Prachi comes there and meets Ranbir. Ranbir stops Rhea from talking. Prachi tells him that she has come back to him. He tells that he was waiting for her return.

Rhea asks Ranbir to not trust Prachi. Prachi tells that they love each other, they should solve the misunderstanding and unite back. Rhea is shocked when Prachi convinces Ranbir for a new start. Rhea runs to get Pallavi’s help.

Ranbir tells that he missed Prachi a lot, he got engaged in work just to take away her memories. They confess love to each other. They live the moment with a romantic hug.

Pallavi asks Rhea what is she saying? Rhea tells that she has seen Prachi back, Prachi and Ranbir are talking of their union. Pallavi tells that this can’t happen, Ranbir has to just marry Rhea! She goes to Ranbir’s room and drags Prachi outside. She insults Prachi and ousts her. Ranbir asks Pallavi to stop for his sake. Ranbir wakes up from this dream. He shouts to stop Prachi!

Ranbir sees his wedding outfit and the note left by Rhea. Rhea wishes him a happy morning and asks him to get ready for their marriage. Ranbir trashes her note. He thinks Pallavi had informed Siddharth about the marriage, he would have told Prachi surely, but Prachi seems to not care. He thinks if Prachi really moved on?

Sushma returns home. She meets Pragya and Abhi. She apologizes to Pragya. She tells that she couldn’t stop and handle Prachi, who is equally mad for love, just like Pragya. She feels Prachi got emotional because of her baby. She gives Prachi’s pregnancy news to Pragya. She feels sorry to say that she broke her relationship with Prachi. She tells Pragya that Prachi has gone to meet Ranbir. She has no strength left now. She tells that she really wanted to save Prachi, but still she failed to stop her from leaving. She apologizes to Pragya for failing to look after Prachi.

Prachi is seen running on the road in the pregnancy state. She asks the Taxi Driver to take her to the destination. She struggles and finally hires a Cab. She prays that Ranbir waits for her and not marry Rhea. She wants to give Ranbir the pregnancy news. She is sure that Ranbir will cancel the marriage when she gives him the news.

Rhea gets compliments from Shaina. Shaina tells that she is very happy for Rhea. Rhea tells that she has seen her life’s worst phase because of Prachi. She hates Prachi for snatching her family and love. She is glad to snatch everything back from Prachi. She feels she has written Prachi’s fate this time. She tells that she will stay with Ranbir now, as she got Ranbir in her fate now!

Prachi reaches the Kohli house. She sees the decorations there. She looks for Ranbir.

Ranbir is still away and in pain. He gets angry at the Servant. He shouts at the Servant. Prachi wants to meet him. She tells the helper that she is Ranbir’s wife. She asks about Ranbir? The helper tells that Ranbir is going to marry Rhea in a banquet hall. Prachi takes the address and also learns about the auspicious time. She runs to reach the marriage venue.

Pallavi asks the Priest to make sure that the marriage get blessed. The Priest remembers how Rhea bribed him to prepone the marriage date.

Dadi is upset and argues with Pallavi and Vikram. She feels suffocated seeing how Rhea is fooling them. She tells that Rhea is emotionally blackmailing them by the suicide drama. Pallavi asks her not to speak against Rhea on the day of marriage. She doesn’t want to hurt Rhea or Dadi. She asks Dadi to celebrate. Dadi tells that they will pay a big price for this happiness. Pallavi tells that Rhea is her first choice, she wants Rhea to become her daughter-in-law. She asks Dadi to stop the discussion.

Vikram tells Dadi that they are responsible for Rhea’s sorrowful life. He explains that they are at fault. He loves Rhea as his daughter. He also wanted Rhea to become his daughter-in-law. Dadi asks him to not neglect the truth. He asks what is she saying? She tells that Prachi is innocent, someone conspired and trapped Prachi and Siddharth. He doesn’t believe her. She tells that he will soon learn the truth when Rhea shows her true colours. He is sure that they will see happiness in the house. She warns him about the coming destruction. He promises to fix anything that goes wrong. He asks Dadi not to worry. Dadi worries.

Rhea recalls her past. He hates to recall Ranbir’s hatred. She feels she has won Ranbir and defeated Prachi. She wants to marry Ranbir and then oust Prachi from his memories. Shaina asks her to come to the Tempke, Pallavi is calling her.

Prachi asks the Driver to rush, she has to reach the venue soon! She cries for Ranbir. Prachi’s cab breaks down. The Driver checks the car. He tries to arrange help for Prachi. Prachi looks for some way to reach Ranbir. The Driver finds her crying a lot.

Ranbir misses Prachi. He thinks to call her once, but stops himself. Shiv comes to call him for the marriage. He asks Ranbir is he okay? Ranbir tells that he is okay and goes to the Temple. Ranbir remembers Dadi’s words. He feels helpless. He sits in the Temple. He imagines Prachi with him, when he recalls their marriage. Prachi reminds him the vow that he will never leave her. Ranbir gets troubled by his thoughts.

Ranbir takes Prachi’s name and cries. Vikram asks Ranbir what is he saying? Ranbir tells that Prachi is asking him to never leave her. Vikram asks him to stop the nonsense and come with him! Shiv wonders who is Prachi? Ranbir tells that he will talk to Rhea and make her understand, he can’t leave Prachi. Vikram asks him to stop, but he runs away. He refuses for the marriage. Dadi gets to see Ranbir’s love for Prachi.

Prachi gets an alternate cab arranged by the Driver. Shahana gets to see Prachi on the road. She runs to find Prachi, who leaves by then.

Pallavi helps Rhea deck up. Rhea thanks her and gives her a mother’s place. She feels grateful to Pallavi and Shaina.

Ranbir reaches Rhea’s room to refuse for the marriage, but Vikram stops him and tells that the marriage is important for Rhea. Ranbir tells that he can’t do this. Vikram tells that his mind is confusing him. He asks him to think of Rhea once, and not be selfish like always. He tells that Prachi wasn’t the right girl for him. He calls it enough that Ranbir always disobeyed him! He asks Ranbir to marry Rhea, else even his Parents will die along with Rhea! He warns Ranbir. He asks Ranbir not to end their lives for Prachi. He convinces Ranbir and takes him to the Temple.

Rhea sits in the Temple and asks for Ranbir. The Priest tell that Vikram took Ranbir with him. Dadi tells Pallavi that Ranbir doesn’t want to marry. Pallavi tells that Ranbir is back because he wants to marry. Dadi feels sorry for him. Pallavi asks the Priest to start the marriage rituals. She tells Diadi that Ranbir sat in the Temple and now, the marriage will happen. She asks Dadi not to brainwash Ranbir. Dadi knows that Ranbir isn’t happy. She prays that the marriage stops.

Ranbir and Rhea exchange the wedding garlands. Ranbir imagines Prachi and smiles happily. The family thinks he is seeing Rhea and smiling. They wanted to see his smile. Ranbir’s smile vanishes when he sights Rhea back. Rhea wants to end Prachi’s thoughts from his mind!

The Priest asks them to proceed with the tying of knot rituals. The wind blows. The Priest asks them to shut the window quickly, the holy fire is important, its a bad omen if the fire is put off. The Priest asks Ranbir and Rhea to take the wedding rounds. Rhea asks Ranbir to get up for the rounds. He imagines Prachi again and smiles foolishly, proceeding with Rhea and taking the rounds. His smile makes Pallavi and Vikram smile.

Rhea is so happy and wishes that their happiness always stays the same. She wishes that Pallavi didn’t inform Siddharth. She knows that Prachi still loves Ranbir. She doesn’t want Siddharth and Prachi to come and stop the marriage. Pallavi wishes that the marriage doesn’t have any issue.

Ranbir gets unhappy and crying seeing Rhea. He unwilling takes the rounds with her. He freezes at a point, and makes the knot break. Rhea looks at him.

Prachi comes at the same instance and asks them to stop the marriage! She asks Ranbir how can he marry someone, when he promised to live with her all life? She asks him not to marry Rhea!

Rhea asks Prachi to stop the drama! She wants Prachi to go away from their lives! Prachi silents Rhea. Dadi gets happy to see Prachi back. Prachi asks Rhea to stop playing with their lives. She tells that she will expose Rhea’s games and expose her. She threatens to reveal Rhea’s truth to the family. She tells that Rhea can’t fool her like she fooled Siddharth. She can’t believe that Ranbir wanted to marry Rhea.

Ranbir asks her what does she mean? Prachi tells that they are separated today just because of Rhea, who made that hotel room plan and stained her character. She tells them that Rhea accused Pallavi and Vikram for the evil conspiracy. Rhea tells that Prachi is lying, because she can’t see them happy! Prachi asks her to stop acting!

Siddharth comes there and adds that he can prove that Prachi is saying the truth. He tells them that he has the evidence against Rhea. Siddharth tells that emotional people can’t be emotional fools. He adds that he recorded everything when Rhea confessed the crimes and told him that Pallavi was her crime partner. He tells that he has the video recording in his phone. Rhea is scared.

Prachi tells that Rhea got scared because she is a liar. She asks Rhea to leave her dreams of marrying Ranbir. She exposes Rhea for plotting everything against her to separate Ranbir and her. She asks Rhea if she has no shame to stain her character, being her Sister? Prachi cries and asks Ranbir how could he believe Rhea? She makes Ranbir realize his mistake. She asks Ranbir how can he misunderstand her? She tells that she always loved Ranbir, she married him and he taught her to love, then left her forever. She rebukes him for not keeping his love or any vow by his loss of faith. Prachi tells that Rhea wanted to marry him, and ruined their lives.

Ranbir cries for Prachi. Siddharth tells that he needs a big screen to expose Rhea’s big truth. He wants to make arrangements. Prachi tells that no evidence will make her win Ranbir’s faith, her relationship and her love will make her win Ranbir’s lost trust. She wants Ranbir to trust her if he wants to stay with her. She asks Ranbir to know the truth and decide it himself, if he wants to live his life with her? She asks him if he really needs an evidence for deciding it?

Prachi accuses Ranbir’s Parents for supporting Rhea. She asks Ranbir to listen to his heart, which still loves her. She looks at Ranbir with tears and high hopes in her eyes.

Prachi asks Ranbir to make his ego away and think of her once. She wants him to take one step ahead to hold her hand. She tells that she used to miss him always, she has come now, he should come ahead and hug her, it will show that he trusts her. She pleads him to hold her hand and end their distance. Prachi cries with hopes. Rhea calls it enough and asks Prachi to get lost!

Prachi warns her to shut up and not dare to separate them! She tells that Rhea can’t separate them, because she has two reasons to unite with Ranbir.

Pallavi asks Prachi to stop her drama and just go away. She tells that Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage is decided, and it will take place! Prachi doesn’t listen to Pallavi’s orders. She tells that she will talk to Ranbir. She is ready to obey his decision. She asks Ranbir to hold his heart and ask if he still misses her? She tells that she loves him, she doesn’t need to show the evidence to prove her love. Rhea throws Prachi out of the house.

Ranbir yells at Rhea and asks her to leave Prachi’s hand!

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