Raj says if you don’t respect my decision, then I will talk with Anubha, after all, there is a blood relationship between you, and walks away.

Meet Ahlawat says we know something like this is going to happen.

It is shown that Meet and Meet Ahlawat are worrying about what will happen.

Raj goes to Anubha’s home. Anubha receives Raj and asks what’s the reason for his visit? Raj says Girl Meet doesn’t even listen to him now. Girl Meet wants to join the Police force, but Guruji said that for the next six months, there is a danger for her. Please talk some sense into her. Anubha calls Meet Ahlawat.

Meet Ahlawat gets worried about what decision they will take but Anubha says that Raj bhai’s condition is pretty serious and tells him to come quickly!

It is shown that Raj is checked by a Doctor in Ahlawat’s house. Ram says to the family members Raj has gotten a heart attack. Masoom says he is a healthy and happy person so how can he get a heart attack? Ram says he’s been worried ever since Guruji said that Girl Meet’s life might be in danger in these 6 months.

Masoom says Dad thinks of Girl Meet as her daughter, but she doesn’t even think of her father-in-law and because of her, these are the results!

Ragini says Girl Meet always thinks of our family as her family. Babita asks then where is she??

Girl Meet is shown praying to god about Raj’s health. Girl Meet says to Masoom that she put her hand on Babita doesn’t mean taking care of her and you know now is the time for her to take her Migraine medicine and have you given her? No, when you are given the chance to spray me, then how can you not use it?

Girl Meet says to Anubha to go home as Dadi will be alone and they are all here.

Girl Meet is shown to be taking care of the family members.

After some time, Meet Ahlawat comes and says Dad is out of danger. All the family members go to see him. Meet Ahlawat takes Girl Meet to Dad. Raj jokes with everyone seeing that they are all sad.

Girl Meet comes to Raj and sits near his feet. Raj says the daughter’s position is not at their feet and tells her to sit near him. Girl Meet says she will be with him all the time and asks if she will cut friendship if he does friendship with tensions? Raj says he will cut friendship with her if she won’t listen to him and he asks her son to drop Girl Meet at the training center. Everyone looks at him in shock.

Raj asks why you’re all looking at me in this way? Girl Meet has Anubha Ji’s blood and I asked Anubha Ji if she allowed Girl Meet to join in Police force even after her husband’s incident, then she told me that she is proud that her husband lost his life on duty and I will be proud even if Girl Meet becomes Martyr in the line of duty.

Girl Meet apologies to him for her drama of leaving the house to make him understand. Raj says it’s not your mistake and this heart attack can happen any time and death may touch us in anytime and our life must be a long one. He coughs. Everyone feels worried.

Raj says make your shoulders stronger as you’re going to hold the nation along with our families and make us proud. Girl Meet agrees to make him proud.

Both Meet and the Doctor are in Meet’s room. The Doctor checks her leg and says you have done your recovery in 15 days of 1 month which is all because of your strong will power. Girl Meet says it’s all because of my family’s support. The Doctor says but I’ll still advise you to take bed rest and he leaves. Meet Ahlawat says wow, that’s great.

Girl Meet checks her phone and get sad. He ask what happened? Girl Meet says I have to leave for training tomorrow. He says I thought you had days to spend but your date is near. Meet Ahlawat looks at her. He says I had something in my eyes don’t think I’m crying. Girl Meet says there is something on your face and applies a black teeka on his cheeks. He ask is that clear? She says wait and apply one more on his forehead and let him check.

Meet Ahlawat checks his face and says so you were making my face dirty? She says no I was saving you from bad omen of other girls, I don’t want negativity in your life, as I’ll be gone tomorrow. Girl Meet teases him and both spend fun quality time.

Everyone is in the hall. Hoshiyar is reading books. Babita says to Raj, Hoshiyar is reading a book since so long, but don’t know what it is? Raj ask him what are you reading? Hoshiyar says Duggu’s education is getting tough so thought first I should read before teaching him and try to take the book’s name. Tej says it’s environmental studies EVS.

Both Meet comes down, Meet Ahlawat says there is a news for all of you, as tomorrow, Girl Meet is going for her training. Ragini wishes her luck and says from tomorrow henceforth, we won’t be able to see you, so we all will miss you and hugs her. Girl Meet says Sunday will be off so I can come and meet you all and I have a phone too and everyone is already in my heart.

Masoom says to Girl Meet you will be out for training considering there is no wife of my brother and on the 7th day, you will come and do all the responsibilities of last 6 days, and says to Babita this is like a part time daughter-in-law!

Babita says she has other responsibilities for job and for home and some daughter-in-law are like that, they do there job, and along with that, they take care of responsibilities, if they get one day to spend with their family, they take proper responsibilities of that, and to prove it, Girl Meet will cook food for all the family members. Everyone says yes she will cook. Girl Meet says yes, I’ll cook food for everyone. Raj says very good.

Anubha give suggestions to Girl Meet on call and gives her instructions on how to cook Choorma (Sweet Dish) Girl Meet says okay. Anubha disconnects the call and prays to god for Girl Meet.

Girl Meet is in the market with shopping bags. A girl on cycle calls Girl Meet and goes to her. They both greet each other and Girl Meet ask her what are you doing here? This is my time of selling sweets, so when I saw you, I came to you. Meet and Methae sit together. She ask Girl Meet why did you buy so many things? Is there any occasion? Girl Meet says this is for my family and I got selected in the Police academy with the support of my family so I bought this for everyone. Methae congratulates her and give her Aloo Jalebi to eat. Girl Meet says this is so delicious.

Methae says you after seeing I got strength to become successful and make my sweet world famous. Girl Meet says don’t worry, you will become famous one day. Methae says it’s a big dream for our family that we are growing and if you want to win someone’s heart, give them sweet and they both eat Aloo Jalebi. Girl Meet says I feel so good after meeting you, it’s been so long.

Meet Ahlawat calls Girl Meet and ask where are you, you are leaving tomorrow at least think of me? Girl Meet says don’t worry, I’ll be there and disconnects the phone.

Girl Meet sees Isha with some boy in her bike mirror. Isha talking to a boy says now, you will say to me I love you and sees Girl Meet coming towards her. Girl Meet turns that boy around and says Deep, what are you doing here? Isha says don’t tell anyone at home, we like each other for so long, but we don’t have strength to tell anyone. Girl Meet says did you tell Meet Ahlawat? Deep says no, I will tell him afterwards and I’ll take good care of Isha and will tell everyone when the time comes.

Girl Meet says I’ll not hide the truth but you are asking for time, so I’ll give that and if your relationship is true, then there will be no problem with the family and in the end, I’m with you but you two have to tell the family soon. Isha says yes and hugs her

Girl Meet is in the kitchen getting ready to prepare food and making dough. Meet Ahlawat walks to her and makes fun of her. Girl Meet says I don’t know how to make dough. Meet Ahlawat says I have an idea, if I help you, then all the remaining time will be mine. Girl Meet says help me and tells what to do. Meet Ahlawat helps her to make dough. They both enjoy and have fun time while cooking.

Masoom gets inside and ask them what is happening and says to Meet Ahlawat you cannot help her or I’ll tell Mom! He says I was just checking. Masoom says okay I’m here so that you won’t disturb her. Meet Ahlawat goes out.

Girl Meet starts cooking food. Masoom standing there looks at Girl Meet while cooking. Girl Meet mix sugar in thr Choorma (Sweet Dish). Masoom takes the box and taste it, she thinks this is salt in sugar, it’s good now, as it will be fun and says well done, I’ll go and tell Mom that her daughter-in-law has cooked Choorma for her. Girl Meet says don’t tell her what I have cooked, I want to give her surprise. Masoom thinks it’s best now, as everyone will get shock and she leaves.

Ram and Lakhan enters the kitchen and they say to Girl Meet that they are going to miss her. Girl Meet hugs both of them. Lakhan hidingly taste the Choorma and spits it. Lakhan asks what is this?? Girl Meet says it’s choorma and tastes it and sees that it is too salty.

Sunaina asks if she can come into the kitchen? Girl Meet says to Ram and Lakhan no matter what happens, delay her please. Ram and Lakhan collide with Sunaina, she falls down and her dress gets wet.

Sunaina scolds them but Tej comes and tells her to change her dress. Ram and Lakhan sees that the entire family is waiting to taste Girl Meet’s cooking. Tej asks Ram and Lakhan to join him.

Gorl Meet brings the dishes when they think what it is. It is shown to be Chat. Girl Meet says it’s her style chat and gives her family members to taste it.

Actually, Meet Ahlawat enters the kitchen and tastes the salty Choorma and says it’s not bad. Girl Meet asks why are saying that, as it taste too salty? Meet Ahlawat says no, when you close your eyes and eat it, it’s like upma without ravva.

Girl Meet gets an idea because of it and changes it into chat. Raj and Babita praise her for her dish. Masoom asks that Dad today, it’s about lunch right? Hoshiyar says stay silent and they will get more dishes. Girl Meet gives gifts to all the family members as they gave her a lot of support.

Meet Ahlawat takes her to the side and asks as my gift is special, you will give it later right? Girl Meet says she forgot his gift and tells him to bring a hammer to fix the Chair.

Meet Ahlawat goes to the garden and sees that there is a suit with the message;

First wear the suit then get the hammer.

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