Sonakshi and Preeta get into a heated argument when the latter accuses her of plotting Pihu’s murder. Preeta reveals to everyone that Sonakshi is not Pihu’s biological mother. She tells everyone that Pihu’s biological mother had died during Pihu’s birth.

Suddenly, Sherlyn receives a phone call and lies to Karan that it’s from the Police Station. Sonakshi’s hitman, posing as a Police Officer, tells Karan on the call that Preeta’s carelessness caused her death!

Karan loses his cool and questions Preeta if she was arrested? Preeta tries to explain that she was arrested on a charge of rash driving and negligence. Sherlyn immediately shows everyone a video to prove that Preeta used Karan’s money to save Sarla’s marriage hall.

Karan goes to Preeta’s room after lashing out at her. Preeta follows him there to pacify him but he pushes her and walks away.

Sonakshi laughs at Preeta’s state and does not care about Preeta’s threat to expose her. Dadi and Kareena blame Preeta for Pihu’s death, but Mahesh tries to defend her.

Sonakshi and Sherlyn’s accusations cloud everyone’s mind. Soon, Karan, Kareena, Kritika and Rakhi ask Preeta to leave the house. Preeta lashes out at Sherlyn when she tries to take off her ‘wedding necklace’. After a while, Sherlyn and Kareena drag Preeta out of the house.

After being ousted from the house, Preeta pleads with Karan to let her in. A furious Karan avoids her plea and goes inside his room.

Sherlyn and Kareena ask Preeta to stop knocking the door. Preeta loses all hopes and goes to the Arora House.

Mahesh, unable to bear this shock, falls unconscious and keeps asking for Preeta. A heartbroken Karan recalls the time spent with Pihu.

At the Arora House, Sarla is stunned to see Preeta arrive there. Srishti comes there after a while and reveals to Sarla about Pihu’s death. She explains how the Luthras have blamed Preeta for this and have again ousted Preeta from the house. Sarla and Srishti try to calm Preeta down when she bursts into tears. Srishti requests Sarla to let her sleep with Preeta, as they both worry about her.

At the Luthra House, Sherlyn feels victorious when Kareena suggests Sonakshi to get close to Karan.

Karan comes back to his room and finds it strange to see Sonakshi’s behaviour. He asks Sonakshi to keep away, but Sonakshi keeps getting close to him. Karan loses his cool and pushes her away. Sonakshi gets angry to see her plan go awry and she begins a heated argument with him. Karan ousts Sonakshi from the house and then sets Preeta’s belongings in his room ablaze. He later goes to the Arora House to cut off ties with Preeta forever.

The End of This is Fate S4 for now, and to be replaced with the series “Twist of Fate S7″

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