Girl Meet gets ready to go to the party and when she comes out, a gun is pointed at her and when she sees Meet Ahlawat in Police uniform, he understands it’s a prank and he is dressed as Simba.

Meet Ahlawat takes Girl Meet to the party place where Tej, Hoshiyar, Duggu, and Raj comes in Police officer uniform to congratulates Girl Meet and salute her, the rest of the family also cheer for her.

Girl Meet talks with Babita and asks her that Aunty you are not happy with me joining the Police and if you think I will give priority to Police work and neglect my duty as the daughter-in-law of this family, then you can scold me. Babita says she knows that the Police is a very demanding and challenging job but there is a fine line between family and work and if you cross the line, then a girl’s life will change upside down. When Sita Devi crossed Lakshman Rekha, then it started a war.

Girl Meet says Aunty because Sita Devi crossed the line Raavan is beheaded and if she hadn’t crossed the line, a bad guy like Raavan would not have been beheaded. If girls stay on that side of the line, so how can bad guys like Raavan can beheaded?

Sunaina tries to take a photo with Duggu but Duggu says he had to eat pastry and runs away. Tej says to Ram and Lakhan to go. Ram and Lakhan ask can they take a photo with her and Sunaina takes the photo with them and Tej. Ram and Lakhan leaves from there. Tej talks with Sunaina to give a chance to Ram and Lakhan. Sunaina says she will. Ten hugs her in appreciation.

Masoom hears it and says Ram and Lakhan becoming Tej and Sunaina’s children, she couldn’t let it happen.

Ragini searches for Laddoo. Ram sees that the children took it and takes them away from the children.

The children says Girl Meet cannot eat all of them and they want to eat them as well. Girl Meet tries to feed the Laddoo to the children but Ram stops it and says the children cannot eat it. Girl Meet asks why can’t the children eat it? Ram says Ragjni has made them for you and children can eat other Laddoos.

Ram tries to feed Girl Meet the Laddoo, but Ragini stops him and says she is going to feed Girl Meet the first Laddoo and Meet Ahlawat gets up and says he is going to feed Girl Meet the second Laddoo, as one is not enough for her and she needs a lot of energy.

When all the family is talking, Ram sees Girl Meet is yawning a lot and suggests Girl Meet goes to sleep, as she needs to rest for tomorrow’s physical examination. Girl Meet says she will go after some time. Ram says you at least need 8 to 10 hrs rest. Raj agrees and tells Girl Meet to sleep. Meet Ahlawat says he also needs 8 to 10 hrs rest, but Ram stops him and says stop going after your wife every time. Ram says to the family let’s all watch a movie and go to the TV hall.

Girl Meet notices something is getting burnt from the window. She comes out to control it, but she feels dizzy. Everyone enjoys watching the movie. Girl Meet brings water to control the fire, but she falls unconscious near the fire.

Ram notices everyone is busy with the movie so he goes with iron bar recalling Hawa Singh’s words to kill Girl Meet to hide his crime. He tries to hit her, but he drops the iron rod thinking he can’t kill their house daughter-in-law. He thinks he has to do something, he takes a wooden stick instead and says sorry daughter-in-law, but I don’t want you to find out the truth by joining the Police force, as it will break our family. He places the burning wood on Girl Meet’s feet. Raj shouts for him to come in, so he goes inside.

Meet Ahlawat checks the time. Tej asks why he looks tensed? Meet Alhawat tells him he is thinking of Girl Meet and tells him that he wants to check Girl Meet just for once, if she had slept. Tej asks him to go check. Ram stops Meet Ahlawat from going. They enjoy the movie.

Girl Meet regains some consciousness because of the burning sensation of her leg so she drops the flower pot beside her. Everyone gets alerted because of that sound. Girl Meet falls unconscious again.

Everyone comes out and gets shocked seeing Girl Meet’s state. Meet Ahlawat takes the burning wood from Girl Meet’s feet and takes her inside the home. Raj says to Babita to call the Doctor. Babitha says she will call him right now.

The Doctor checks Girl Meet, bandages her wound and says that he gave an injection and she needs rest. Meet Ahlawat asks the Doctor how is Meet? The Doctor says the burn in pretty deep and it will take some months to heal up completely and if she doesn’t get rest, then the wound on her feet may spread infection which they might have to amputate her leg, as a result of that. Meet Ahlawat says nothing like that will happen. The Doctor says just make sure that she has bed rest.

Meet Ahlawat talks to Girl Meet that he will take care of her in her sleep and she will get well soon. Raj seeing this tries to talk to Meet Ahlawat. Raj says to Meet Ahlawat that based on what the Doctor said, she is not fit for the physical test and when she wakes up, you will have to make her understand that. Meet Ahlawat says how can I do that Dad? How can I say to Girl Meet that you are not fit for what you have worked this hard for?

Seeing Meet Ahlawat like this, Babita standing at the door feels guilty and says she wasn’t there with Girl Meet and if she was there, she wouldn’t have let this happened.

Raj says to Babita stop blaming yourself, as it’s not in your hands and whatever happens it’s in God’s hands.

Meet Ahlawat tries to take the training chart off the board, but Girl Meet wakes up and asks him why is he taking off the chart? Girl Meet sees the time and asks why hasn’t he woken her up? Girl Meet tries to get down from the bed. Meet Ahlawat stops her, but she didn’t listen and gets down. She couldn’t handle the pain and falls down and sees that she is injured and thinks what happened yesterday? She asks Meet Ahlawat what happened?

Meet Ahlawat says the Doctor has given her a pain killer which is why there was no pain at the start, but she’s now in pain. Girl Meet says how can something like this happen and she has to go to give the test. Meet Ahlawat says to her that the Doctor has said it will take months for the wound to heal. Girl Meet thinks about how hard she worked for the test and cries.

Ram talks with Hawa Singh in the car. Hawa Singh says you have the opportunity and you still haven’t used it. Hawa Singh asks why are you still hesitant about doing this? And tells that if you commit a murder one time or ten times, murder is murder, Sir. Ram says he is not a murderer. Hawa Singh says figuratively that there is no use hiding your face Sir, as I have seen it.

Ram says you didn’t want her to go for the Police test right? She will not go now as I made sure of it. She will not go today, but she will go when she gets her wound healed, think about it.

The family members at the di ing table are all sad because of what happened to Girl Meet. Ragini comes down with bags in her hand, and upon seeing that, Hoshiyar asks Ragini where are you going? Ragini says we brought the Police uniforms right? So I was going to return them.

Girl Meet comes in a wheel chair and asks for everybody’s blessings to take the physical test. The family members try to convince her that she cannot go in this state. Babita asks her son why is he allowing her even after knowing her state? Girl Meet tells her nothing can happen to her. Babita says the Doctor advised you to take complete bed rest and if you take this risk on the ground, then you may lose your foot!

Ram says Bhabhi Ji is correct and she shouldn’t take this risk, as it’s not a good decision from your side. Girl Meet says she is lucky to get them as her family and I can’t sit at home to make my enemy win.

Babita says it’s enough and she calls Raj, but it’s not connected. She asks Meet Ahlawat to stop his wife! Meet Ahlawat says she will stop if I asked her, but I won’t, as it will suffocate her and we are doing this taking the advice of the Doctor so bless her please. Babita refuses to bless her telling them she won’t bless who doesn’t listen to the elder’s advice!

Ragini and the other family members wish her all the best. Girl Meet asks Ram to bless her so she can punish the culprits of her Dad’s murder. Ram reluctantly places his hand on her head. Then they leave.

Meet Ahlawat brings Girl Meet to the Police training academy. Her wheelchair gets stuck because of some sand. Other students make fun of her. Meet Ahlawat gets angry. Girl Meet asks him to not consider their words and asks him to trust his girlfriend and assures him that she will win. Meet Ahlawat lifts her in his arms and takes her on the que.

The Officer in charge of the list notices she is unable to walk and he asks her to leave telling her it’s a test for physical fitness. Girl Meet says it’s written not only as a physical but mental fitness test as well, I agree that I’m injured but I’m mentally fit and want to participate in this test. The Officer asks what if something happens to her in the test?

Meet Ahlawat says it’s their responsibility as she came to participate with her will. The Officer tells he can’t allow her.

A higher Official tells her she can’t achieve the job with their pity and don’t expect that we won’t test you properly seeing your state, it’s quality of Losers! Girl Meet tells him she doesn’t come to take donations and asks them to allow her to participate in tests like others to prove her ability.

Girl Meet asks a senior officer for a chance to prove her capability. The senior officer signals at his junior to take her application. They allow her to participate in the test.

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