Meet Ahlawat wears the suit and enters and sees the decoration that Meet Ahlawat has made for her. Meet Ahlawat sees Girl Meet and asks what is this? Girl Meet says I planned a special date for you. Meet Ahlawat says then you have not forgotten my surprise. Girl Meet says never and this is only a trailer.

Girl Meet goes to sing a song. She sings Bahut Pyar Karte song. He looks confused recalling he listened to Manushi singing that song in the same way. He tells her this is the voice he falls in love with and asks if it’s her voice? Girl Meet says Manushi di lip sing to my song at that party. He tells her how he fell in love with her hearing her voice and tells her that he wanted to hear that voice for life long. She shows him identical watches. She makes him wear it. He makes her wear it.

Meet Ahlawat says we are married to each other without our wish but now we are lovers and problems arise when people don’t talk so promise that you can never stop talking to each other even though we have big problems and promise me that no one can replace me and promise me that you can take care of yourself and let’s promise together that we won’t hide anything from each other and we will miss each other.

Girl Meet says you’re the one who can bear me, then how can I lose you? You’re my Meet. Meet Ahlawat says she is his Meet. They hug each other.

The next day, Girl Meet comes downstairs with her luggage. She feels sad seeing her family. Raj asks what happened? Girl Meet says she is feeling bad for making them sad. Raj says they are sad as they are going to miss her but it’s not the matter and always remember your promise that you have to make your Dad get justice, so remember it if you ever face any problems.

Ra gifts her a watch and tells her that this time will remind her of the importance of time to finish her work on time. Girl Meet takes his blessings and promises him that she won’t step back from her target. She takes everyone’s blessings.

Ram thinks Girl Meet doesn’t know that her first step is going to be the last one, as I won’t make her reach forward!

Girl Meet is waiting for her husband. Other family members insists she leaves as it’s getting late. She tells them she can’t leave without meeting her husband. .

Meet Ahlawat enters the house telling it won’t happen. She asks where he went? He tells her he went to the temple to pray for her and he ties Raksha to her and asks her to return soon finishing her training. She hugs him in tears. He asks if she is crying? She asks him to notice his eyes.

Ram thinks he won’t let Girl Meet reach her Dad’s Culprits, as it will break their family of which he won’t let that ever happen!

In the early morning, Girl Meet stops the alarm sound of the clock. She tells her Dad’s photo that she will make him get justice by catching the culprits.

Meet Ahlawat video calls her and asks if she has already woken up? Girl Meet tells him she didn’t sleep. Meet Ahlawat asks her to show her uniform? She shows her outfit. He tells it’s like Men uniform. She tells him that she too felt the same and assures him that she will check with other trainees. Meet Ahlawat tells her all the best. Girl Meet disconnects the call after thanking him.

Ragini serves tea to everyone. Raj tells he wishes to have tea prepared by Girl Meet. Babita says we are missing Girl Meet and don’t know how much our Son is missing her so I’m planning to send him to Hongkong to make him busy.

Meet Ahlawat comes to them and he gives medicines to Raj and tells them that he got inspired by Girl Meet and tells them that he decided to help his Dad in business.

Girl Meet notices other girls are wearing full pants and think how did her uniform get misplaced? The  Male trainees mock Girl Meet. Girl Meet goes to talk with the one in  charge.

Meet Ahlawat asks his Dad to bless him as he wants to make their company reach new heights. Raj blesses and gifts him his new car. Meet Ahlawat thanks his Dad and tells him that he can’t accept the car keys until he makes him proud of his work.

Ram tells that Girl Meet may return soon. Everyone looks at him and asks what? Ram manages to tell them that Girl Meet will return soon finishing her training as she loves our Meet.

Girl Meet goes to ask the Officer in charge of the female uniform but when she sees that the one in charge is Hawa Singh, she is shocked. Hawa Singh taunts her. Girl Meet asks for female uniform from him. Hawa Singh says you all do things like a boy so go in this uniform and compete with men! Girl Meet says to Hawa Singh that there are rules in the academy and he is not above it. I came here for female uniform and you have to give me a female uniform!

Meet Ahlawat gives a presentation to staff and everyone is impressed with his presentation. Raj is very happy with Meet Ahlawat’s presentation and decides to take rest. Babita asks why are you so happy? Raj says our Son has proved his capability and he decided to take some rest. Babita asks so you are going to retire? Raj says no and says he decided to go HongKong with her.

Hawa Singh says to go outside and he will see what he can do about her uniform. Girl Meet goes outside and waits for long time. She decides she has to do something to get the uniform and goes inside for her outfit. Hawa Singh tells her there is no uniform to give her in the godown and asks her to come to the ground in a boy’s uniform if she wants to drill the cloth! He mocks her telling she may get bullied. Girl Meet takes cloth from the table and she staple that cloth to her and make her short as pant.

Hawa Singh sees the time and tells her that she can’t attend the drill as it’s going to start in another 3minutes. Girl Meet tells him that she will meet him on the ground and runs from there wearing the watch.

Hawa Singh gets confused. He asks his men to not let Girl Meet attend the drill on time. He agrees and places tables to halt her way. Hawa Singh thinks Girl Meet will get punished her first day!

Girl Meet follows short cut and reaches the ground which shocks Hawa Singh.

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