Girl Meet calls Anubha and says Uncle Mohan Lal is not anymore and the reason is me and he would not get killed if he didn’t agree to help me. Anubha says not to lose hope and now she has to get justice not only for her father, but for Uncle Mohan Lal also. Girl Meet gets inspired and thanks her Mom.

At some distance, two Constables talk about Hawa Singh’s new bike and she sees the bike and thinks it’s the same bike that killed Uncle Mohan Lal.

Hawa Singh comes and talks about his new bike and says your father can never buy a bike like this, as he was an honest person who never takes a bribe nor let others take it. He offers sweets to Girl Meet and puts it in her mouth, but she rejects it and pushes him away.

Girl Meet says you killed not only my father but also Uncle Mohan Lal! Hawa Singh says you are smart as you figured out everything but how can you prove that with this, I murdered him as they are 15 bikes like this that came from the showroom, are you going to file a complaint on them all? You can’t do anything as I destroyed all proofs! Hawa Singh sees a stick and puts it in her hand and called her stupid girl and tries to provoke her and walks away.

Girl Meet sees the stick and remembers what he said and beats the bike with the stick in anger and pours kerosene on it and burns it. Hawa Singh seeing it thinks he succeeded and tells a Constable to file a complaint on Girl Meet for burning a Police officer’s bike and thinks to himself if a person can’t control his anger, it will hurt only him and with this, Girl Meet will be in jail for 2 years! The Constable brings Meet Ahlawat. Hawa Singh gets surprised.

Meet Ahlawat recalls how he sends Girl Meet away. Meet Ahlawat takes her place and surrenders to the Constable.

Hawa Singh scolds the Constables and asks don’t you know the difference between this Meet and that Meet, She is a girl with short hair and the daughter of Ashok Hoodah!  Meet Alhawat says Sir, my wife is a good person and she can’t do something like burning your bike and she is at home. Hawa Singh asks the Constable to take him to the Ahlawat mansion.

Sunaina opens the door. Hawa Singh tells them he has to take Girl Meet for inquiry. Raj asks what has daughter-in-law Meet done?Hawa Singh tells he has to arrest her. Raj asks him to show the warrant. Hawa Singh says Girl Meet burned the Police bike. Raj says she can’t do it.

Hawa Singh asks if she applied henna tattoo? Girl Meet tells exactly and shows her Henna tattoo. The Constable checks that her henna is dried.

Babita asks Raj why the Police came? Raj says Hawa Singh feels Girl Meet burnt his bike. Babita says Girl Meet set my room light, then how can what she’s been accused of has happened?

Isha tells that Girl Meet was with her 3 hours before. Hawa Singh asks her to tell the story of the movie so she shows him the post of their movie date on Facebook. The entire Ahlawat family shows that they are by Meet side by standing on the lie that she was with them and the whole family becomes her alibi.

Hawa Singh doesn’t know what to do but he has a final play and brings Meet Alhawat into the house and says that he is caught at the scene of the crime. Seeing Meet Ahlawat in handcuffs,the Ahlawat family is worried about Meet Ahlawat’s safe being. Girl Meet also tries to go near Meet Ahlawat, but Hawa Singh stops her and says because of what you did, he will tell her how he will have his revenge and says as today is Friday and until Monday, he will not have any bail and he will throw Meet Ahlawat in lock up and you know what happens there as you’re a Police man’s daughter.

Hawa Singh says let’s leave but Girl Meet tries to go near Meet Ahlawat but Hawa Singh stops Girl Meet and says your henna tattoo will be ruined, but Girl Meet pushes Hawa Singh’s hand and holds Meet Ahlawat’s hand and tells him she won’t let him get arrested. Meet Ahlawat tells her it’s needed. The Constable handcuffs him.

Babita says her Son is innocent. The Constables take Meet Ahlawat with them. The Family members follow him. Hawa Singh tells her he is giving her another opportunity and he asks her to accept his mistake in 2 hours to release her husband!

Masoom creates a scene at the house telling how they allowed Meet Ahlawat to get arrested for Girl Meet’s mistake! Babita asks her to not create a scene and she tells Raj that she will contact her brother who’s the Minister for help. Raj warns her to not call him telling her he doesn’t like to take his help. Masoom thinks hope the Adoption ceremony won’t get halted.

Ram tells them he will talk with a lawyer. Girl Meet tells them she won’t let Meet Ahlawat gets punished for her mistake. Raj says Hawa Singh wants the same. Girl Meet tells them she knows what to do. Raj asks what does she mean?

Girl Meet arrives at the Police Station. Hawa Singh asks if she has come to her senses? Girl Meet tells him she wants to meet her husband before giving her Statement. Hawa Singh allows her to meet her husband.

Girl Meet meets Meet Ahlawat. He asks why she came? She tells him that she came to accept her mistake and question why he took the blame on himself? Meet Ahlawat wipes her tears and tells you took my blame too and I can never become like you, but why you did this mistake? Hawa Singh instigated you and you fell into his trap and this war is important to us and we have to use our heart and brain to reach the culprit and you can’t win this war by getting arrested.

Girl Meet asks how to reach the culprit when all the evidence has been destroyed? Meet Ahlawat tells her the way is in front of them and he turns her face. Girl Meet tells him she won’t let them get defeated and the one who deserves to stay behind bars is Hawa Singh!

Girl Meet meets Hawa Singh. He asks her to sign the statement. Girl Meet asks if he has any proof to prove that she burnt the bike? She threatens to contact the media and ask this question in front of them if he won’t release her husband!

Hawa Singh calls the Constable, Imaan by name and asks if Meet Alhawat at the scene of the crime? Imaan answers yes he was. Then Girl Meet asks the Constable whether he saw when Meet Ahlawat was burning the bike? Then the Constable answers NO. Girl Meet talks with the Constables who saw them and convinces them in her favour.

Hawa Singh asks what are you saying? You were the one that said that Meet is burning your bike. The Constable says Sir, I never said anything like that, as when we got there, your bike was already burning and nobody saw who burnt your bike.

Girl Meet hearing this asks Hawa Singh to release Meet Ahlawat. Hawa Singh asks the Constable to release Meet Ahlawat. Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat leave hand in hand from the Police Station.

Both Meet comes to the monument of Ashok Hoodah. Girl Meet says to her father that she wants to become a Police Officer just like him to get the justice. Meet Ahlawat puts Police Cap on Girl Meet that they bought. Seeing this, all the people salute Ashok Hoodah’s monument along with Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat.

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