Girl Meet warns Hawa Singh to teach him a lesson! Hawa Singh asks her to take a position. They start their Police Training.

Girl Meet throws Hawa Singh on the floor and tells him that it just started and you will rot in jail when I become a Police Officer and she offers him to take her help. He takes her help as he doesn’t have another way.

Ram plans to break Meet Ahlawat to break Girl Meet!

Hawa Singh calls Ram and tells him that he arranged training to break Girl Meet’s bones. Ram warns him to not harm Girl Meet and tells him that he arranged to make Meet Ahlawat get arrested which will make Girl Meet leave her training.

Meet Ahlawat misses Girl Meet. He sees Girl Meet and thinks he is imagining her. He tries to kiss her, but she pushes him. Meet Ahlawat realises it’s Girl Meet who came to meet him and asks how she came home? Girl Meet tells him she escaped from the academy to tell him all the best. Meet Ahlawat tells he is doing it to impress her. Girl Meet says you become a good son in my love and I’m so proud. Meet Ahlawat flirts with Girl Meet and asks for a gift and closes his eyes. Girl Meet pinches him on his cheek. Meet Ahlawat shouts.

Hearing his shouts, Babita knocks on the door. Meet Ahlawat makes up a reason of mosquito and sends her away. Meet Ahlawat tries to romance with Girl Meet. Girl Meet says that she has to go to Academy. Meet Ahlawat decides he will drop her.

The next morning, it is shown how Hawa Singh trains girls. Hawa Singh says now, it is Rope Climbing. For Rope Climbing, he selects Girl Meet.

Actually, it is shown Hawa Singh is talking on the phone with Ram and says he made arrangements when Girl Meet goes halfway on the rope climbing, she will fall down and never attend training again!

Girl Meet goes on the rope, and she comes up and down easily. Hawa Singh is surprised.

Girl Meet goes to Hawa Singh and taunts him and says she already knows about his plan so she went to the Coach and changed the rope. The Coach is also surprised how can something like this happen? She says it’s good she didn’t take his name. Hawa Singh tries to deny it, Girl but Meet sends him a video of him talking with Ram. Hawa Singh tries to take the phone from Girl Meet’s hand and gets his head hurt. Girl Meet threatens him that she will reveal the truth about him if he doesn’t do what she says!

Girl Meet gives him a letter and it is a Resignation Letter as a Trainer from the academy. Hawa Singh is forced to sign the letter. Girl Meet walks away with his resignation letter. Hawa Singh thinks what can you do with my resignation you love your family right I will wait for the right time.

All the married women of the Ahlawat family are shown to be doing Gangor Prayer for their husband’s well being. Masoom and Babita talk about Meet Ahlawat. Masoom says Girl Meet will not even remember that today is Gangor prayer.

Girl Meet is shown to be doing Gangor peayer in the academy. Girl Meet comes out and sees that everybody has food poisoning because of eating canteen food.

Meet Ahlawat asks Babita if she will be very happyM Meet Ahlawat asks so can he do the vrat for Girl Meet? Raj praises him for his thought.

There is a strike in front of the Ahlawat family.

Girl Meet tries to help other cadets but they don’t take her help. Girl Meet asks them why and Hawa Singh says

when it is investigated it is known that they are like this not because of eating canteen food but because of drinking energy powder and the drinks supplied by the Ahlawat’s pharmaceuticals!

The Ahlawat’s family comes out and sees that people are on strike and a mother accuses Meet Ahlawat for supplying poison instead of medicine with the child in her hand!

The Officer tells Girl Meet that whatever happened to the trainer is due to expiry date food products. He then shows the proof and tells it all happened because of Meet Alhawat, they made a complaint against Meet Ahlawat and wondering what a wife will do and mock at Girl Meet saying God, what kind of game is this? She then leaves the place.

Meet Ahlawat looks on. The Society people comes to Meet Ahlawat’s house and starts a protest against Meet Ahlawat. One of the Parent accuses Meet Ahlawat for what happened to their children.

Meet Alhawat pleads with the Parent to take her child to the hospital who needs medical help and asks his worker to call the ambulance. Meet Ahlawat ’s father also asks the people to calm down and says that they need to take Doctor’s help for their children.

The Media people surrounds Meet’s father and tells that when he was in charge, nothing of such happened but the moment Meet Ahlawat took over this company ,such disaster happened! The Media also asks Meet Ahlawat if it’s plan to provide medicine that is of cheap quality at low price?

Girl Meet worries if everything is fine in her in-law’s. Girl Meet decides to go to check up on Meet Alhawat and the family, but Hawa Singh stops Girl Meet and asks her where is she going? Girl Meet tells that she needs to go and the Hawa Singh asks the security to open the door. He then tells Girl Meet she has two minutes if she wants to, then she can leave, but she will never get a chance to return to the training camp to fulfill her dream! Hawa Singh smiles and calls Ram to congratulate him, as Girl Meet won’t be joining the Police force again, as she plans to leave the training camp!

Girl Meet recalls the promise she made to her father after he passed away. She then walk towards the door but gets stopped when her inner self comes out and reminds her about the promise she made to her father. Girl Meet tells that right now, Meet Ahlawat and his family needs her more than the promise she made and walks towards the gate.

On the other side Ram asks Meet Alhawat to run away from there saying the Police will arrest him. Meet Alhawat refuses saying he is innocent so he doesn’t have to run away like a Culprit. He further tells that the people need his help and so their children. Ram tells Meet Ahlawat that it’s not easy to prove him innocent if he gets arrested and urges him to go with him.

Meet Alhawat follows Ram, but stops getting a call from Girl Meet. He recalls Girl Meet’s talk about her father’s advice and tells Ram that he won’t run away from here because if he does, then he will be framed as guilty and goes to the victim’s family.

Ram gets a call from Tej who tells him that the Police has sealed their house and they are on their way to arrest Meet Ahlawat.

Babita becomes hyper and decides to take her brother’s help, who is a Minister, but Raj refuses which leads Babita to fall unconscious worrying the family members. Meet Ahlawat takes Babita inside the house. Raj allows his wife to take her brother’s help to save their Son.

Girl Meet is about to put her leg out of the door but stops when she receives a call from Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat gets shocked seeing Girl Meet’s decision to leave the training for him. He made her promise to him to not ever leave the camp until she completes the training saying his Parents and family is with him to save him, and if she ever decides to leave the training, then his guilt will eat him up. Girl Meet agrees and goes inside the training camp.

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