Prachi comes to a room and cries. A hotel staff comes there and asks her if she’s fine? Sushma called her and asked to check on her. Prachi says, I am fine.

Prachi thinks about Ranbir and says, it was so easy for Ranbir to remove her from his life and move on, but it’s so difficult for her to move on. He ended the relationship, but what about love? Love never ends. She cries saying, why you are not with me, Ranbir? We took vows to live with each other, but today, we are not together. I wish I could say to you that I will not go anywhere leaving you. I was angry because you doubted my love. It’s been one month, but time has stopped for me. You are living there without me and I am slowly dying here without you.

Other side, Ranbir gets chest pain. Shiv asks him why he has kept his hand on his chest? Ranbir recalls him telling Prachi that when she doesn’t talk to him, he feels the pain in his heart. He tells Shiv to start the presentation.

Shiv starts the presentation, but Ranbir is not able to focus. He keeps thinking about Prachi and moments they spent together. He takes out his frustration on his staff. In his frustration, he takes Prachi’s name that she made him realize that…! He leaves the room. Shiv wonders Prachi?

Sushma comes to Prachi. Prachi says, I am sorry. I shouldn’t have behaved like that there. You brought me for Mother’s dream project and I reacted like that seeing Sid. Sushma asks did you really have an affair with Sid? Prachi says no. Sushma says, then why did you run away from there? It seemed like you were scared to face Sid. Prachi says, I was scared to face my past. Sushma says, girls have to fight in every phase of their lives. I am glad that Pragya has taught you how to fight. It’s good that you left that house because that fight was about your identity.

Sushma asks why did she run away from there, else people will doubt that the accusation was right. She says Sid is also going through the same pain as you. Prachi says when Sid came in front of me, I recalled the day when I… Sushma asks her not to be scared of the past and says future haven’t come still. She asks her to strengthen herself and says I spoke to Sid and asked how he can be so positive after whatever happened with him?

A FB is shown. Sid says I took time to understand and kick out negativity in my life, and tells that whoever doesn’t want me to be happy, I keep them at a distance. He says Rhea, Ranbir, Vikram and Pallavi doesn’t exist for him, and tells that he has sent divorce papers. Sushma asks him to meet Prachi and says I want to make her positive like you. She is still living in the past, and I want her to forget her past and move on. FB Ends.

Sushma asks Prachi to meet Sid over coffee. Prachi says why not, he was my friend. Sushma says he is your friend even now and says he is in our hotel’s cafeteria. Prachi thanks her and goes.

Ranbir comes home. Rhea says hi Ranbir. Ranbir goes to the room. Shiv comes and gives the bag to her. She asks what happened to him? Shiv says the presentation was going on, and asks who is Prachi? He says he took her name and got upset. Rhea says she was the Servant of the house and thought of herself as some Princess. She takes his bag and asks him to leave. She thinks he is again thinking about Prachi and thinks curse and eclipse doesn’t go. She thinks what to do with her??

Prachi comes to meet Sid in the cafeteria. Sid says I can’t believe that I am meeting you. Prachi says I am sorry. Sid says sorry was never between us.

Rhea’s friend sees Sid with Prachi and thinks where is Rhea? She then calls Rhea. Rhea picks the call and says I am a little occupied and says will call you later. Her friend asks if she is in Bangalore? Rhea says why will she be in Bangalore??

Her friend says Sid was pulling chair for the girl and tells that she will make a video call to her.

Sid tells Prachi that Ranbir made us meet and then separated us and even broke marriage with you.

Rhea thinks who can be this girl? The friend shows the video to Rhea. Rhea asks her to be there and says I want to show this to someone else too. She goes to Ranbir. Ranbir asks what happened? Rhea plays her emotional card and hugs Pallavi, and cries. Pallavi asks what happened? Pallavi asks what happened?

Prachi reminisces the days when they used to stay in rented house. She says it was all good, but someone bad sight fell on it. He asks her not to cry and wipes her tears.

The friend says the scene is interesting. Ranbir watches the video and gets angry. Rhea says Sid and Prachi are together, I told that there is something between them. She says this was going on between us, and says they are holding each other hands’ now and might announce that they are happy together. She says they are shameless to make their relationship public, after ruining our lives! She sheds fake tears and smiles.

Prachi wipes her tears and says Ranbir has thrown me out, but I couldn’t separate myself from him, I still love him. She cries and says excuse me. He holds her hand and says you are running away. Sid wipes her tears and asks her to accept the truth. He says we are still friends. They sit on their chairs.

Ranbir is still looking at the video. Rhea says they will not let us live peacefully and says our house mourning is still not over, and they are romancing as if some romantic movie is going on. She asks what is left to be seen? Ranbir recalls Sid’s words and breaks the phone angrily. Rhea says you have taken out your anger and grabs his collar asking if he can just take out his frustration? She asks where to take out my frustration, and says even I was betrayed. She says my husband and sister betrayed me and says you are responsible for my destruction!

Rhea says you helped Sid in Bangalore so that we can get married, then I came here and I saw you here. She says I controlled myself somehow and then saw Prachi and Sid’s affair and told you, but you ignored me. She says whenever I got pain, betrayal etc, you were with me, but never stepped in front to wipe my tears. She says who are you to me and says why am I staying here? She says nobody is here for me, everything is ruined, and there is no reason to live. She says my own sister betrayed me, I am dying daily. She says why don’t I die? She says I can’t live here!

Pallavi sends Ranbir to see her. Rhea’s friend thinks to go to her and informs her mother.

Sid asks Prachi not to cry and says when you cry, your loved ones too cry. He says even I went through the same case, and says everything was perfect. He says I saw my funeral in front of my eyes, I got hurt much and the other day I was out of it. Prachi asks what did you do? He says you have to forget Ranbir and move on forgetting him. Prachi says it is not that easy and says you are talking like Grandma (Sushma). He says I am practical.

Prachi says I thought you love Rhea and says relationship can end, but not love, as it stays in heart and if you feel that you can forget it, then you never had loved. She says why are you forgetting her and moving on and says she is my sister. Sid says she doesn’t deserve to be called amyour sister and says in fact, she is your enemy. He says Vikram, Pallavi, Rhea and Ranbir are not like they pretend and says today, I will tell you the truth.

Vikram and Dadi hear Rhea and Ranbir. Pallavi says you have to stop yourself, it is not good for you. Rhea says wrong thing have happened with me, and says I trust Dad, Ranbir and Prachi, everyone betrayed me. She says Dad told that he will get me married to you, but he left. She says my real sister married you and then have affair with my husband!

Ranbir says don’t say anything to her. Rhea says you should feel ashamed!

Rhea shouts at Ranbir. She tells that Prachi has always hurt her, she snatched Pragya, then Abhi and Ranbir, and now her husband Siddharth. She tells that Prachi snatched her love and family. She adds that Ranbir has got occupied with work, but she has no reason to live. She calls him selfish and ignorant. She blames him for getting his life and also her life ruined. She tells that she wanted to have a new start, but she couldn’t. She asks them if they can’t see her pain? She doesn’t want to live, when everyone is cheating on her. She tells that nobody loves her, her Parents are in coma, she is uselessly living in the world. She wants to end her life!

Ranbir runs after Rhea. She shuts the door and smiles. Ranbir and Pallavi ask Rhea to open the door. Dadi asks her not to put the family into trouble. Rhea doesn’t want to listen to anyone. She fakes a suicide attempt. She tells that she will kill herself. The family worries for Rhea. Rhea laughs mockingly. Pallavi swears that she will not let anything happen to Rhea!

Ranbir tries to get inside the room from the window. He asks Rhea to open the window. Rhea opens the window for Ranbir and then fakes the suicide attempt. He asks her to put the knife down. Pallavi and Ranbir ask Rhea to listen to them. Rhea tells that her life is ruined, it has become a joke! Ranbir tells that nobody cheated her. He asks Rhea why is she caring for others, as Prachi and Siddharth doesn’t matter now. He asks her not to end her life. She doesn’t want to listen to him. He asks her to put the knife down and open the door for his sake.

Dadi asks Vikram to break the door. Vikram gets hurt while trying to break the door. Ranbir and Pallavi rush to see him. Vikram tells that Rhea can harm herself. Pallavi tells that the entire family will go to jail if Rhea commits a suicide. Pallavi is scared that the family will get jailed and accused. She blames Ranbir for not listening to her when she asked him to marry Rhea, as Ranbir had refused to marry Rhea. She asked him not to give a chance to Prachi and Siddharth to ruin his life.

Ranbir promised to show his prosperity to Prachi. He didn’t want to marry anyone. Pallavi tells that Ranbir has to marry Rhea and prove to Prachi that she doesn’t matter to him. She asks what problem does he have to marry Rhea, like he still loves Prachi? She asks him to show Prachi that she means nothing to him! He tells that he has no belief in marriage now.

Rhea opens the door and comes out to talk to him. She tells that she has a belief in marriage relationship. She asks Ranbir to marry her.

Dadi realizes that Rhea is taking the situation in her favour cleverly. Rhea asks Ranbir to either marry her or let her die!

On the other hand, Siddharth tells that Prachi should know the reality. Prachi asks him what does he mean? He tells that she will know if the Kohlis deserve her tears or not. She doesn’t want to listen to him. He asks her why didn’t she tell him that Rhea and Ranbir were going to get married?

Prachi tells that when they returned home, Pallavi stopped her from coming inside the house, so she thought Siddharth already knew about it. He asks why didn’t she tell him that Ranbir left Rhea at the Temple and then married Prachi by going against his family? He tells that he left Rhea at the Temple, even though Rhea was important, but he rejected Rhea, which was why Rhea attempted the suicide. He adds that Vikram and Abhi’s terms got spoiled, Abhi used to hate Prachi and everything got ruined for her, just because of her marriage with Ranbir. She tells that she felt he knows everything. She adds that she didn’t wish to disturb his happy married life.

Sid tells that Rhea and his married life never had any happiness, as Rhea was behaving strangely with him, he failed to understand her. He reminds her that he had called her to inform her about a lady, then they went to the hotel room and got locked there, the room filled up with the smoke and they fainted. She remembers that she had seen somewhere there. He tells that they fainted on the ground, but they were on the bed when they woke up. He tells that Rhea and Ranbir were in front of them. He reminds that it was not a misunderstanding, it was a conspiracy against them.

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