The Police arrives at Meet Ahlawat ’s house and gets stopped by the bodyguards. The Inspector calls the landline which Babita’s brother answers. He tells the Inspector to give two hours time to prove Meet Ahlawat ’s innocence and if he fails at it, then he will resign his Ministry post. The Inspector agrees with Babita’s brother without having any choice.

In the camp, the Trainer tells a story to find a Murderer. He tells that the previous session Trainer found the evidence in ten minutes and he wants to see who is going to break that record. Girl Meet and few others are willing to participate.

Girl Meet thinks if she finds this sooner, then she can get the Trainer’s permission to visit Meet Ahlawat. The Trainer gives the chance to someone else, Girl but Meet makes him give that opportunity to her by telling she will solve this in seven minutes. She looks at the drawing of a man who was killed and then finds a bullet and also the gun which is hidden up near the fan. She goes to the tmTrainer and says that the one that was involved in this murder must be one of the workers. The Trainer gets impressed and announces here after, she will be there by his side to assist him.

Girl Meet gets upset that her decision to use this opportunity on her own is to get the Trainer’s permission to go home, but this is not what she expected and looks on worried what to do next? She thinks how will she take leave now if she gets busy here?

Girl Meet acts like falling down and screams in pain. The Officer checks her and says they should call the Doctor for her treatment. She says no Doctor can treat her and he will make her pain unbearable than before. She says she knows a Doctor whose name is Nanduram and he will treat her perfectly. The Officer tells her to leave and she should come soon to assist him. She apologises to God for lying to him.

Babita talks to her brother regarding saving Meet Ahlawat from the case. He gets happy as Babita showed trust in him. He assures her that he will take proper action to save Meet Ahlawat so that the charges against him gets cancelled.

Raj asks him why he is being so kind to Meet Ahlawat that he even risked his job? Babita’s brother says you should trust me that I’ll prove Meet Ahlawat’s innocent. Meet Ahlawat overhears that.

Girl Meet talks to Tej about replacement of the medicines. She doubts that the medicine truck got exchanged maybe. Tej says there was a tracker and there is no chance of exchange of trucks. He says the truck didn’t reach late as well then how come the medicines are changed suddenly? He says they have to stop his arrest. Girl Meet says she wants to go to the spot where the truck passed by that day.

Meet Ahlawat thanks Babita’s brother for his help. He says he can do anything for him as he loves him a lot.

Girl Meet and Tej go to that location to find out what happened to the real truck. She asks a Tea seller but no one tells her anything. Tej says he doesn’t think they will give them any information. Girl Meet makes noise and tells everyone to cooperate. She says some poor people got affected due to fake medicines and whoever did that, he/she should get punished! Some people tell her that corporation people came here and created smoke all over the place.

Girl Meet suspects that the replacement happened in that time only. Meet and Tej go to find the proof and she recalls the Officer’s lesson.

Babita asks her brother whether he involved his contacts to save her son? He replies he is trying his best.

The Police comes and

Babita asks them not to arrest her Son as he is innocent. The Inspector reveals the charges against her son are false. Babita hugs her brother and thanks him for saving her son. He replies he doesn’t know who did that maybe someone else is involved.

Girl Meet arrives with Tej and tells everyone that they went to the location where the pharmacy truck stopped for three minutes. They suspected the real medicines can be there.

In flashback, Girl Meet finally finds the medicine under water and takes it out. Tej and Meet got happy and called the Police. Girl Meet gave the credits to Tej and Tej says they both have made it possible.

Meet Ahlawat says this means the medicine badges were changed. Girl Meet replies she is sure the Truck Driver is also involved in this plan. He must have done it by coming under someone’s influence. They should find him at any cost!

The Inspector says he will find him soon. Everyone thanks Girl Meet for saving her husband. Babita tells Masoom that she definitely knows how to save their respect. Girl Meet says she kept fast for Ahlawat as well.

Meet Ahlawat says Girl Meet doesn’t deserve to get love which surprises Girl Meet. Girl Meet follows him and he maintains distance from her in the room. Girl Meet tries to sit close to him but he avoids her. She asks him what’s the problem, why he is not talking to her?

Meet Ahlawat says she doesn’t listen to him at all. She didn’t practice well in the academy and ran away from there which he didn’t like. She will care when he will die! Girl Meet tells him to not talk like that. She says she didn’t run away from the academy but she took a leave by giving excuse only.

Girl Meet says until the criminal gets caught, she won’t go to the academy! He says it means if the criminal doesn’t get caught, she will leave her training. She gets annoyed and says it means she kept fast for him but he doesn’t care at all, so she decides to go to academy again.

Meet Ahlawat lifts her up and goes to the hall. Everyone gets surprised seeing them like that. Meet Ahlawat says Girl Meet didn’t eat anything thus he is treating her with special care.

Masoom says new drama has started. Babita’s brother praises Girl Meet for her contribution. He adds she will always save them from all the danger.

Both Meet go outside. They tease each other and there, Ram says he did his best but couldn’t separate Girl Meet and Meet Ahlawat!

Girl Meet after arguing says she is hungry so Ahlawat should feed her something. He tells her to close her eyes but then she sees his hand. She sees her name is written on his palm. He says she kept fast for him so it’s his duty to write her name on his hand. She gets delighted and then she makes him hold the fruit and eats from his hand.

Ram and Babita’s brother talk to each other. Babita’s brother says Girl Meet saved her husband somehow today, but she doesn’t know what is going to happen in the future.

Meet Ahlawat brings Girl Meet back to the Training Camp and thanks her for her help. He says he’ll always wait for her to return home after the completion of her Training. He says soon, she will find out her father’s killer. She will punish him for sure!

The End of Meet in Love for now, and to be replaced with the new series, titled Guddan.

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