Girl Meet in tears says to Meet Ahlawat it’s not an accident, it’s a murder, as someone knows that we will meet him today, and who could have killed him? She sees the R locket in her hand.

The Biker takes off his helmet and is none other than Hawa Singh. He meets with Ram and tells him that he has sent Mohan Lal to heaven from where he can’t come back and you gave the right information at the right time. Ram says to make sure not to get caught and let others know we are helping each other.

Ram thinks of how he and Hawa Singh killed Ashok Hoodah and he recalls how he tried to harm Tej. Hawa Singh says we should take care of each other after all, the common point between us is Ashok Hoodah’s death and this time, I saved you as well.

Both Meet goes to the Police station to file a complaint. The Constable asks the details of the Biker and Meet Alhawat tells what he remembers about the Biker.

Hawa Singh says there is a surprise waiting for you at home. Ram asks what is it? Hawa Singh asks him to have some patience Sir and gives a hint that the person who gave you a headache needs to pay a little and rides off in his bike. Ram thinks about what is he is going to do with Meet?

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