Daljeet (Dadi) approaches Prachi and the duo shares a sweet reunion. Prachi thanks Daljeet for supporting her, and Daljeet tells her how Rhea had compelled Ranbeer to marry her. However, Prachi refuses to hear anything in Ranbeer’s defense and says that she will never forgive Ranbeer!

On noticing Ranbeer and Prachi’s interaction, Daljeet realises that the couple is still very much in love and rejoices.

Later, Ranbeer and Prachi bump into each other and Ranbeer saves her from falling. The moment takes the duo back in time and they recall some fond memories. Soon, Prachi snaps out of the moment and tries to get away from Ranbeer, but her Wedding Necklace gets stuck in the button of his shirt. Ranbeer helps her untangle the Wedding Necklace and Prachi walks away vowing to remember Ranbeer’s deceit and not his love!

In front of Rhea, Prachi thanks Ranbeer. Upon Rhea’s enquiry, Prachi reveals that Ranbeer had given her a hug before coming to meet her and walks away. Ranbeer is left shocked with how Prachi presented the events and tries to tell the truth to Rhea. He also advises her to not take Prachi’s words seriously as it will only manage to drive a wedge between them.

Troubled, Rhea calls Aaliya and narrates the events since Prachi’s return and Aaliya promises to return to her.

During breakfast, Prachi demeans Rhea and refuses to consume the ‘Sheera’ prepared by her. In retaliation, Rhea feeds the ‘Sheera’ to Ranbeer herself to make Prachi jealous, but Ranbeer is forced to spit it out.

Daljeet (Dadi) reveals that Rhea had put excess sugar in the dish. Prachi shows her right on Ranbeer by feeding him curd and sugar as a gesture of good luck in front of the family members and confuses Ranbeer with her actions.

Later, a furious Rhea tells Prachi to stay away from Ranbeer and to leave the house! However, Prachi refuses and states that she will not let her be happy until she stays in the house!

Later, Prachi goes for a sonogram and gets emotional on hearing her baby’s heartbeats. Prachi misses Ranbeer after her sonogram and cries at the fate of her unborn baby, whose existence she has kept hidden from Ranbeer.

While walking home, Prachi meets Sahana and begins crying in her embrace. Emotional, she tells Sahana about her pregnancy and the duo heads for lunch.

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