Babita and Masoom select jewelry to give to Girl Meet on Holi festival as a gift. Meet Ahlawat calls all the family members to show them a surprise. Girl Meet enters the house in Police uniform. Babitha asks Girl Meet what is this? Meet Ahlawat says that Girl Meet has decided to become a Police Officer. The entire family gets shocked. Babitha asks Girl Meet you took decision without consulting the family? Girl Meet says we just wanted to give you a surprise. Babitha says it’s a bad surprise and asks what is the reason for this decision?

Grl Meet says when Hawa Singh put Meet Alhawat in handcuffs and taking him away, we couldn’t do anything, my father said that if we want to clean the system, it cannot be done from outside, and to clean it, we have to be inside the system. Babitha says you have your reasons, but you are not only your father’s daughter but also Ahlawat’s family daughter-in-law.

Meet Ahlawat tries to convince his mother and says Mom, Girl Meet’s father was murdered and we promised Girl Meet that we will support her. Babitha says when did she say we will not support her, we made a promise and we will stand by it, so now what? The Ahlawat’s family daughter-in-law will go after Criminals, Rogues, Pickpocketers? So if she wants to change the law, will she become a Supreme Court Judge as well?? Raj tells her to calm down.

Meet Alhawat asks his Dad to convince Mom. Babitha says she will not listen to anyone! Today is the adoption ceremony of Duggu and she doesn’t want any disturbance. She asks Girl Meet to change her clothes and help the family members!

Meet Ahlawat calls his Dad but Raj doesn’t respond and walks away. Seeing this, Meet Ahlawat gets upset and walks upstairs.

Masoom asks Girl Meet what is her problem? Whenever there is a happy occasion,you will do something that upsets the whole family! She walks away.

Meet Ahlawat is being upset about what happened and Girl Meet tries to cheer him up by talking to him and says there is also a Duggu adoption ceremony and we are going to become Uncle and Aunt. Meet Ahlawat says yes, relationships are changing. From today onwards, he will become Uncle Meet from Uncle Meet as his Mother’s brother and she will become Aunt Meet Ustad from Aunt Meet Ustad as his Uncle’s Wife.

Duggu sits alone in his room and thinks about an incident which is when he drew a family tree, Masoom sees it and tears it away and scolds him saying that from now on, we are not your Parents but Sunaina and Tej are your Parents and tells him to draw another family tree with Sunaina and Tej as his Parents.

While he’s thinking about it, Girl Meet enters the room and sees Duggu being upset. Girl Meet asks what happened? Before Duggu could say anything, Masoom enters the room and says to Girl Meet that Duggu is not comfortable in these types of heavy clothes that’s the reason he is upset and some people don’t know the value of good things. Masoom goes to Duggu and asks why is he sitting like this? If anyone sees you in this state, people will think that we are forcing you by sending you off to your new Parents and asks Duggu if he is happy with the adoption? Duggu sees Girl Meet and says yes.

Masoom and Sunaina talk about Duggu and says from now on, he is your responsibility. Sunaina gets excited about being a Mom and says from now on, we will go to his Parent-Teacher meeting, we will buy books, shoes, toys, etc.

Duggu comes in a big popcorn box and surprises everyone and they all dance to a song on the happy occasion. Masoom pushes Duggu when he goes near her when the song is played, he is not happy and walks away when the song is completed.

The Priest asks for Duggu and Masoom looks for him in his room and he is not there.

Girl Meet comes into the room and asks where is Duggu? Hoshiyar says we are unable to find him. Girl Meet says she will look for him in the garden. Girl Meet looks for Duggu in the garden and sees pieces Batasha garland that Duggu wore leads to the main road.

The Family members talk about Duggu in his room. Masoom tells them he might have hidden in the house. Girl Meet says Duggu has left the house. Masoom says he is a child, how can he leave the house?

Girl Meet shows the pieces of Batasha garland that she found in the garden and shows the family members. Masoom asks Girl Meet you are the last one to talk to him and what have you said that he left the house?? Girl Meet says she didn’t say anything and looks at the crumpled paper that she saw in Dugguu’s hand.

Girl Meet sees it and shows it to the family members and where it is written that;

Duggu doesn’t want a new Mom and Dad.

Seeing it, Raj says this means Duggu is not happy with the adoption. Raj asks Masoom how can she do this with a small child?? Masoom says she doesn’t know about it. Raj says he is hurt which is why he has left the house. Babita asks them to search for Duggu. Girl Meet and Raj asks her to not be tensed.

Both Meet goes to search for Duggu.

Duggu thinks about where he has to go?

Both Meet, Hoshiyar inquires for Duggu.

Duggu thinks to return to thr house as he is feeling hungry.

Girl Meet gets to know from a shopkeeper that children are getting kidnapped.

Two men kidnap Duggu and take him in the van. They take Duggu to their Den. He cries to release him.

Tej sees Meet Alhawat with a water bottle and asks if he found Duggu? Meet Ahlawat tells them he found a way for Girl Meet to find Duggu and shows them how Girl Meet disguises herself as a kid to reach the kidnappers. He makes her wear the Bluetooth. Tej and Hoshiyar agree to their plan.

Girl Meet acts like a special kid and searches for her Parents.

The Kidnappers kidnap her and takes her to their place. Girl Meet notices Duggu in their place. Meet Ahlawat hears the kidnapper’s words of the deal. Duggu identifies her but she signals at him to not reveal her identity. Duggu agrees and smiles. Girl Meet acts like a dog and she diverts the attention of the goons. Duggu releases his ties with the help of another kid. The Goons tie up Girl Meet. Duggu tells her he can release her.

Meet Ahlawat enters the Den changing his look. He disguises himself as a child trafficker. Meet Ahlawat talks with the goons and identifies himself as the person that has come to take the children and brought 110 millions. The goons try to confirm his identity by calling their boss, but Meet Ahlawat does not allow the goons to call the boss and tries to get some time for Tej to cut the connection.

Meet Ahlawat says he has to check the children after all, he is giving money to them. The Goons try to call their boss but there is no network, as Tej has cut the connection wire. The Goons allow Meet Ahlawat to check the children. When Meet Ahlawat is checking the children, the real child traffickers enters the den and sees Meet Ahlawat. The goons understand that something is wrong and shout at Meet Ahlawat.

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