to Kurukshetra. They reach Seva mandir Brahma Sarovar Meet Ahlawat praises Girl Meet that she should be in CID.

Girl Meet sees Mohan Lal and tries to talk to him, but he tries to close the door on Meet when Girl Meet calls him, but she stops him and talks about their past memories and asks won’t he help her? Mohan Lal gets emotional.

Girl Meet confronts him about his father’s murder and questions why he hid the truth? He tells them that he got scared but now, I will tell the truth and I couldn’t accompany Sir due to my wife’s ill heath and I don’t know that it will be our last time meeting and they threatened me and send Sir’s dead body with me for patrolling and Hawa Singh threatened to stop my wife’s treatment and I don’t know whom Hawa Singh worked for.

Meet Ahlawat supports Girl Meet and tells her that Tej saw her Dad’s murder and there is a connection between your Dad’s murder and Tej missing. Girl Meet says Dad always treated you as a family member, but you didn’t think about us for your family and you did wrong as you didn’t even think to tell us later also and you did a mistake by hiding the mistake of the Culprits.

Mohan Lal says God gave me another chance to correct my mistakes. Girl Meet asks him to support her to reopen the case. Mohan Lal agrees to be a witness to the case. Meet Ahlawat tells him that they will send a car to him the next day.

Girl Meet is so preoccupied thinking about Mohan’s words. Meet Ahlawat notices it and he makes her mood better with his antics. He assures her that they will win the case and take her on a date. Girl Meet tells him she will take him out on a date and tells him that she understands his intentions. They think to inform the family members about Ashok’s murder.

Masoom asks Sunaina to give her more butter. Sunaina gives her. Masoom says hope I’m not stressing you as I have cravings. Sunaina tells she will prepare her everything. Masoom thinks to take revenge on her with work!

Raj asks her about Tej? Sunaina tells him Tej went to Ram and Lakhan’s school as their guardian since the school teachers want to know how he made them study.

Masoom signals at Duggu. Duggu apologies to Sunaina and calls her Mom. Sunaina feels happy. Masoom shows them Duggu prepared family tree accepting Tej and Sunaina as his Parent. Raj smiles seeing it.

Girl Meet asks Duggu to share with her if he has any problems. Duggu goes to her. Girl Meet says he showed his feelings in the family tree but why do I feel you’re not happy with the adoption? Masoom says nothing of the sort. Masoom says the adoption will happen in 2days time.

Girl Meet goes to attend to a call. Ram asks Ragini to talk with Girl Meet. Ragini agrees.

Mohan Lal thanks GirlMeet for making him ready to face the truth. Girl Meet tells him that they will pick him up in an hour. She tells Meet Ahlawat that they have to reveal the truth to the family. Ragini asks which truth? Girl Meet tells she will reveal it in front of everyone. They go inside. Girl Meet tells everyone that her Dad was murdered. Everyone gets shocked.

Girl Meet says Tej is the witness of my Dad’s murder and that’s why those people caused Tej’s disapperance and Hawa Singh is involved in this and I heard from him that he destroyed all pieces of evidence but now, I got evidence to reopen this case. Ram feels tensed.

Everyone is in the hall. Girl Meet says to everyone I found a clue which can help me to reopen my father’s case but for that, I need your support and blessings.

Ram says but how can you reopen the case, do you know how dangerous this could be? What will you get after reopening this case, it will only hurt your family’s feeling? And how will your mother feel??

Raj stops Ram and ask Girl Meet do you believe your actions will give your father justice, try to understand that till now, everyone knows your father was martyred but when everyone will come to know your father was murdered, then many questions will come, and are you ready to answer them? Girl Meet says yes and ask Raj will you support me? Raj says I believe in you that you will give justice to your father, I’m with you in your fight, I know you lost your father and nobody can replace him, but remember I was with you and always will, I have accepted you as my daughter and this won’t change, he then holds her hand.

Meet Ahlawat also hold their hand and everyone joins their hands with Girl Meet except Ram. Raj looks at him and nods his head to join. Ram keeps his hand too with everyone.

Anubha gave her first check to Amma and takes her blessings. Amma says this means you are a businesswoman now, go and keep it in front of god and take blessings and says to God that in this age, she became independent. Anubha says now, we will live our life with respect. Amma asks will all this be possible if I didn’t support you and she gave her sweet to eat. Anubha gives her sweet too and says we both did hardwork for business.

Both Meet are at the door. Anubha gets excited and gives the sweets from her first income. Girl Meet says I don’t wish to eat. Anubha tries to give her. Girl Meet turns around. Anubha ask her what happened? Why are you crying, you are scaring me?

Amma ask her what happened, is everything alright? I can tell after seeing your face you didn’t had proper sleep for so many days?

Girl Meet says I have to tell you something, I have decided to reopen father’s case. Anubha says have you gone mad? Who opens martyred case again, saying anything? Girl Meet says papa was murdered.

Amma says are you out of your mind? Who will kill your father, as everyone used to love him and respect him, so how dare you talk like this, as my son was martyred! Girl Meet says listen to me first and tells them what she heard from Hawa Singh and Mohan Lal and says to Anubha that night, father was not with us. Anubha falls down.

Girl Meet says calm down Anubha and tells her Mohan Lal is ready to fight with us and we will reopen the case. Amma says this is all lie, as my son was martyred not murdered! Meet Ahlawat tries to give Amma water.

Anubha says to Girl Meet that Amma is right and says now I understand what happened that night, your father came to the house, but he didn’t meet me and didn’t come out of his jeep. Girl Meet says have some water. Anubha says if he had come out, then I could have gone to him and avoided everything and ask her to tell me who did this with your father?

Girl Meet says that we need to know on who’s order Hawa Singh did this? Anubha says but why do you feel like that person won’t harm you? Girl Meet says it’s important to give justice to father.

Dadi says but that doesn’t mean to risk your life, I don’t want to lose you, you will not do anything! Girl Meet says don’t worry, nothing will happen.

Meet Ahlawat tries to calm them down and says the danger will have to face me first before harming Meet! Anubha looks at Ashok’s photo says your daughter is like you, very stubborn, she never listens to me like you, now you only tell me how to convince her.

Girl Meet walks Anubha. Anubha says I understand your signal and says as you wish, she looks at Girl Meet and says come with me. Anubha takes Meet to pooja ghar and ask her to give her father justice. Girl Meet says yes. Amma walks to her and gives her a pendent of letter R, and says when your father’s body came into this house I found it in his pocket, it must be of the Murderer. Anubha says don’t worry, your father is with you.

At Ahlawat’s house. Raj says it’s unbelievable that Ashok Huddah was killed. Ragini says same here but whoever did this should be punished, as our Meet has big proof and she won’t leave the culprit and I believe she will get justice!

Both Meet walks to them. Raj says to Girl Meet we will hire the best lawyer in town and says Ram will handle all the legal documents, he’s the best and ask Ram to hire the best lawyer. Ram says have you kept all the proof with your on the basis you will reopen the case?

Girl Meet says yes, that proof is Mohan Lal, his verdict is our proof and we are going yo take him, as he will meet us at sector number 30, and from there, we will directly go to the lawyer. Ram says till that time, I’ll arrange a lawyer and ask Ragini to give them Curd sugar. Ragini goes and give them to eat curd sugar as blessings.

Both Meet are on the way. Girl Meet looks at the pendant and says you cannot hide anymore, as I’ll bring you in front of everyone!

Ram on call says forget everything and keep my work on top priority as our Meet’s daughter-in-law is a fighter, and she always complete her work and she believes that her father was murdered so we need to take care of everything!

Both Meet are at the destination. Mohan Lal is coming towards them. Girl Meet get’s a call. An unknown Rider all in black with helmet on his face hit Mohan Lal. He shouts in pain and shouts Meet?? The Rider zoom off at a high speed.

Both Meet rushes towards Mohan Lal. Girl Meet says don’t worry, we will take you to the hospital. He says it’s to late and don’t worry, you will win the case and dies on the spot.

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