Prachi couldn’t believe it. He tells that a lie was shown as truth, and when Prachi left from the hotel, he went to the CCTV room, he learnt that they were being watched. He tells that everything was planned to show their relationship as an illegitimate one. He tells her that this was done to separate them from the family. He feels Kohlis did this to get rid of them. Prachi tells that the Kohlis can’t do this. He asks her to think who wanted to separate Ranbir and her? He knows that he got cheated by Rhea. He tells that he met Rhea and tried to explain the situation to her that he just loves her.

In the flashback, he tells Rhea that Prachi is just a friend, he was trapped into the scene. Rhea tells that she knows everything. She adds that she never liked him, she wanted to leave him, but she acted to keep the marriage just to get Ranbir back. She tells that Prachi is her big enemy, who snatched Ranbir from her. She reveals that Ranbir and she were going to marry, but Prachi blackmailed Ranbir and married him in the last minute.

Rhea explains that Pallavi always wanted to make her her daughter-in-law and she disliked Prachi. She adds that Pallavi and Vikram made this plan to make Prachi away from the house. She lied to him that the masked lady he had seen at the hotel was Pallavi. Siddharth couldn’t believe it, but Rhea tells him that Ranbir had put Prachi and him on the bed, and then framed them. She lies to him about Ranbir and his Parents. She tells that they pretended everything, Ranbir had to say bitter things to send Prachi away. She tells that Ranbir and she planned everything and used Siddharth in their conspiracy. She adds that Ranbir and she are going to marry now. She asks him to sign the divorce papers. Siddharth agrees to divorce her. Siddharth believes that it was a drama set up by the Kohli family. FB Ends.

Prachi tells Siddharth that Ranbir can’t put up such a drama, he was heartbroken that day and his tears were true. Siddharth tells that Rhea told him the entire truth. He tells that he had seen Rhea and Ranbir close together and happy, but he didn’t notice it in a wrong way, because he was blind in Rhea’s love. He tells Prachi that Ranbir and Rhea never deserved them. Prachi is still shaken up thinking how could Ranbir plot to disgrace her character and end their marriage?

Meanwhile, Rhea manipulated Siddharth to make him reach Prachi and fill hatred in the latter’s mind against Ranbir.

Rhea threatens to commit suicide and keeps knife on her wrist. Pallavi and Vikram asks her not to do this. Ranbir tries to stop her. Rhea says don’t you dare say anything! Dadi says you are stubborn and taking advantage of our goodness. Rhea gets angry. Pallavi says don’t say anything! Vikram asks her to be quiet!

Rhea asks Dadi to stay away and says I can’t be alone, and says if I stay alone, then people’s thoughts will be proved rights, that Prachi and Sid betrayed us and left. Dadi says who said this? Rhea says my friends. Dadi says leave such friends. Rhea says should I die? She tells Ranbir that he kept Prachi in his heart, but she loves Sid and not you. She says Prachi is living with Sid and you are living in her memories. She asks what should I do? She says you don’t want to move on, and not letting me move on. She says why are you stopping me to live the life? She says I am not killing myself, you are forcing me to die.

Ranbir tries to snatch the knife from her hand and says we will make them realize that they can’t ruin our lives, and we will be happy without them. She says we will not do what society asks us to do? Rhea says if he will not marry me? She says I know you will not marry me and want to give a strong message to Prachi and Sid. She says I will not change my decision and will die! Ranbir snatches the knife from her hand and throws it away. She picks it again. Ranbir bends down on his knees and proposes to her for marriage.

Rhea drops the knife and says yes, I will marry you. She holds his hand and hugs him. Pallavi and Vikram are happy. Dadi is shocked. Ranbir says make the arrangements for the marriage and goes. Dadi says Ranbir…you? Ranbir goes out, while sad song plays.

Rhea says I am sorry Daddy. Pallavi says it’s okay. Vikram says we want everything to be fine. Rhea says you are good Parents, thanks for saving me. Dadi goes to talk to Ranbir.

Prachi refuses to believe Sid and says Rhea lied to you. Sid says Pallavi has always liked Rhea and Rhea loved Ranbir, which was why they made the plan to oust us from their lives. He says I came to talk to you, but Sushma aunty stopped me. He says then I went to Bangalore, and then tried to called you, it was changed. He says I couldn’t tell you that Ranbir was not like he appears to be.

Prachi says Rhea lied to you and says that incident was unfortunate, and Ranbir couldn’t think of this even in his dreams. She says if he will do this to separate himself from me? She says I might agree that Pallavi aunty might team up with Rhea, but Ranbir can’t do this. She says his heart was broken, and I felt his pain in his eyes. She says my Ranbir can’t do this.

Sid says we can talk about Rhea. He asks didn’t you feel that Rhea has Ranbir in her heart? Prachi recalls the incidents, when she sees Rhea with Ranbir. She says it might be in Rhea’s eyes and not in Ranbir’s eyes. Sid says forget that you loved Ranbir, then you will understand. Prachi says I will not hear anything against him. She says I love him still and he is my husband still. She says he loves me equally and will tell this himself. She says I am giving him time, as Mother says that time heals everything. She says I know that everything will be fine between us.

Sid asks her to sit. Prachi says I am unwell and asks him to go. She asks the hotel staff lady to take her to her room.

Dadi comes to Ranbir and says don’t do this marriage. She says I didn’t tell you anything, and says Prachi and you… He says I don’t want to talk about her! Dadi says how can you marry her just because she threatened to commit suicide? She says this is blackmailing, how can you be happy? Ranbir says he is marrying for his Parents’ happiness. Dadi asks what about your own happiness? He says it doesn’t matter, I did everything with my choice, what did I get? Dadi says happiness was with me, but you misunderstood her.

Ranbir says this is Prachi’s speciality and says we can’t accept what she has done, and says maybe it’s her magic etc. Dadi says whatever you have seen was not right. Ranbir says forget it, and says that was betrayal and this is reality. He says you should be happy and I can’t see you sad. Dadi  thinks I wish, I could do something for you and says I will not agree that Prachi has betrayed you!

Sushma talks on call and says she is in Bangalore. Prachi asks the hotel staff member to take her to her Grandma’s (Sushma) room. Prachi runs to bathroom. The staff member asks if she should call the Doctor and tells about the medicine box. Prachi asks where it is? The staff member says it is in the drawer. Prachi says she is fine and asks her to go. The staff member goes.

Rhea comes to her room happily and recalls Ranbir’s proposal. She thinks I am getting married to the love of my life, and says she is getting married to Ranbir, it is her dream to become Mrs. Ranbir Kohli. She asks if it is dream and dances.

Pallavi comes there and says it’s okay. She says I know you are very happy and you have all the right to deserve this happiness, you have sacrificed so much. She says I am very happy for you and says everything is happening just as I wanted so many years ago, and says life started before Prachi had come into our lives to ruin it. She says I called the Priest and he said that tomorrow is the auspicious day and then after a month if not done tomorrow. She says the marriage will happen tomorrow.

Rhea recalls talking to the Priest and bribing him on call to tell that the auspicious date is tomorrow. The Priest says there is no auspicious day tomorrow. Rhea asks him to tell Pallavi that the auspicious day is good and says he will get double payment. The Priest says I never lied. Rhea asks if the goddess is coming into your house and asks him to tell Pallavi that tomorrow is the best day! FB Ends

Pallavi says I called the designer and asks her to select your wedding dress. Rhea says thank you so much, you always supported me and taken good care of me, but I emotionally hurt you. She emotionally blackmails Pallavi. Pallavi says I can understand. Rhea says you have taken good care of me like your daughter, though my own mother don’t want my happiness. She says you are my true mother, and says we will have mother and daughter relationship between us.

Pallavi says works perfectly, and says you are already my daughter and says you and Ranbir’s marriage is necessary. She says I am happy for you both. She says I should go and make announcement of your marriage and inform everyone that Ranbir is marrying with the girl of my choice. She says she will tell Sid, and then Prachi will know eventually. She says she will tell them that her children will always be happy after the marriage. She goes to call Sid. Rhea gets worried.

Prachi gets restless and walks into the room. The staff lady gives her lemonade and goes to the washroom. She picks up the things kept there and says congratulations Ma, you are pregnant. She shows her pregnancy detection strip. She handovers the pregnancy detection strip to her.

Prachi looks at the positive lines on the HCG strip and tells herself that she is pregnant, reminiscing Ranbir rushing home and telling that we are pregnant. He lifts and swirls her. Prachi asks what do he mean? Ranbir says I am going to be a father. Prachi says how can you become a father, I am not pregnant. He says I am happy with the happiness of becoming a father. Prachi asks him to grow up first and then they will think about the child. He says your start up is your first child and then our baby.

Ranbir says he has three dreams: First is marriage with you, Second is child with you and Thirdly is the start up. He says he wants to be the father of a little girl and will be happy when she gives him little Prachi. He says he really wants to be the Dad and will keep her as the Princess. Prachi says my mad husband. Ranbir says once you get pregnant, you just order me to do anything and says little Prachi will call me Bau ji. Prachi says first focus on the start up. Ranbir says I will become a good person and will forgive you for your mistakes. He says I will never hurt you. FB ends.

Prachi says we are pregnant Ranbir and then recalls his accusations. She gets teary eyes and thinks I thought to end my relationship with Ranbir, but now, what shpuld I do? She cries sitting on the bed.

Ranbir is on call and tells that he has checked all the mails, it is perfect. Prachi cries. Ranbir looks at the window who gets opened with a heavy wind. He ends the call and comes to the window.

Pallavi comes there and informs him that the Marriage auspicious dateis tomorrow. She says I spoke with the Priest and he told that the auspicious date is tomorrow else after a month. Ranbir asks if this is not too early? Pallavi says this marriage should have happened 2.5 years ago. She then asks for Sid’s number? Ranbir says I don’t have it. Vikram says I do, why do you need it? Pallavi goes with him.

Ranbir feels uneasy and strange and asks himself the reason. He recalls seeing Prachi and Sid on the bed and gets upset. Ya rabba plays…

Vikram asks Pallavi if you are not done with whatever happened that you want to call Sid and inform him about Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage? Pallavi calls Sid. Sid says hello. Pallavi asks if he deleted her number that he’s saying hello formally?

Sid recalls Rhea’s plotting and says I don’t know you. Pallavi asks him to say that again and puts the call on loudspeaker. Vikram scolds him and calls him a snake in sleeve. He counts the favours they have done for him. Sid says you have done my complete estrangement and now expecting something from me? He says I was hurt before, but now, I know the truth that you always wanted to get Rhea and Ranbir married!

Pallavi takes the call and says we have always wanted that and says she is getting them married tomorrow! She says she didn’t call him to invite him, but want to ask him to keep his inauspicious face away from their marriage! She says what do you think that Prachi and you have the right to move on, and says Ranbir and Rhea have moved on and are very happy! Sid ends the call and thinks he is not affected whoever Rhea gets married with. He thinks he should tell Prachi.

Rhea thinks if Sid won’t create some problem, and then thinks he can’t do anything. She gets her friend’s call and picks it. Shaina says I am going to reach Airport and says men are like this and asks her not to take tension and think good, and says you deserve better. Rhea laughs and says even you will laugh. She says I am getting married to my love and asks her to come and says she will tell her. Shaina says okay.

Sid comes to Prachi and sees her crying. He thinks it seems even she got the call. He asks did you come to know? Prachi says just now and says she doesn’t know how to react, this time is such and says everything happens with God’s wish. Sid says it was destined to happen, tomorrow Rhea and Ranbir will marry and the chapter will be over. Prachi is shocked and says what? Who told this? Sid says Aunt Pallavi called and said that Ranbir and Rhea are getting married tomorrow.

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