Meet Ahlawat thanks him, then he makes Girl Meet wear the number. The Junior Officers discuss to prove to Girl Meet that she can’t do it. The Officer announces 3 Feet Long Jump in the first round. Everyone finishes their turn. It’s Meet’s turn and she holds her Dad’s chain and prays for his support. She runs to participate, but she falls down. Other girls smile at her.

Meet Ahlawat encourages her telling her she can. Girl Meet tries again but she falls again on the ground. The Officer asks her to leave her stubbornness telling her feet is injured! Girl Meet uses her upper body and finishes the round. The Officer praises her. Meet Ahlawat feels happy. Girl Meet asks the Officer to arrange for the second round.

Babita tells Raj that Girl Meet didn’t listen to their suggestion. Raj tells her he will talk with Guruji.

The next round is the Long Jump. Girl Meet tells Meet Ahlawat that she runs long to finish the round with a good score. She falls multiple times. Meet Ahlawat tells her she is bleeding. Girl Meet assures him she is fine.

The Officer signs her last attempt. Girl Meet touch the line using her jacket. Other girls complain to the Officers saying Girl Meet is cheating with her jacket! Girl Meet says she used her smartness to clear the round.

The Officer asks them to get ready for 3rd round which is Race.

Meet Ahlawat tells her she is bleeding heavily and asks her to stop participating in the next round. Girl Meet assures him that she won’t let it bleed anymore and participate in the race tying her injured feet. Meet Ahlawat encourages her to do it.

The Officer informs their senior how one girl is participating in the round with injured feet without accepting defeat.

Meet Ahlawat supports Girl Meet.

The Officer tells her she is disqualified as she doesn’t finish the race on time. Meet Ahlawat in tears tells her he is proud of her and tells her that she can try in the next year. Girl Meet agrees.

Ragini receives messages and tells the family members that Girl Meet was disqualified from the test. Ram feels happy. Tej asks the family members to not remindGirl  Meet about her wound and test. Sunaina and others agree to behave normally with Girl Meet.

Meet Ahlawat returns home with Girl Meet. The Family members try to divert her. Girl Meet tells them they need not worry that she feels bad. Meet Ahlawat tells them because Girl Meet is selected. Everyone gets shocked. Ram asks how it happened??

Meet Ahlawat hugs him and tells that the Officer spoke to the higher Officials and made Girl Meet pass the physical examination test and she wrote the test too. The Family members claps for Girl Meet. Ragini tells that Girl Meet will become a Police Officer. Everyone congratulates her.

Raj comes there and tells that Girl Meet won’t be joining the Police force and it’s decided! Girl Meet thinks why is he stopping her?

Babita gets shocked and asks Raj you have always been in favour of Girl Meet becoming a Police Officer from day 1 so what happened suddenly that you are taking this decision? Raj says he spoke with Guruji and Guruji says for the next six months, there is a threat of life for Girl Meet.

Girl Meet says to Raj that Uncle, you know I want to become a Police Officer, not because of a silly reason but to bring justice to my Dad. Raj says he knows but this time, I don’t want to lose you and emotionally asks Girl Meet not to join the Police. Raj also says he will get the best lawyer and will do justice for you. Girl Meet sighs as she agrees with Raj’s decision. Girl Meet thinks to herself she can’t go against father-in-law nor can she make him sad.

Girl Meet goes to Ashok Hoodah ’s photo and asks him what to do and tells him to give some kind of sign and says this time, even Meet Ahlawat did not stand by my side. Meet Ahlawat hears what she said. Girl Meet says this time, even you didn’t stand by my side.

Meet Ahlawat says try to understand that this it’s about your life and the Ahlawat’s family has been listening to Guruji for many years but even if there is even a 1% chance to what Guruji said, then he will not support her. He says it’s risky. Girl Meet says risk was even there when I joined the Police and you supported me then. Meet Ahlawat says but then your feet wasn’t burnt, but now, after what happened, I can’t support you. Girl Meet says you can support me after you understand me and says first try to understand me.

Tej asks Sunaina if Dad took the right decision in Girl Meet’s case. Sunaina says of course he took the right decision and says Raj thinks practically and asks Tej why can’t he think practically? Tej asks is it about Ram and Lakhan? If she is not happy with his decision, he says he will stay away from her and leaves the room taking his pillow.

Girl Meet wakes up because of alarm and sees that Meet Ahlawat is not by her side. Girl Meet thinks she has to convince Meet Ahlawat to be by her side and then try to convince Father-in-law. Girl Meet sees that Meet Ahlawat is praying to god about her safety.

Girl Meet pours little oil from the oil lamp stand and when Meet Ahlawat sees Girl Meet, she makes him believe like she’s falling down. Meet Ahlawat catches Girl Meet and asks why are you outside and sees that the oil is on the floor and calls the Servant.

Girl Meet says this time, I was in danger and not because of the Police Training, etc. She says danger is present anywhere even when I go on a bike for delivery, there may be an accident. Guruji said that there is a danger for me but did not say that it’s because of me joining the Police. Meet Ahlawat says sorry to Girl Meet and says you’re right, there is danger anywhere which doesn’t care if you’re at home or at the Police academy. Girl Meet asks now we have to convince Father-in-law.

Meet Ahlawat says Dad will never put aside Guruji’s decision. It’s not only difficult but impossible to convince dad so how can we do it? Girl Meet sees that Masoom is walking by and she gets an idea and says to Meet Ahlawat that they are going to leave the house and it should be done now.

Girl Meet signals to Meet Ahlawat to cooperate with what she does and he does it. Masoom goes to inform her Dad about what she heard.

Girl Meet thinks now, Masoom will go and tell Dad and will talk with Mummy ji and what we want will happen! Masoom goes to her Dad and tells him about what she saw. Raj says it’s not possible and he completely trusts Girl Meet. Masoom says mistakes are made by humans and Girl Meet is also human, if you check once, nothing will happen.

Both Meet act like they are running away from the house and Raj sees it and stops them and asks Girl Meet did you not think about me for one second? Babita also sees and asks what’s with the bag? Masoom says it’s their bag.

Babita asks Girl Meet if she is daring to go even after Raj said no? Masoom says Dad treated you daughter-in-laws as his own daughter but today, Girl Meet showed that she does not respect your decision.

Raj says to Girl Meet that he didn’t expect this from her. Raj asks Girl Meet before doing this, haven’t you thought about my feelings?

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