Karan and Mahesh interrogate Preeta about abducting Pihu. Preeta tries to make Karan understand how she struggled to save Pihu. She tells Karan that Sonakshi was behind Pihu’s abduction. Preeta explains that Sonakshi had planned Pihu’s abduction.

Mahesh’s condition gets critical after he learns that Pihu is admitted to the hospital. Karan looks after a bedridden Mahesh and Kritika go to the hospital with Preeta. Kritika begins to finish the discharge formalities and Preeta takes Pihu home in a car.

Sherlyn gets shocked to learn about this and criticises Sonakshi for being a cold-hearted person!

Sonakshi’s contract killer waits at a place to run over Preeta’s car with his truck. Sherlyn remains skeptical of Sonakshi’s actions. Sonakshi eagerly waits to get Preeta and Pihu killed to avoid being exposed!

Preeta leaves from the hospital with Pihu and Karan calls Kritika.

Sonakshi meets Karan, who tells her that he still cannot believe that Preeta can abduct Pihu. Karan waits to come across the truth and tells Sonakshi that he has faith in Preeta, which upsets Sonakshi.

Sonakshi’s contract killer calls her to inform her that Preeta’s car is on his target. He asks Sonakshi for her permission to run her and Pihu over. However, a delay in decision leads to failure of Sonakshi’s plan to see Preeta and Pihu dead.

The contract killer flashes lights and speeds up to chase Preeta, who notices that she is being followed. She speeds up to avoid being caught, but a huge vehicle comes in her way. She turns around the car and Pihu falls out of the car.

Preeta gets shocked to see Pihu grievously injured and comes out to check on her. Pihu breathes her last in Preeta’s arms and Preeta finds it hard to accept that Pihu is no more.

After a while, a team of Police arrives there and begins the invesigation. The Police arrest Preeta on charge of rash driving and blame Preeta for Pihu’s death. A shocked Preeta stuggles to get Pihu back to life. Soon, the Police begin to take her away but the Nurse picks Pihu up and they let her check Pihu.

Kritika arrives at the Luthra House and gets stunned to learn that Preeta is not home yet. Karan senses that something has gone wrong, but Rakhi tries to pacify him.

At the police station, Preeta begs the Police Officers to let her go and see Pihu.

Coincidentally, Vinod steps out of his cabin and sees Preeta behind the bars. Vinod, assuring him that Preeta is a good person, asks his subordinate to release her.

Preeta returns home to inform the family that Pihu is no more. She keeps accusing Sonakshi of plotting Pihu’s murder and everyone remains speechless.

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