Pallavi demands Prachi’s signatures on the papers so that she could never return to the Kohli house. Sushma states that Prachi is not interested in their house and will never return to the place where she was always disrespected! Furthermore, Sushma vows to keep Prachi away from the Kohlis and warns Pallavi to keep Ranveer away from Prachi as well! Sushma’s words delight Vikram, Rhea and Pallavi.

At the temple, Prachi prays to the goddess to give her the strength to stay away from Ranbeer.

Ranbeer, whose car breaks down in front of the same temple, senses that Prachi is around somewhere.

Sushma meets Pragya and tells that a person has to pay a price for his goodness in the world. She asks Pragya why did she make Prachi like her, knowing the people punish the good doers. She tells that Pragya should have made Prachi a strong person. She adds that Prachi’s fate is also bad like Pragya. She tells Pragya that Ranbir had sent the divorce papers to Prachi, who is really mad to blame herself. She wanted Prachi to go to Ranbir’s house and rebuke him, instead of sinking in sorrow. She cries for Prachi’s sorrow.

Sushma asks why isn’t Rhea like Pragya? She tells that Rhea is practical like Abhi. She tells that Rhea isn’t a good daughter and a good sister, everyone hates Prachi in Kohli house. She feels Ranbir broke his relationship with Prachi because of the family’s hatred for her. She knows that Prachi still has feelings for Ranbir. She didn’t wish Prachi to ruin herself in her love. She wanted Prachi to turn strong and balance her life. She tells Pragya that she couldn’t handle Prachi, who is just sinking in sorrow because of Ranbir. She tells how Prachi is secretly crying for Ranbir.

Sushma thinks Pragya had forgotten Abhi because she was involved in the business. She gets an idea to involve Prachi in the business to distract her and help her forget Ranbir. She tells that she will take Prachi away from this city, she will take Prachi so far that even Ranbir’s memories won’t reach Prachi!

Ranbir and Prachi can feel each other around, but didn’t get to see each other. They stay close, and still so distant. Prachi goes back. Ranbir tries to fix his car and leave. Prachi leaves from there, without coming into his sight.

Prachi comes home in the sobbing state, much to Sushma’s dislike. Sushma finds a way to bring back Prachi to her usual self. She tells Prachi that Pragya used to handle her business, but they had to name everything to Prachi because of the situation. Prachi tells that she will sign and return the property to Sushma. She apologizes to Sushma.

Sushma asks her not to feel sorry for every matter. She doesn’t want the property and business back. She asks Prachi to listen to her carefully. She tells Prachi about Pragya’s dream project. She adds that she has a team to handle the work, but she wants Prachi to take over Pragya’s dream project, being Pragya’s daughter. Prachi agrees to lead the project. Sushma tells that they will be leaving the city. She asks Prachi to pack her bags and be ready. Prachi feels strange that she couldn’t see Ranbir since a month. She feels she is going too far from Ranbir.

Ranbir and Prachi miss each other. Prachi’s voice echoes in his ears. He shuts his ears, after shutting the doors of his heart for her. Ranbir and Prachi imagine their past romantic moment. They look at the moon in their memory. He doesn’t know if she is missing him. He hurts himself in rage that he isn’t able to get over Prachi’s memories.

Rhea comes to aid his wound. She finds him hurting himself and stops him. He doesn’t let her do the aid. Rhea knows that he is still missing Prachi, be it good memories or bad memories, but Prachi is still in his memories.

Ranbir asks Rhea why did you go to my room? She says, I saw your wallet, so thought to give it to you. He says it’s an old wallet, I use new wallet now. I don’t want anyone in this house to do things that Prachi used to do! He leaves.

Rhea tells Pallavi that he still remembers Prachi.

Sushma gives a new saree to Prachi saying when city is changing, motive is changing, if you change a bit of yourself, then life will automatically change. When life is in a problem, it’s very important to give life a new mission. Your pain will automatically reduce. Ranbir is doing the same thing. He doesn’t think about you or the time you spent together. He is only thinking about himself and his business and is moving on. You will have to do same thing. Not to show him down, but for yourself. You will have to take first step. Pragya also used to wear saree like this.

Rhea is disturbed. She tells Pallavi this is why I asked you to do mine and Ranbir’s marriage. He still has Prachi in his mind. If he sees her again, then he will fall for her. Pallavi tells her, you are being extra negative. He is not remembering Prachi, he is trying to get her out of his mind. Rhea says he should be angry whenever he thinks about Prachi. He should not get emotional like this. He should only see one thing that he saw Prachi and Sid together in a room.

Pallavi cannot stop sharing her concern about Ranbir. Rhea gets irritated. Pallavi says, that Prachi took my son’s smile. You will have to give him happiness, but this won’t be easy. You will have to give him time to restart his life. Rhea asks why more time? We had decided to end Ranbir and Prachi’s relationship and then Ranbir and I will get married. Sushma aunty just came and said that Prachi won’t come back in this house, then why are we not following our plan? Pallavi says, I want you two to get married, but Ranbir won’t get married just by me telling him to. Give him some time. Rhea says, you are right.

After Pallavi leaves, Rhea says that she forcefully has to agree with Pallavi! Pallavi neither became a good mother nor a good mother-in-law. She will only listen to Pallavi until she gets married to Ranbir, after that, she will kick Pallavi out of Ranbir’s life as well, as she fears for Pallavi’s love for Ranbir as well!

Prachi reaches Bangalore with Sushma. Prachi is in a new look. Sushma gets happy seeing Prachi walk confidently in the office. They go to a conference room. She sees Sid there and gets shocked. She starts getting flashbacks, Ranbir’s accusations.

Sid says hi to her and asks how are you? Prachi runs out.

Ranbir sees Prachi and takes out his sunglasses. Prachi loses her balance when she comes near him. Her saree’s tip goes on Ranbir’s face. Prachi sees him and gets shocked. He asks, are you okay? He gives her a hand. It turns out that it was some different girl who fell near Ranbir and Prachi fell down elsewhere and someone else gave her a hand.

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