Rhea however, tells Ranbeer to come and stay with her, much to Prachi’s disgust and she is forced to intervene. Prachi belittles Rhea and reminds her of her place in the house. When Ranbeer tries to leave, Prachi holds his hand and states that he must stay in the guest room!

Later, Ranbeer tells Rhea that Prachi’s actions are valid to an extent because of what they all did to her and goes to stay in the guest room.

Pallavi fumes with rage due to Prachi’s actions as well and curses her for coming between Rhea and Ranbeer!

Meanwhile, Rhea plans to foil Prachi’s intentions and not let her succeed in driving a wedge between her and Ranbeer!

In the bedroom, Prachi is reminded of Ranbeer’s misdeeds on seeing his photo and take a hammer to the wall to remove the frame.

In the adjoining room, Ranbeer is disturbed by the hammer’s noise and goes to Prachi’s room and stops her. Prachi hurts herself while trying to remove Ranbeer’s picture frame from the wall and Ranbeer gets concerned for her. He holds her hand to apply the ointment, and Pallavi spots the duo together and walks away.

Later, Ranbeer tells Prachi that her words contradict her feelings and that she is affected by him and Rhea.

Pallavi gets worried about Prachi influencing Ranbeer again and decides to stop the duo from reuniting.

After Ranbeer leaves, an enraged Prachi breaks the stuff in the room and the stress of the situation takes a toll on her baby’s health. For the safety of her unborn child, Prachi calms herself, while Ranbeer senses Prachi’s distress and sits outside her door.

Rhea sees Ranbeer there and gets suspicious. While Ranbeer leaves after making an excuse, Rhea confronts Prachi and tells her to stop coming in between her and Ranbeer! Furious, Prachi challenges Rhea that she will be thrown out of the Kohli House within three days! Prachi’s audacity bothers Rhea and she decides to change her plan against Prachi!

The next morning, Prachi and Ranbeer get into a tussle over the room and Prachi stops Ranbeer from using the bathroom. Ranbeer reiterates that the room belongs to him, and forcefully gets into the bathroom.

Meanwhile, to make an impression as an ideal daughter-in-law, Rhea wakes up early and agrees to prepare ‘Sheera’ when Pallavi tells her to do so.

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