Prachi faints and falls down. Sid holds her and calls Sushma Aunty.

Pallavi calls the designer and asks Ranbir to give his measurements. Ranbir says it is a simple wedding and nothing will go wrong. Rhea says

but it’s a wedding and relatives will come. Pallavi says I have invited my close relatives and friends. Rhea says it matters to me. Ranbir asks the designer to take the measurement. Rhea shows her dress. Ranbir says it is good. Pallavi says when Rhea sits with you in the Temple, all your dreams will come true. Ranbir goes from there. The designers leave.

Rhea says Ranbir agreed to marry me, but his heart is saying otherwise. She says my Ranbir is not marrying me. Pallavi says once marriage happens, everything will be fine. Pallavi gets a call and asks Rhea to come, as the Henna designer came.

Prachi regains consciousness. Sid asks what happened? Thank Dod you regained consciousness. Prachi says don’t call the Doctor. She says I fainted as… He asks if she got heart attack? Prachi says I have fainted as I am pregnant. Sid asks really?

Sushma comes and hears her. She says I am really happy for you. Prachi goes to vomit. Sid says this is a good news. He says I will inform Pallavi and Vikram. He thinks to call Ranbir first, and will ask him not to marry Rhea. Sushma hears him and stops him.

Shaina comes to Pallavi’s house. Rhea says she is my friend from Bangalore, and came for my marriage. Shaina congratulate her. Pallavi says you will be the bridemaid tomorrow. Rhea says nobody is important than you.

The Henna designer comes there. Pallavi asks Rhea to get the henna tattoo applied and says she will go and get Ranbir’s room cleaned.

Rhea asks Shaina to sit and asks dmthe Designer to show the designs. Shaina asks I thought you will be depressed? Rhea says I am getting married to my husband only. She says I never wanted to marry Sid and says now I am getting married to whoever I wanted to. Shaina asks then why did you marry Sid first? Rhea says as Ranbir had married my sister before. Dadi hears her and asks her to tell fully!

Rhea tells Shaina that she never wanted to marry Sid, and whoever she wanted to marry, is getting married to him now. Shaina asks then why did you marry Sid before? Rhea says Ranbir had married my sister, Prachi before. Dadi hears her and asks her to tell fully.

Rhea introduces Shaina to Dadi and says she came from Bangalore. She says I felt that you are confused and says I will tell fully. She says Ranbir and Prachi used to love each other, and that’s why he got married to her. Shaina says I felt that Prachi has snatched Ranbir from Rhea? Dadi says the opposite thing has happened and says this Rhea has snatched Ranbir from Prachi.

Rhea asks the Henna designer to apply henna tattoo to her friend and comes to Dadi. She asks Dadi what is your problem? Dadi asks didn’t you know? Rhea says you just hate me. Dadi asks her to come to the point and asks why are you playing games? She says wrong thing have happened with Prachi in this house. Rhea says you will not agree that wrong thing have happened with me, as Prachi has filled your ears against me!

Dadi says I was against you from day 1 and knows everything about you. She says I don’t know how to do conspiracy against you, else I wouldn’t have let this happened! She says there will be some solution for our conspiracies, and when this happens, then your real face will come in front of everyone!

Rhea says I have to get henna applied on my hands, of Ranbir’s name. She says when the colour is applied on my hand, I will show you, as I heard that in-laws and husband loves me the most. Dadi says Pallavi loves Ranbir a lot and that’s why she kept you in her head and says the day you fall will be very hurt, and that day, you shall get turmeric applied too, it will work for the healing!

Rhea says once the marriage is done, let’s see who gets to get the turmeric applied! Dadi feels helpless and says I know who has done conspiracy and who got betrayed and punished. She says I am helpless, do some miracle, this marriage shouldn’t happen else this house will break. She says send someone, don’t get this marriage done!

Sid asks Sushma, why did you cut the call and says I was calling Ranbir. Sushma asks which Ranbir, the same one that called Prachi characterless?? Boke his relationship with her and even threw her out of the house?She says do you think that they will be happy to know about the baby, and says Prachi is dead for them. Sid says Ranbir deserves to know. Sushma says do you think that he will be happy? Sid says maybe.

Sushma says if he doesn’t get happy, then what?? She says the expectations are the root cause of all the problems and I have seen her crying all the time. She says everyone has moved on, but Prachi is still waiting for Ranbir. She says now, the last hope is gone and says don’t know whom he is marrying. Sid says with Rhea.

Sushma says if he didn’t get any other girl and says if he even has a heart or not?? Sid says sometimes, the baby unites the Parents. Sushma says I don’t want Ranbir’s sympathy, as he will sympathize with her for the baby and I don’t want his sympathy for her! She says let him marry Rhea!

Prachi comes there and says the marriage will not happen! She says this baby has calm down my anger. She says Pallavi have said this to make Sid angry. Sid says this marriage is confirmed. Prachi says Ranbir will never marry Rhea. Sid says I told you everything.

Prachi says I am returning to Delhi and will not let this marriage happen! Sushma says Pallavi will not let you meet Ranbir or step on her doorstep.

Pallavi asks the Servant to clean Ranbir’s wardrobes and room and asks her to throw away Prachi’s picture and stuff. The servant says this girl is lovely. Pallavi threatens to throw her out! The Servant says sorry.

Pallavi recalls Ranbir leaving the house for Prachi, and then recalls Rhea’s words that they were on the bed in the hotel room.

Ranbir comes there and asks what is happening? Pallavi says you left us for Prachi. Ranbir says it was my life’s biggest mistake and I have apologized already. Pallavi hugs him and asks him not to leave her for anyone. The Servant finds Prachi’s picture in the wardrobe. Pallavi asks her to throw the photo out. The Servant goes to throw it away.

Ranbir gets emotional. Pallavi says I asked her to throw away everything related to Prachi and says I don’t want you to get even her thought. He says I don’t miss her. Ranbir says you got the room cleaned after she left, may be you didn’t find this picture before. She asks him to learn to be happy and leaves his room. Ranbir recalls Prachi’s words that everything is perfect in life, etc.

Sid says Sushma Aunty is right, everyone is against you. He says I’ve told you what Rhea, Ranbir and Pallavi Aunty have done with you. Prachi says you told me. Sushma asks if they have done the hotel drama, to kick you out and says what kind of people are they??

Prachi says Sid haven’t heard Ranbir saying this, and takes his side, and says he can’t do this with any girl. She says he will be happy hearing my pregnancy. She says let me go. Sushma says they have sent divorce papers and wants to get rid of you, and Ranbir doesn’t want to see your face and you feel that he will stop the marriage seeing you? Prachi says yes, he has three dreams, one our marriage, second baby and third his start up. Sushma says his only dream is money.

Prachi says he loves this baby even before it came. She says I don’t want to deprive my baby from his father’s love. She says I won’t let the same thing that happened to me happen with my baby, and says my heart says that he will accept me. Sushma says I have gone to their house and told them that you don’t want to have any relationship with them, and asks her to think about how her words will be valued.

Prachi says my baby’s live is more than your words. Sushma says you are talking like Priyanka and says Pragya is in this condition. She says I don’t want to lose the third daughter and says if you leave from here, then you will lose me forever. She says you have to choose either Ranbir or me! She says if you go from here, then all our relationship is over! Prachi says you love me. Sushma says love will never end, but relationships will. She says I will not stop my car, if you meet me accidentally. I will make myself understand, but will not keep relationships with you. She asks her to decide, whom she will choose, Grandma or her in-laws?

Prachi says whatever you have done for me, can’t be done by anyone. She says I have to go to Ranbir for my baby’s sake. Sushma asks her to remember that they will never have any sort of relationships again! Prachi says Gramdma? Sushma calls off her relationships with Prachi and asks her to leave! Prachi says sorry and she’s about to leave.

Prachi leaves Sushma and goes to meet Ranbir. Sushma tells Siddharth that she doesn’t know any Prachi from now on! He grows worried.

Ranbir goes away and cries thinking of Prachi. He deeply misses her. He can’t stop thinking of her. He remembers their old moment from the past.

In the flashback, Prachi’s look leaves Ranbir mesmerized. He compliments her sweetly. He proposes to her once again. She tells that they got married already. He tells that he wants to marry her again. She tells that they got married under strange circumstances, she couldn’t dress well in their marriage. He tells that they should get properly married, she should get decked up. She agrees to plan the marriage functions and get married with elders’ blessings. She promises that she will marry him in Kohli’s house when his family accepts them. FB Ends. Ranbir misses her in the house.

Prachi is worried because of Sushma’s threatening. She calls Ranbir. Ranbir is shocked to hear her voice. He asks is it really her? She tells that she is coming to meet him. She asks him to not marry. He tells that he can’t hear her voice. She realizes that her phone got off. She wants to reach there and stop the marriage.

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