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One Month Later,

Ranbeer, now a successful businessman, answers the media’s questions arrogantly and Pallavi revels in his success. Rhea sees his interview as well and cribs to Pallavi about Ranbeer’s indecision to marry her. Rhea, who has learned about Prachi’s dismal state, tells Pallavi that Ranbeer will once again begin favouring Prachi if he happened to meet her again.

A silent and listless Prachi sits in Sushma’s car and hears Ranbeer’s voice, but as fate would have it, fails to spot him. Knowing that Prachi is lost in Ranbeer’s thoughts, Sushma tells her to move on.

Pallavi assures Rhea that she will initiate divorce proceedings between Ranbeer and Prachi!

Despite harbouring hatred for Prachi, Ranbeer constantly thinks of her and spends a sleepless night. As if sensing Ranbeer’s pain, Prachi is unable to sleep as well, while Ranbeer resorts to boxing to vent out his frustration.

The next morning, a listless Prachi remains unaware when the maid, who is in cahoots with Rhea, snaps her photo and sends it to Rhea.

Prachi’s state bothers Sushma and she decides to talk to Pragya, who lies in a comatose state with Abhi in the house. She pleads the couple to wake up, but the couple doesn’t respond and Sushma sobs bitterly.

Meanwhile, Rhea forges Ranbeer’s signatures on the divorce papers and she and Pallavi sent them to Prachi with the lawyer. Thinking that Ranbeer has sent the papers, Prachi gets shocked, and the papers slip out of her hands. While the lawyer looks on, Prachi runs madly towards her room and collides with Sushma on the way. When Prachi locks herself in the room, Sushma gets worried.

On learning that Pallavi and Rhea sent the divorce papers to Prachi on Ranbeer’s behalf, Vikram gets shocked and censures them for forging Ranbeer’s signatures! Pallavi refuses to back down and tells Vikram that she will get rid of Prachi from Ranbeer’s life by hook or by crook!

Despite Sushma’s pleas, Prachi doesn’t open the door and sobs bitterly on remembering Ranbeer. Somehow, Sushma convinces Prachi to open the door and learns about the divorce papers. Thinking that Ranbeer had signed the divorce papers, Prachi breaks down in Sushma’s arms.

At the Kohli house, Vikram tells Rhea to impress Daljeet (Dadi) if she wants to marry Ranbeer soon! Just then, Sushma arrives to meet Ranbeer and encounters Pallavi, Vikram and Rhea. She demands to meet Ranbeer and puts Rhea in her place when she behaves insolently. She also throws the divorce papers on Rhea’s face and states that Prachi will not sign them!

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