Meet Ahlawat unties Girl Meet in the form of checking them. The goons put Meet Ahlawat at gunpoint, but Meet Ahlawat signals at Duggu to untie all the children. Meet Ahlawat takes a stick and beats the goon that put him at gun point.

At the same, Girl Meet takes care of the rest of the goons that are near her. When she sees more goons coming, she throws marbles on the floor and the goons fall down by stepping on the marbles. The rest of the children high five each other as they are saved.

Meet Ahlawat, Meet and Tej bring Duggu back to the house. Babita asks Duggu why he has left the house? Hoshiyar says he will give them the answer and reveals the truth to the family about Masoom’s fake pregnancy and how she started this drama so that she can give Duggu to Tej and Sunaina and when the property is in the name of Duggu, she will rule the house!

Hearing this, Babita asks Masoom when has she become like this, you haven’t thought about your child’s feelings and our feelings??

Duggu says to Babita and Hoshiyar to stop scolding Mom, as he can see that she already feels sorry. After this, Duggu and Masoom say sorry to each other. Tej hugs Duggu.

Hoshiyar thanks Girl Meet for saving their Duggu and tells the family members how she saved other children and tells them that it’s good if she joins the Police department and he makes them meet the children and their Parents whom Girl Meet saved. The Children thanks Girl Meet.

Meet Ahlawat tells his Mom that Girl Meet can fulfill both of her responsibilities and he asks her to allow Girl Meet to become a Police Officer.

Duggu and other kids ask Babita to allow Girl Meet. Meet Ahlawat asks them to allow Girl Meet to fill the form of Police training. Girl Meet takes their blessings. Babita asks Girl Meet if she can take care of her job and house responsibilities at the same time? She asks her to give more priority to her house! Girl Meet looks on. Meet Ahlawat says she will and he makes Girl Meet takes the blessings of others.

Ram thinks she won’t let her join the Police force! Later, Ram and Ragini tell Raj and Babita that they are arranging for Holi’s party. Raj asks Ram and Ragini to take on Girl Meet joining the Police department.

Meet Ahlawat asks Girl Meet why she’s still taking time to fill the form? Girl Meet shows him the question and tells him she is unable to think what are her strength and weaknesses. Meet Ahlawat gets hurt because of the stapler. Girl Meet feels worried and cleans his finger.

Ram tells it’s the wrong decision from Girl Meet side as this job is full of risk. Babita agrees with him. Ragini says I don’t agree with both of you and I feel Girl Meet took the correct decision as risk is everywhere and we can’t leave just to live in fear of death and something might happen in Holi’s party room. Ram thinks something will definitely happen in Holi for our family’s unity!

Meet Ahlawat says you always think for others which is your strength. Girl Meet asks him to stop it. Meet Ahlawat tells her their first Holi must be special. Girl Meet tells him she has to fill the form.

Ram thinks I understand that Meet Ahlawat is your strength and weakness, and I won’t even let you fill the form!

Girl Meet is thinking about why she is unable to fill the form of Police job from yesterday? Meet Ahlawat comes to her with a food tray and tells her the food plan. Girl Meet tells him it’s not good.

Ram, Lakhan, and Duggu show her Pichkari and color. They fight with each other telling her they will apply colour to her first. Meet Ahlawat tells them he will apply colour to Meet. Ram, Lakhan, and Duggu form a team and challenge Meet Ahlawat that they will see who applies colour to Meet first. Girl Meet tells him it won’t be good if he loses in the kid’s hands. Meet Ahlawat assures her that he will apply the colour to her.

Tej sees Sunaina is sad. Sunaina tells him she thought to celebrate Holi with her kid. Tej tells her they can adopt Ram and Lakhan. Sunaina didn’t accept his decision and tells him that they won’t set up well with them. Tej says he will make them okay with them but Sunaina refuses.

Girl Meet sits with her laptop. Babita and Masoom comes there with tray. Babita asks where is her tray? Masoom says she is busy before joining the Police force so she didn’t decorate her tray.

Meet Ahlawat comes there with Anubha and Dadi. Anubha tells them that it’s their custom so they brought tray for Girl Meet and gives her. Girl Meet is about tell her Mom and Dadi about her decision. Anubha tells her that Meet Alhawat has already informed them and tells her that they are happy with her decision of becoming a Police Officer.

Later, Meet Ahlawat takes colours to his room. He hides the colour from Girl Meet and asks if she filled the form? Meet denies it, then she asks what’s he hiding? Meet Ahlawat hides the colour packet and tells her that he will apply colour to her first.

Ram on call asks Hawa Singh to not do anything and tells him that he will stop Girl Meet from joining the Police force!

In the middle of the night, Meet Ahlawat sees Girl Meet and thinks to apply pink colour to her in the next morning.

Next morning, Meet Ahlawat notices colour on his cheek and he runs out to apply colour to Meet. He sees Duggu, Ram, and Lakhan applying colour to Meet. They tease him telling he loses and leaves.

Meet Ahlawat feels bad and asks her why she didn’t wait for him? She takes him near the mirror and shows both of their faces and hands are filled with pink color and she tells him how she makes him apply colour to her and how she applied her colour to him. Meet Ahlawat tells he won’t believe and asks her to repeat it. Girl Meet says you’re shameless and tuns from him. He chases her. Then he applies colour to her cheek to cheek. Girl Meet runs from there.

Tej takes Meet Ahlawat with him to drink Thandai. Girl Meet notices a gift for her on the table with her name and she finds a white saree and a threat note which mentions if you join the Police force, you will see the death of your husband in Holi celebrations! Girl Meet gets shocked and thinks about how to save Meet Ahlawat from danger. Girl Meet goes to Meet Ahlawat.

Ram thinks she has to change her decision of joining the Police force!

Girl Meet gets shocked and goes near Meet Ahlawat to keep him away from the danger. She asks him to come with her telling him they are in danger, but he can’t understand her words in bhang effect (intoxicated).

Raj calls everyone and tells everyone how he proposed to Babita’s mother on Holi day assuming that she is Babita. Everyone laughs. Meet Ahlawat tells how they the children got the values from Babita while Ronance from Raj. Everyone smiles.

Meet Ahlawat asks why Sunaina doesn’t  have any colour on her face? Tej tells him she has an allergy to colors. Meet Ahlawat tells her he will bring organic colour and applies it to her. Sunaina refuses.

Girl Meet thinks how to know about the danger and she thinks Hawa Singh might have sent his men here.

Ram and Lakhan apply colour on Sunaina. Sunaina scolds them. Tej tells her he is the one who has sent them. Sunaina leaves asking how can he do it when he knows that she doesn’t like it?? Ram and Lakhan ask why he took the blame on himself? Tej says it’s the elders’ responsibility to save kids. He hugs them.

Girl Meet stops Meet Ahlawat from having Pani puri and he checks the things. Meet Ahlawat asks why she is getting touchy? Girl Meet says you’re my boyfriend so I won’t leave you alone. He agrees. She ties his scarf with her saree tip then she feeds Panipuri to him and thinks she won’t let any danger come near him!

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