Rajiv and his recruits chase Preeta, but Sherlyn asks Sonakshi to make a phone call to Karan.

At the Luthra House, a stranger calls Karan to give him some information about Pihu. Vinod deploys his team to act on a plan to rescue Pihu.

At Rajiv’s base, his recruits and Sonakshi tie down an unconscious Sameer and Srishti.

Preeta manages to escape from Rajiv’s base, but Pihu falls unconscious. She rushes Pihu to a hospital for the latter’s immediate treatment. The Doctor recognises Pihu and begins her treatment by prescribing her regular medicines. A shocked Preeta questions the Doctor about it. The Doctor reveals to her that she knows Pihu since her the time of her birth. Preeta tries to reason with her by mentioning how Pihu was adopted by Karan. The Doctor claims that Pihu’s biological mother is no more and says that she was looking for Pihu.

At Rajiv’s base, Sonakshi insists Sherlyn to stay with her until Karan arrives there. However, Sherlyn tells her that she wants to execute her next plan against Preeta and it requires her to visit the Luthra House. Sherlyn intends to prove Preeta an irresponsible mother and a person who can be a lot more evil.

Suddenly, Karan calls Sonakshi to know about her state, but Sherlyn pushes her and snatches her phone. Sonakshi loses her cool, but Sherlyn explains the reason behind her actions.

Rajiv begins to fear Sonakshi’s intentions and decides to quit being with her.

Karan arrives at Rajiv’s base with his family and a team of Police Officers.

Meanwhile, Preeta leaves Pihu with the Doctor and tries to call Karan, Sameer and Srishti. Surprisingly, a cabbie offers to help Preeta and drives her to a location asked by her.

Karan is stunned to see an unconscious Sonakshi. She regains consciousness and Karan gets into a scuffle with Rajiv. Soon, Rajiv and his recruits are held captive, but he makes a shocking revelation against Preeta. Karan finds it hard to believe that Preeta had abducted Pihu for money.

Karan begins to believe Rajiv’s lies about Preeta and the others remain speechless. Rajiv and his recruits run away but nobody cares about stopping them.

Sonakshi sends a text message to Sherlyn as a confirmation and the latter releases Rajiv’s recruit.

Sherlyn immediately returns to the Luthra House and begins to compare Preeta and Sonakshi. Kareena believes that Sonakshi has saved Pihu by risking her life. Rakhi asks Sherlyn to stop the comparison but Kareena defends Sonakshi and Sherlyn.

Preeta arrives at the Luthra House and learns about Srishti and Sameer being admitted to the hospital due to the chloroform overdose. She runs inside the house and breathes a sigh of relief after seeing everyone fine. Rakhi asks Preeta what made her leave the house and says that she was expecting her to be at home.

Karan questions Preeta why she did not stay home despite his requests? Preeta tries to explain that she had to go out to save Pihu.

Suddenly, Dadi asks Preeta why she had to abduct Pihu? Sherlyn immediately claims that she did it all for money.

Preeta remains speechless and Sherlyn continues to say that Preeta needed INR 20 millions to save Sarla’s marriage hall because she heard their conversation when she came to meet her.

FB shows how Sarla assured Preeta there was nothing to worry about when Sarla asked her to go and bring her purse for her. Sherlyn came out wondering what is going on when a man stopped to talk with Sarla about how his mother told him that this amount was not of worry to Sarla since her daughter is the wife of the Karan Luthra, Sarla then asked the person to leave before her daughter comes back otherwise she would feel bad, she will herself give the entire amount. Preeta then brings her purse while Sherlyn was in hiding hearing their conversation, but after Sarla left, she thought of a plan. FB ends.

Preeta asks Sherlyn what is she talking about and if she’s in her senses? Sherlyn exclaims that everything would be sorted out when she talks with that man on phone call, so Sheryn calls that man to prove her claims right.

Preeta loses her cool after seeing Sonakshi home. She tells everyone that Sonakshi is not Pihu’s mother and she had abducted Pihu! The Luthras do not believe a word uttered by Preeta. Instead, everyone begins to suspect Preeta’s intentions and questioned her about Pihu’s state.

Mahesh tells Preeta that she could have asked him for the money instead of abducting Pihu. Karan begins to interrogate Preeta, which hurts Preeta emotionally.

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